Flavorah's New Flavors

I placed an order for Flavorah Peach earlier this week. I got a nice surprise in this order. Looking forward to trying these new flavors.


Lemon Grass, id like to give that a go.


Yummy! Lovin the look of those!

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The ginger snap really sounds like it’ll be good! Hopefully it’s not a harsh one

I’ve never had Lemon Grass, so I don’t know what to expect.

I’ve been working with Cap Gingerbread lately. I got a couple mixes that’s still not quite where I want them yet. It’s good but stronger than I anticipated. The Ginger Snap FLV was a pleasant surprise.


I havent vaped it but i have had lemon grass tea and some soaps, i swear i didnt eat the soaps… Nice lemon taste with, if i remember this right, hints of ginger. Very soothing tea.

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I used to vape a 100% VG Coconut Thai juice by Ripe Vapes that was pretty good if you want to get a feel for it. The description might inspire some recipes.

“This juice was inspired by the exotic flavors from the distant shores of Thailand. The first flavor is that of the smooth coconut, rich and slightly sweet followed by after notes of fresh thai basil and bright lemongrass.”


Bright is definitely the way to describe lemon grass. It is one of my very favorite smells.


Thanks Ken and Benny. I’ll do solo mixes to gauge these flavors and I should get some direction on these.


I’ve got my eye on that thai chai for sure. The others look interesting, but that is one I’ll definitely have to get if it’s any good.


I’m not a big tea fan… if you like pm me and I’ll send it to you.


OOooo… Cupcake Batter… Please let us know how this one works out :yum:


I’m excited about this one myself. I’ll report back once they are tested. If FLV stays true to their rep it should be good.


Cupcakes batter, please keep us posted on this one, sounds intresting.

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I got these awhile back as well and I’m excited to try the lemongrass, unfortunately work keeps me from doing so. I have been pushing Brendan to do a lemon grass for a while now, so I was very happy to see he listens to the feedback.
The grape reminds me of grape Hubba Bubba gum haha, mine doesn’t say green grape though? Just grape.
I’m not too sure about the chai though.

I also get an almost pipe/cigar note on the nose of the ginger snap. I’m not sure if this will translate into the juice but smells interesting

Hopefully in a week or two I will have some more time to mix these up

Ooooohhhh Lemon Grass! I feel an order coming on. That is a top of my list “wish someone made this.”

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Just got my vape mail from Flavorah today 3/14/2016…Got a similar "care package " with my order, with a few differences…ProVapes got GREEN GRAPE (per photo)…Mine was GRAPE…All others are the same…but I also received LEMON TEA…Gonna do some StandAlones…but not sure where to start %s wise…Any suggestions?

He said he had it named Green grape at first but decided against calling it that, since it was more of a candy grape. A few of the earlier samples said Green

If that Lemon Grass is anything like Nature Flavors LG then you will have to dilute it to 10% or so. Let us know what you think of it, I don’t really care for Natures version.

That’s cool…was thinking one might be red or purple as compared to green…but it is prolly the same thing…I am grateful to Flavorah for turning me on to these…

@Beaufort_Batches are you speaking of diluting it to 10% as a base OR using it at 10% of the total in my mix?..I will absolutely share my thoughts…Will be mixing for Mouth to Lung hit in a Goblin Mini…