Flavorah flavors

good morning all,
I looked around a bit for the flavors of flavorah, at my vapeboer I see them standing at € 6.95 for a bottle of 10ml almost fell off my seat youijijij.
Are these really that expensive? so should they be good?
and what makes them so special?


The short answer is they are expensive because they are good and some are very very strong requiring as little as .1% others may require 1 - 1.5% in a mix so the bang for your buck is generally pretty good.
I think you may need to shop around €7 is a little on the high side (if you are talking about the standard FLV bottles)
You may try

I am going to refer you to a bunch of threads regarding flavorah



I just bought a couple dozen of them (I expect them today) from chefsflavours.co.uk. You can also find some at rainbowvapes.co.uk , vapable.com or other UK online shops for a lot better prices. If you decide before Brexit, you might even skip import duties (that’ll be an additional 25%, thank you England), but even then it’ll come out cheaper than your local vapeboer. On average, you pay £2.70 (3.14€ at current conversion rate) a bottle but there are some bottles that are more expensive too.

In general, they’re very strong and they’re much better than TPA, CAP, FW, etc Obviously, like with any brand, there are a few exceptions but it really is a subjective matter. You’re talking about taste …


Yes. What Woftam said.
They also have some unique flavors like Avocado and rose and sugar orchid, they try to keep it interesting. It’s hard to grow a large collection quickly with them so you have to introduce them slowly into your portfolio. The frustrating part is they are so different (like in strength) that it’s a whole new learning curve, so if you are like me and just “getting your legs”, this is like being put on stilts.
So I’ve taken to really reading the notes on flavors. For instance, Granola; someone had in their notes that at .5 it wasn’t Granola tasting, 1.5 it was perfect, and once they got to 2 or slightly above it came across a bit burnt. Or some such.
Well, don’t go over 2 then, right? I hit a couple recipes out of the park with it though, so it is worth it.


thanks a lot guys, your comments on flavorah is worth 10+ for me
Suomynona maybe I can swim towards it so I still save the shipping :joy::joy::joy:


Oomph granola at 1.5 would be a little high for me but if that is where you like it that is where you like it.

I would use this as a loose guide for start % and in a lot of cases i use less than what they have here - it is going to depend greatly of what atomizer and wattage you vape at.

This one is also useful but there are some that are a little high (jammy berry for eg is listed at 1% and i don’t think you should ever go over .5) but everyone is different. When testing I would start at a little below their start % and build on it if you feel it is required.


Vapable.com has free shipping above £50 by the way. Chefs is about £12 on any size shipment. But yeah, if or when Brexit happens, custom/import duties will apply just like any order from the US or elsewhere on top of the shipping and if that were the case, I think I’d shop as easily the US. Shipping will be a little bit more but the average price / bottle will be less and you’ll have access to other brands they don’t sell in the UK.


I’m in the same boat… when I SFT’ed granola, .75% was the point where it all got a little too strong for me. Try between 0.2% and 0.7% :wink:


With many of the flv they will work at higher % without turning too feral but you lose a lot of the subtle accents in the flavour. Some if you go too high are a straight out tyre fire :grinning:


Talk about the devil… my doorbel just rang and this showed up :smiley:

Cart Items SKU Qty Item Price Item Total

Alpine Strawberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-C341273A 1 £8.83 GBP £8.83 GBP

Apple - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-F7E8BB0E 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Apple Cranberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-322C2B61 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Apple Pop - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-6B78751E 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Banana - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-E550CB4D 1 £2.77 GBP £2.77 GBP

Beer Nuts - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-CCA97354 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Black Cherry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-D623249A 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Black Tea - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-445FF2BE 1 £3.29 GBP £3.29 GBP

Blood Orange - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-F0DBB7D5 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Blueberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-6B33AC0F 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Blueberry Muffin - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-310F791E 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Bourbon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-0C63CF3A 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Brie Cheese - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-03F36BC7 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Bubble Gum - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-A73D95AB 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Bubble Wine - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-0377B57F 1 £4.20 GBP £4.20 GBP

Candy Roll - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-C80D04C5 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cantaloupe - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-1A8D936A 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cheesecake - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-FDC64E46 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Cherimoya - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-5E0EF761 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cherry Filling - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-4FB78552 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Chocolate Deutsch - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-A102618C 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Cinnamon Crunch - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-24D21593 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cinnamon Roll - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-E1D7A725 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Clove - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-3BE33129 1 £6.28 GBP £6.28 GBP

