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Hi guys I just wanted to know how you all think about Flavour West concentrates, I’m looking at buying a bulk lot of FW as this brand is really the only one I can get ALL flavours there are FA and TPA here too but not a big variety so I think I will have to stick to FW. What are your thoughts on the their concentrates on a whole? Are they nasty or not so bad? I don’t really see a lot of FW on the diy recipes and just wandered why.
Thanks again


My thoughts. In my opinion the percentage of GOOD flavors near doubled that of TFA flavors even though TFA flavors are thought by many to be better. TFA is more widely used because it is more readily available than any other flavor company here in the US. Everybody offers TFA flavors. Because of the magnitude of people using TFA Flavors, FW favors are not getting the exposure they deserve because popular opinion sways the public greatly. Those who tried FW flavors and took the time to use them correctly have learned that FW is a very good company with many really good favors. Not only that, some of the flavors are the best out there.

Like all flavor companies you MUST be picky. Not all flavors are good no matter what company you buy from. Cap has it’s share of bad or off flavors just like all the rest. FW is no exception. Not all their flavors are good. Just like TFA I have spent a ton of money trying their tobacco flavors and just like TFA they suck for the most part.

For noobies FW has a lot of standalone flavors that are quite good. Skittles (spot on lemon skittle), Crunchberries (spot on Cpt Crunch Crunchberry cereal), Green Goblin, Kalhua & Cream, Cloud Nine, Red White & Blue, Root beer Float, and many more.

For mixing they have numerous flavors that are hard to beat as well, Jamican Rum, Blackberry Natural, Hazelnut, Kalhua & Cream, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramel Candy, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, and the list goes on and on. Even the Peanut Butter flavor though not as real tasteing as TFAs has a purpose that is hard to beat. I use it with a Premium Juice that has Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Caramel, and Dulce De Leche. The FW peanut butter gives this juice a hint (just a hint) of a nutty tobacco that my customers love. This just goes to show you that used in the correct way most flavors are going to have a use that has the potential to blow your mind.

Now keep in mind that I blend for a shop and it is not feasible cost wise for the most part for me to buy imported Flavors (FlavorArt, Hangsen, Ect). You can buy good flavors from all companies IF YOU ARE PICKY. That being said I estimate I use 70% FW flavors 29% TFA and 1% oddball companies (NicotineLabs). I have flavors I can not blend without from all three of these companies.

Again I want to stress that you look at the Flavor Pairing thread whenever you consider new flavors for mixing. Always know when buying that you either have, or are also buying flavors that pair with it well after that try to be sure there are no extremely bad reviews on the new flavors. Some downright suck, let’s face it.

One last thing, FW fruit flavors as many of the other companies are not always the best. The Watermelon, honeydew, banana, I do not like. More like Jolly Ranchers like most of the rest. Most of the tobaccos suck., Cookies and Cream is a no go. There are others…

If you have questions on FW I’ll try my best for you if I have used the flavor. Happy Blending…


Wow what a great reply thank you so much, I was so worried and confused at what I should buy or shouldn’t. But I feel now that it’s really going to be a good start to buy FW and see how things go I can purchase most fruit flavours from Fa and TPA but not a lot of the other ones like creams, nuts etc. is there a way of searching for recipes on the data base here for concentrate brands?

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Yes, there is. Just type in Flavor West into the search box. Recipes with FW flavor will display.

Watermelon and Honeydew (Nicotine Labs) if you want true flavor…FW Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Blackberry Natural, Raspberry Natural, Cantelope, Dragonfruit, are good…TFA Banana Cream, Blueberry wild, Blueberry Extra, Strawberry Ripe, Peach Juicy, Raspberry Ripe are good

Know what I am about to say most likely many here would consider a foul and unforgivable blending sin but, I’m gonna say it anyway. Get used to the fact that you can blend recipes with the flavors you have, or prefer most, or any other reason you have that makes you need to substitute. Many people frown at this but dog gone it, unless you are independently wealthy. you’ll be refinancing the home, car, and maybe even your children in order to afford all the flavors used on this website. Get used to the fact that you are out to please you and if you sub a flavor with something you have and it tastes good, well there is nothing wrong with that. Those who only follow recipes often do not go on to create their own juice flavors. This severely limits their ability to create. Those who learn their flavors, learn to substitute, are bold enough to make changes, go on to create their own unique and tasty juices. Never EVER be afraid to be bold with blending, just do your homework on pairing and do it safely with the nic…

PS with the search, if you search only by a company you are severely cutting the amount of recipes you will see. It’s best not to limit by company. For that matter searching recipes for STRAWBERRY will display 10-20 times as many recipes as searching STRAWBERRY (INW) for instance. Don’t limit yourself…


Again, I find excellent info from Ringling.

I just copied and pasted a big part of this post into a little txt file I have going to keep up with what to and not to buy.

I am buying stuff up as quick as I can, but trying, trying real hard to get quality stuff. Have had to get some HW mixing stuff too, making my own mixing table, and going to try a building a DIY sonic bath, I have time, being retired, I look for stuff to do, and this vaping stuff is both fun and keeping me off the nasties.

Yeah, I know that taste are subjective, but some people here are offering great advice, and you are one that I am really paying attention to.

I forgot to order some VG dilutant the other day, but got some on the way, so by this weekend I can start mixing some juice.

Mainly starting with Coffee, a few fruits, and a couple of deserts types, the rest are all additives. So far my mixing experience has been mixing different off the shelf ejuices. And there are a couple that I was unable to vape, Pineapple for one, but with a little Vanilla custard, or V Ice Cream, I have salvaged those.

But thanks again for the info,

*** bowing and chanting “I am not worthy, I am not worth” Makes me feel like Garth… :smiley:


With coffees, most are real strong. Start at 1-2% then add what you like. Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Marshmallow, Good luck…

Also I edited the last post, hope you do not miss the PS


RGR the PS.

Yeah, I do not mind substituting, especially if I am pretty sure that the “strawberries” I have on hand are pretty much the best you can get. I really havent heard much about bad SBs, but some flavors being discribed as Cat piss, yeah, I am pretty sure I wont buy, and wont end up substituting with those bad flavors.

Could you look at my Flavor stash and tell me if you think I have made any mistakes, honestly, I trust your opinion, and if I need to either get a different version or type ,

I do know that I still need Koolada, other sweetners than cotton candy and custard, oh and a minty menthol, but any other suggestions you might have …

I really went for coffee to start, I opened up that Dark Bean Espresso, a suggestion from JoJo and Amy2, and I KNOW that it will be the base of my ADV, that is why a lot of my flavors are what I think will go with coffee.

******Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Marshmallow, Good luck… ******

All in my Flavor Stash already, along with Tiramissu, I may be wrong about, but I will see,

Will let you go, I can chat all day and I type about 80 WPM, so my post seem to go on and on … Sorry bout that. :smile:


Decide for yourself, but FlavorWest is the company which lied about their products containing chemicals carrying inhalation warnings (acetoin, diacetyl, etc.). Other companies are forthcoming about the content of their flavors, either revealing and advising about flavors containing those chemicals (TPA) or testing and excluding questionable products (FlavorArt).

My opinion is that most of FW is crap. All citrus flavours taste like aweful medicine, most of fruits are candy-like, etc. Some are good though, I do really like their strawberry, red licorice and banana flavours. But I rarely use them because you need 15-20% of them in the mix, this is insane and makes them pretty exprensive. I prefer using FA, TFA and Molinberry.

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Thanks for the info, and yeah I can and will decide for myself.

But first, so that I can make an intelligent and informed decision …

can you provide a link to where they denied it and lied about it ?


FW isn’t total crap but a lot are. You have to pick and choose with FW. Some flavors are the best you can find… but there are few of them. TPA is by far the most popular, but they have some crap flavors too. By far FA has the best flavors. In my opinion better flavorings add up to better eliquid. Seek out several opinions and make informed choices. Maybe you won’t end up up with as many crap flavorings as me.

Here’s a thread I found on ECF on Flavor West. Sometimes it pays venture out for more opinions.

Flavor West Review on ECF

Here is a list of flavors by popularity on ELR. You can judge for yourself. The FA should rank higher. Any FW you see on this list should be pretty good.


I don’t know what has happen because back when I first started using FW approximately 1 1/2 years ago they had a complete list of the flavoring ingredients. They had no problem then telling people their flavoring contained Acetoin. In fact they reported to all that nearly all flavoring had at least trace amounts of Acetoin. That is far from saying that their flavors do not contain Acetoin. I am guessing that there have been mistakes possibly but I truly feel that they lied is a Overstatement. Putting a glorified office worker on the spot who is not a chemist will produce nothing but mistakes…


Thank you heaps this has really helped me :blush:

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Regarding documentation of misleading and false statements by FW, I really didn’t intend to crash the party without facts to back it up. I’ll do my best to post back with links.

As far as FW being crap, quite the contrary in the case of many of their flavors. I don’t think any company can beat their Butter Pecan, f’rinstance. Nature’s Flavors comes close, but diacetyl and subs make flavors taste really good! That’s why they’re in there and were so in other brands until it was discovered that, despite being generally considered safe for food items, they weren’t recommended to inhale. Popcorn, Kahlua & Cream, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramel Candy, Whipped Cream, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, Peanut Butter and many other FW flavors contain these additives. Ues, decode for your self. There are alternatives which have been developed to ring your taste bud bells without the bad chems. The majority of FW flavors aren’t crap from a taste standpoint.


I would be very happy to know what these alternatives are because any alternative that I have been made aware of has been thought to be just as bad or possibly even worst…


I think for my purposes it has been hit or miss and just maybe I am the one making the " misses " FW for the most part offers very good flavors for a very good price. The % is on the higher end and so most ppl would think we’ll you’ll use twice as much leading you to buy again sooner but that hasn’t been the case with me anyhow ( I try and keep stocked up w/ a multiple of flavors that way I don’t rely heavily on one source )

FW has been surprisingly good with its fruit and creams. But the ratio is very wavering like a strawberry may be great at 4-6% then passion fruit 1-3% so do know it will be a little bit of a challenge finding the perfect ratio for each one. Although this is with every vendor really Bc even though there is a suggested ratio for each vendor the important part is if it taste good to you.


Yes, agreed. People are under the impression that all FW flavors are weak and require tons of flavor in the mix. They obviously have not tried any of the Natural Fruit line. For instance the Raspberry Natural I can not use any more than 4% in a mix. If you use FW, practice makes perfect for sure…


It would be a sad day at our house if we ran out of FW butterscotch or sweet cream! My wife would cry and then I’d be in the doghouse for not making sure my supplies were up to snuff! If Momma’s happy, everybody is happy.




Thank you, am about to round out my flavor stock with 1 last purchase for this month, now I know where I will be getting my Butterscotch.

How about their blueberry, that is on my short list too, but had not decided on which vendor.

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