New to Mixing - Flavor Warnings?

Thank you sir for clearing that up. Just another bit of miscommunication.

For my part, I apologize.

As far as the “debate”, I havent seen any proof either. That is why I at first challenged SailCat’s accusation about FW lying. I too, get really tired of people slinging mud without ANY evidence.

In short, I saw BS, and called BS.

So forgive and forget ? Shake on it.

Now for one more Texas saying, Let me preface.

Got BCV vapemail inbound this morning. Last ingredient that I need to start mixing. Should be “vaping my own juice” by the weekend.

That Texas saying ?

“I’m happier than a puppy with 2 peckers”

BTW, a big thanks to both Jimk and NewDrip for being the voices of calm and reason.


Great big nod, and hands shaken!


@ringling and @Noobie_Mixer; Nice!

Hey, for the record, we have a saying over here in North Carolina that says:

“DAMN this pig is good!”

; )


Aw, yay! Mommy and Daddy aren’t fighting anymore! :stuck_out_tongue: LOL Kinda glad I missed this one. I don’t handle confrontation well.

As for the whole FW thing, CatHouse is the one that posted the pic of them claiming a flavor didn’t have DA or AP. It was prefaced with “Not sure if this is legit but it is circling FB” FW has since amended that flavor’s description to say they’re looking into the claims. All in all, I’d say that is a pretty decent way of handling it. For companies that outsource their flavorings, it’s hard to know what is in them unless they get them independently tested (which, they probably should). If the manufacturer is lying or unaware, the vendor shouldn’t be held responsible. In the case of FW, it sounds like one of their flavoring manufacturers misrepresented the contents of a flavoring.

This whole debate is akin to the “Label GMOs” thing for me. I think a consumer should know what goes into their food, but I also think a fraction of the money spent on these labeling campaigns would be enough to test the products pretty extensively to determine whether or not they really are safe. That being said, lying and saying that the food is “all natural” or “organic” when it contains GMOs is shady and should be punished. Be honest, be upfront, move on.


Yeah, dont go telling anybody, kind of taboo down here in Beef country to admit this, but I prefer pig BBQ. Country style ribs, yummm.

Another one of those things that is “Suppose” to be bad for you, and I just dont give a damn, a real quick story

A few years ago, I was in the hospital, Doctor came in and started going over my charts and test, he said “your cholesteral level is fantastic for a man of your age, I’d love to have levels that good myself.”

I told him, “well this is gonna make it worse for you, I eat a pound of bacon almost every day” He just grinned …

JoJo, my thinking exactly, well said.


As I’ve said before, I do my damnedest to rid the world of pigs every day by eating as many as I can!


Well, it seems you settled this amicably in my absence.

What craziness. I’m a member of FT Form where we have a good time and respect one another. Same at VU where respect is mutual and the discussion of flavorings is common, including diacetyl/subs. My simple point was, FA contains none… See ya there sometime, daath? I’ve been a member at ECF since August of 2009 without incident and without getting banned (sort of an inside joke).

As someone who hasn’t touched tobacco for over five and one-half year I’ve gotta comment regarding the arrogant, knee-jerk assumption that anything posted with which he didn’t agree must be a product of Big Tobacco, that kind of thinking is not in the best interest of our cause. None of us knows more than all of us.

Forget the additives. Whatever you vape that keeps you off cigarettes is a good thing. Vaping may be found not to be good for you for one reason or another but it sure as hell is a healthier alternative to sucking burning tobacco into your lungs.

If, after all this furor, anyone is still interested in additional data, I’ll provide it. I won’t sort is for you or research it for you but I’ll put it out there as a reference if anyone still cares after it resulted in this needlessly emotional fracus.

In any event, vape on.

Michael, the SailCat
Tobacco-free Vaper.

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You never did provide the PROOF to support the accusation, that you made against FW.

And here you come again, making another unsubstantiated accusation.

Where and when did I, or anyone else say, say that you were with or associated with Big Tabacco ?

Could you point us to the supporting evidence.

No you can’t, because no one ever did.

So again, an accusation by you, with NO PROOF or evidence that would support your accusation.