Cookie - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-CFD6FC9F 1 £6.28 GBP £6.28 GBP

Cookie Dough - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-DB72EBEA 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cotton Candy - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-E3E8AF1F 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cranberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-E3D815E8 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Creme de Menthe - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-2B5DBF97 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Crunch Cereal - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-2B59443C 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Cupcake Batter - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-C90B35CE 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Fig - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-DC899246 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Frosting - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-5F23D829 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Graham Cracker - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-E8C7C059 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Grape - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-42F4BC2F 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Greek Yoghurt - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-4EB014E2 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Green Apple - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-065FAAA4 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Honey - Lauren’s 1 £0.00 GBP £0.00 GBP

Jackfruit - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-141B8FAC 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Kiwi - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-CFEC9EE7 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Lemon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-0E214E73 1 £6.28 GBP £6.28 GBP

Lemonade - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-277CD9AE 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Lychee - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-3742B3E1 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Macaroon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-B678EA43 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Marshmallow - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-5C54B807 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Marshmallow Treat - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-9EA08694 1 £1.35 GBP £1.35 GBP

Marshmallow Vanilla - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-FB7617F3 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Milk Chocolate - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-07BB4D61 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Mocha - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-2C113FA7 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Oatmeal Raisin - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-743D4ED0 1 £1.35 GBP £1.35 GBP

Orange Citrus - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-12FBAD97 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Peach - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-4976C1AC 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Peach Gummy - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-50D2C953 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Pear - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-CFDE54BD 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Persimmon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-86587479 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Pink Guava - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-54FBEC46 1 £3.69 GBP £3.69 GBP

Raspberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-079C0B4A 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Red Burley - Flavorah
(Size: 30ml) SKU-F63172F5 1 £10.29 GBP £10.29 GBP

Red Raspberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-5937AAB9 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Red Tea - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-5FEF7882 1 £1.60 GBP £1.60 GBP

Rich Cinnamon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-68B1CEA0 1 £6.28 GBP £6.28 GBP

Root Beer - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-977383D8 1 £3.20 GBP £3.20 GBP

Sangria - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-B51DBA8E 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Smooth Vanilla - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-A483B631 1 £8.83 GBP £8.83 GBP

Smoothie Base - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-B5C144F1 1 £3.80 GBP £3.80 GBP

Smore - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-3A9C5237 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Strawberry - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-EA5FC6E6 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Strawberry Cream - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-4D78CB41 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Strawberry Filling - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-C46D7C8B 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Tangerine - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-70066303 1 £4.31 GBP £4.31 GBP

Tropical Punch - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-526D2393 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Vanilla Bean - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-643AED92 1 £3.29 GBP £3.29 GBP

Vanilla Pudding - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-D7DEA339 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Watermelon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-030653D4 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Whipped Cream - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-001F37D3 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

White Chocolate - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-3630B344 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP

Wild Melon - Flavorah
(Size: 10ml) SKU-563DE901 1 £2.70 GBP £2.70 GBP


Holy crap @anon28032772, leave some for the rest of us !!!

Nice haul mate …


hold your horses @: Suomynona also leaves something for us :joy::joy::joy:


Trying for the Pokemon set


@anon28032772 send some to me please :grin:


Looks like @anon28032772 is going to be BFF’s with @anon84779643 !!!


i just checked her top recipes… I’m still missing flavors :rage:
Chefs was out of sugar orchid, that’s my biggest regret


Issue with those and the thoughts to use them higher… I’d cancel that…
the new flavors to me… say they are what’s termed as growing flavors…
You use so much… then steeping… it’s like the spread out in flavor…
Hope that makes a bit of sense… I would still keep most of them at or below 1% :slight_smile:


Ya gota be quick! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

lol Wolfie!! :crazy_face:

but SD you will always have that special spot too :tada: :smiley:


I am in agreement with you 100% I think there are only a handful I have used at over 1%
Vanilla Custard , Rose, Vanilla Pudding, Blueberry Muffin are the ones that spring to mind in each case it was still closer to 1% than it was to 2%


Must have taken one of the last bottles last week then :slight_smile: