Flavor West & fructose

Read this posted over at Reddit DIY_eJuice https://www.reddit.com/r/DIY_eJuice/comments/49f487/just_got_off_the_phone_with_flavor_west/
I only have a few FW flavors, yellow cake being one (and apparently a big offender). What are your thoughts and concerns regarding this information?

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I see this in the SDS document about Yellow Cake:

Propylene Glycol 55-65%
Fructose 20-30%
FEMA GRAS Aromatics 5-15%
Vanilla Extract 1-10%

In the event of exposure to vapors, immediately remove from the area to a fresh air environment. Individuals showing evidence of inhalation exposure should be taken to an uncontaminated area. Obtain medical advice immediately.

That inhalation warning is going to be on pretty much every single flavor and thing we put in our vape juice. It’s just them covering their butts. Take it for what you will, but if you’re going to go by it, you may as well quit vaping.

As for the fructose, meh. Makes sense why FW yellow cake gunks up coils so badly now. I don’t have a strong opinion on that at the moment. Do I want to vape sugar? Not really. Do I think it’s ‘dangerous’ enough to make me NOT use a flavor? I dunno. There’s always two ways to look at something like this: compared to smoking cigarettes or compared to not vaping. On the one hand, compared to cigarettes, there are a lot of things I’d vape and be okay with since I was already smoking them. On the other hand, part of getting away from cigarettes is to be healthier and avoid dying early, so anything to make it safer is a good thing. Pros and cons, risk vs reward, etc.


It’s the ones with fructose there is only a handful of FW flavors that have them , yellow cake was the most popular on the fructose list

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Damn, I wonder what yellow cake tastes like in, um, I dunno, yellow cake? I have to find some use for it. OK, new project. Find alternative uses for FW yellow cake.



on one hand, so long as it isn’t yellow cake Uranium, I think we are doing OK. Just putting that out there. :slight_smile:

now…as far as the chemicals and oils etc that we vape…I have been pretty exhaustively researching everything I can get my hands on and…at the end of the day it comes down to this: Everything is bad for you in some form or another when you heat it up and inhale it…in some form or another. Now the levels go from being carcinogenic and lethal to downright not scary at all (VG is an example of something I am having trouble finding any bad news about).

So…my philosophy is (for now anyway and I am not a PHD in Chem or anything like it obviously) is:

A) it is better than smoking ciggys. I have no qualms about saying that…it is a fact.

B) we aren’t stinky anymore…in fact we are walking air fresheners and bakeries in my opinion.

C) the Big Tobacco companies are going to propagandize and misinform the living SHIT out of vaping products until hell freezes over, so we must stay vigilant and informed and actively educating each other. If we stay out in front of this thing and all the new legislation they are proposing (in FL anyway) I think everything will be fine. But they ARE pushing back…

D) no diacetyl, as little PG & nic as you can live with…as much VG as possible…shrug…seems like a good thing to me.


I (unfortunately) live in Florida and it’s going on 4 years now. I haven’t heard of anything that is specific to FL when it comes to legislation? Outside of the pending nationwide FDA doom, is there something I missed?

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While in a vape store here in Fort Pierce (yes I am a suffering FL resident as well) they had placed a document requesting 25k signatures to push back against an upcoming bill. Unfortunately I did not get much useful info from either the document or the shop owners. This particular shop deals heavily in CBD oils as well as traditional gourmet Quids and Vaping devices…so I got the feeling they were blending mary jane law changes with Vaping Law changes in the works.

By “in the works” that may mean as little as, they are going to decide sometime soon on when they are going to schedule a hearing that will decide whether they are going to be able to put together some taxation legislation which they will then have a hearing on. Isn’t government fun!!

These things I do know are true:

Rick Scott (aka FL’s DIP-SHIT GOVERNOR) is firmly in Big Tobacco’s hip pocket.
Big Tobacco is spear heading/ financing some seriously concerning legislation which would tax e-liQuids and Vape Hardware so heavily it would run all but the most stalwart shops (and vapers) right out of vaping all together…and back into (I am sure they are hoping) their tobacco smoking/stinking yet loving arms.
Big Tobacco is saying “they should pay the same Nicotine taxes/penalties we pay”. Well…first off, Vaping hasn’t killed a QuadZillion people. They have. Also, It is all the OTHER shit in a cigarette that kills you. Not necessarily the nicotine

There was also some language in the document I saw pertaining to the cont’d legality of CBD oils (the other stuff in pot besides THC) that has some seriously cool benefits, ranging from pain and anxiety relief to stopping epileptic seizures. For those who don’t know, CBD’s are in marijuana in varying potencies depending on the strain of pot. If you have ever heard of “Charlotte’s Web” pot, it is a very high % CBD and very very low % THC strain of marijuana that growers out in CA came up with for a little girl who was having seizures all day every day and was having no reaction to “normal” medications/treatments. The very day they got the go ahead to give her some CBD sublingual liquid, she stopped having seizures almost completely. At last check she is down to a just a couple seizures a month. She is like 7-8 now and I think but has the developmental capacity of something like a 2-3 year old, as all that time spent seized up, she wasn’t growing. Wasn’t living.

By the way…if you have ever wondered why the grass is almost “TOO STRONG” today (it is for me) it is because technology has allowed us to manipulate and hybridize the plant so much that it is comprised of almost ALL THC with no CBD’s. So now people get stoned and get paranoid…because they messed with the naturally occurring amounts of CBD (anti-anxiety) in the plant and have thus made it unusable for some, as the natural balance is upset. I know I am waaaay off topic but…the whole CBD debate is fascinating if you have time to look into it.

So as far as I know we have nothing on the floor being debated at a state level, in FL, but will have some big things on the way. I can only assume they are bundling vaping and pot legislation together as a “shock and awe” tactic…as ANYTHING to do with pot in FL gets all the older folks running to the voter’s booths to keep their grand babies from getting hooked on that devil weed!!!

I am going to re-research this, and once I have ciphered through all the misinformation and flat out statistical lying there is to read (TONS of it down here actually). Once done I’ll see if I can give a more accurate report on upcoming legislation,