Flavorah 2023

Get ready Flavorah is dropping new flavors this Month…I am testing right now , Ill list the new flavors here on Friday . Sorry i cant list the new flavors until then…There are 18

Flavorah Single Flavor Thoughts*

Ill keep it short and sweet in each one of these…Ill be trying them for the first time iver the nesxt 2 or 3 days. I mixed them all at 1pct and am testing on an entheon rda. All will be here in this post

Jammy Grape @1pct …This is 100pct a Candied Grape . Sweeter than most SF . Im not sure I get “Jammy” but after vaping it more I keep thinking of these fruit snacks my kids love from wal mart called Smiles specifically the purple one. I can see this being the star in any grape candy . Ofnyou like candy mixes and want a grape one this will be worth buying.

Golden Kiwi 1pct…Sweet and Tropical but couldnt get a good defined taste , I was very disappointed so I bumped this flavor to 2pct and here i started to get more of a Tropical Strawberry mixed with the taste of a cooked yellow apple vibe thn add a little zing from pineapple which makes no sense . This is a softer flavor and probably not going to be the Kiwi that sits on top of your recipe. There is a nice juicy feel to this flavor and at 2pct its seems to stand up more. If your looking for a stand alone Kiwi in a mix this isnt going to be my choice. I think i need to try a Golden Kiwi IRL .

Hibiscus Sweet @ 1 pct …Floral OH NOOOOO…Is what i always think with these type of flavors. This flavor has no floral notes at this pct. It does have nice sweet fruity taste with tart undertones. I can see this being really good in a Tea Blend. This is not my cup of tea but im sure many will enjoy it . The fruit taste reminds me of a spoonful of pomegranate. Sweetness is perfect I can Vape this on its own and not be mad about it.

Sumo Citrus @ 1pct…More Mandarin than Orange , Not Bright like a vibrant orange flavor but I do get the Orangey Vibe . Not overly sweet , fairly juicy but isnt going to wet the pallette. 1 pct might be to low to get everything this flavor has to offer. Another flavor i can finish tester bottle and be ok with it . I think this flavor will be good to add to another orange to round it out. Im pretty sure I can add this to a bakery like Cranberry / Orange muffin and it will work well.

Strawberry Lime @1pct…I like this flavor , the lime is the first thing i taste then the Strawberry creeps in right behind . The lime reminds me of J E L L O lime . The Combo of the two flavors make a nice vape. Again the sweetness is perfect . So far these flavors seem like another half percent or maybe 1 pct would tell a better story. It will be interesting to see how this is used in future recipes.

Grapefruit Blend @1pct…Ok lets try to get thru these in the next couple days, No promises. At 1pct more of a watered down blended mess of Grapefruit with a touch of sweetness. I decided to add more and at 1.5pct tbmhis flavor is starting to shine . Right away Im getting a very nice Grapefruit taste and a nice citrusy pucker to the vape. My first thought with this flavor at 1.5pct reminded me of cuttiing a Grapefruit in half and sprinkling a little sugar on it …If your familiar with eating your Grapefruit this way you will know what im talking about.

Pink Lemonade @1pct …Nope , let punch this to 2pct . For me Pink Lemonade should have a punchy citrus top note to it . This flavor doesnt have that punch , but i think if a person uses this as the base for a recipe you will find success with a couple flavors added. As a stand alone flavor the lemonade is similar to the Original Lemonade but a little softer. The Pink aspect needs work. Im getting a little dryness at the end bht that could be me and my disappointment with the Pink Aspect. I am also going to be hard on any Pink Lemonade since all FLV had to do was create a One Shot with “Fiddys Pink Lemonade” lol. Overall this is an ok Pink Lemonade and needs help . Base Flavor for sure.

YUZU @1pct…DISCLAIMER I HAVE NEVER HAD OR TRIED A YUZU IN ANY FORM…First thought weird , Second thought Is this a Lemon and Orange bkend with a lime Zest or some type of Citrus Zest . It is definetely a Citrus Flavor but i cant land on which one . It seems to have a Lemon/ Orange Vibe but the Zest is stumping me. I feel like I can add this to Pink Lemonade and it will bolster that flavor ???:person_shrugging:…Overall its delightful and will have its uses as an accent flavor. I do wonder what adding a half pct will do , however at this point id like to see where this sits in a simple mix…I dont finger test but i did just put a couple drops on my hand and get a Grapefruit Vibe also …If i were to name this it would have been Citrus Blend . I like it

Licorice@1pct…Hmmmm definetly Black Licorice , A bit dry …For Black Licorice fans im sure you will find a use . I was really hoping for a Candy Rope Vine taste but im getting something like a more Organic Licorice . Ill have to test this at a half a pct and 1.5 to 2 pct to see what i would do with this . To be honest though since i dont ever reach for a black licorice this will probably sit in the FLV bin and ill end up reaching for a different licorice flavor if i ever needed/ wanted one.