Why should anyone believe you? These are just a couple of examples, of the dishonest and unsubstantiated remarks/ comments you have made on these boards. You are extremely good at making accusations and spreading inuendo, without regard to proof, evidence, or especially the truth.

But that speaks more to your upbringing than anything else. It speaks more to the way your mother and father taught you. Some parents are just scumbags that way …

Because dishonesty of the type that you have so easily exhibited, is a learned trait. It is not genetic or inherited.

But that would be a conversation better had on a more personal front, toe to toe so to speak. But just like all the other internet trolls, you will hide behind miles and miles of wire that is the internet, behind your little keyboard, hiding out in your mommy and daddy’s basement, and spread your dishonest accusations.

One more point, you CLAIM to be SailCat from ECF, and yet, there is no way to prove that, You could be someone with a grudge against SailCat@ECF, coming over here trying to stir up trouble for him. The only evidence I have found to support the idea of your being SC from ECF, is that SailCat was pointed out to be “not quite” honest by prof beard at ECF in March of 2010. Oh, and that SC@ECF was not quite honest about his website address.

But then again, no proof. We are suppose to take your word for it ? Your word does not hold a lot of sway around here, especially with your exhibited lack of
honesty here.

Troll On

Usually I try to stay in my lane… but this is abusive and it shouldn’t be posted. A forum is just that, a forum. This is where individuals thoughts are debated and discussed. There is no room for these type of comments and disrespect. We don’t want to be known as type of forum that disrespect anybody with an opposing idea. Please consider removing this comment.


I stand behind @New Drip this is berating and belittling and quite frankly it is making me uncomfortable reading this banter.

Over the last few weeks there has been some new members and that is wonderful but seriously we are a family here or a brotherhood treat each other with respect or either take it elsewhere or PM the tar out each other for all I care. Just not here.

That’s all I gotta say on this which is nuff already.


Yeah, I’m kinda thinkin this whole thread should be locked or something. This has been one of the nicest places on the internet I’ve ever been and I’d hate to see it turn into another place full of debating, hating, and trolling. I know some of that is bound to happen as a place like this grows, but there’s really no need to get personal. SC really seemed to be trying to stir up trouble, and that’s not so cool either, but as the old adage goes…don’t feed the trolls.

Edit: I’d say nobody around here is afraid to discuss and share their opinions on flavoring and diketones. I think it’s more that we’re tired of doing so.


you all are right. Some people are willing to tolerate lies and those that tell them.

some people just go with the flow.

For me, I have never been good at letting someone lie to me at thier pleasure, without pointing it out.

So you all have fun with the more respectful and tolerable SC, if you consider someone that lies to you with such ease, respectful.

So I will make this easy for you, good bye.

BTW, if someone wants to amend, go for it, I will not withdraw anything.


For some reason FW is the red haired stepchild of the diy flavorings industry. I hear more negative comments about this brand than any other. Why it’s that way… I don’t know. It’s up to each individual to decide to buy it or not. Me personally, I only by what’s recommended as good by our forum members.


Flavor Warnings? To protect companies in case someone gets sick and sues them. Know one has. There. Done.

I don’t know. I think they had one little issue with a flavoring and a bunch of people wigged out. Like most things, I’m sure it will die down eventually and only the super anal retentive will still care. Like when Brittany Spears freaked out and shaved her head. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nicely stated @JoJo! Couldn’t have said it any better myself. Nice video clip as well!

I tried once to shoot this horse with humor before it got all trolly and mud slingy tonight. My work was undone by @SailCat …dude, my wish for you, is for you to learn when to let sleeping dogs lie. Just let it go.

This forum is peaceful, calm and respectful. Keeping it that way is of paramount importance for the majority of members in ELR.



LoL. No kidding. You are hilarious. Love it.

Not everything SC said was a lie. There was the yogurt email thing that was widely seen by the diy community, Nobody know the true details as to why she stated it that way. As for the rest who really knows. It’s just some of what he said wasn’t backed by proof.

As for the topic and thread:
New to Mixing - Flavor Warnings?