Red Vanilla Soda @1pct …Very Light red note , comes across as a cherry (maybe) , descent mouthfeel but has no soda vibe . I added another 1 pct to this and the cherry(maybe) note starts to shine. The Vanilla note is sitting right below the red note that is still somewhat generic . Still no soda. The flavor is pretty good and i can actually finish this tester. What soda this is supposed to be I have no clue . I can see it being a Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda thing. I dont drink a lot of sodas so this might be the big red one​:person_shrugging::person_shrugging:…Sorry but the Cherry(Maybe) note is maybe not cherry and just a Red if that makes sense

Creamsicle @1pct …Yes yes and yes , this comes across as a creamsicle right away . The orange in this Vape is damn near spot on . The creaminess makes this complete. Im not getting Ice Cream creamsicle but the combo of the orange and the cream come together very well. I left this at the 1pct because right away i can tell what this was. Very good flavor , Great base and wouldnt need much more to make it complete.

Guava Dark Berry @1pct…The smell is great but once again as a SF i chose to immediately push this to 2pct . At 2pct the Tropical taste that guava had is very present . I never know how to describe the punchy flavor guavas have is it astringent , tangy , citrusy or are those all the same :person_facepalming:…The Citrus taste from Guava reminds me a lot like the punchy taste you get with a Pineapple , No it doesnt taste like pineapple butt it has that distinct Guava Vibe that most Guavas have. A lot of people talk about a musky flavor or floral when they talk about Guava . This Guava has neither of those qualities. Dark Berry ??? Not quite sure what thats all about because i dont get any type of berry . Overall a good flavor and its a little different then the ones we have now . Worth picking up? If you like Guava then yes definetely. I like Guava flavors so this will be used

Candied Blueberry @1pct…At 1pct this was also hard to get a grasp on the flavor so UP it goes to 2pct . Sweet, Candy Blueberry for sure . This reminds me of a hard candy more than anything. The more i vape it i get a little bit of a medicinal taste which makes me thing any higher and off notes will be present. Definetely will work well as a base to a Blue Candy

Cactus Aloe @1pct …Oh No this flavor is nasty, I think i need to lower the pct …It has an off putting taste that i cannot describe. It is juicy and wets the palette . Before I tear this flavor apart anymore ill drop it down to .5 then .25 …

Wintergreen…Sorry will not test.

Flavorah has been one of my favorite companies . Every release is different and fun. I can usually try these flavors at 1pct or less, but this release i had to add a half pct up to 1 . Most of these i tried at 1 and there just wasnt enough taste for me to get a good idea of the flavor. 2pct seems to be safe to start SFT.


@SquirrelSmash No new Lovage Root but qujte a few very interesting flavors …


I just got my tracking for them yesterday, mine should be here Friday. I’m dying to know what the flavors are! :smile:


Daniel wont be happy…I didnt see a Tobacco , i opened them real quick but had to go


Ok, ok, 2 questions here…1-how did you get to be the guinea pig here?
2-Are you able to at least provide a link to the new flavors or are you a giant tease?? :rofl:


There are a handful of testers…

Building excitement lol …They havent been released yet so when I receive flavors before release I alwasy ask when they can be announced . I was told a week BUT , Ill list them a little sooner.


Yep, you are a big tease, LOL!


I always look forward to new FLV flavors! Thankfully its not mostly tobaccos this time, i dont tobacco much, hehe.


I hope they finally release a woodruff…


Sam gave me the list… there’s a couple Daniel might be happy about, he wants it to be a surprise. Pretty interesting line up!


Yes…Pretty fun stuff


You arent the first person to say this in the last couple weeks …


Thanx for the update Fiddy. Now it boils down to which of our local (US) vendors will add these to their lineup. My goto has always been BCF but they don’t always offer the entire/complete manufacturer’s line.


Ya BCF will definetely have them just not sure which …Ill put together some simple recipes in the next few days to see where these flavors sit in a mix .


I personally think they should send me a gallon of Vanilla pudding ROFLMAO


The New DDL will go real nice with VP…


@authormichellehughes I’ll go “split-zies” with you on that gallon.



Yuzu and wintergreen are my two favorites (on paper) from the new releases. Any first impressions from the testers?:wink:


Are you one of the testers? I’m dying to know what the flavors are!


No, being in Germany I am probably not in the test range…:wink:

With the other I can help: