Flavored Water Recipes?

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I’m a mio/dasani drops/flavored water enhancer addict ever since I quit drinking Coke, but, those guys are seriously expensive. I’ve been thinking with all the flavors I’ve accrued, surely I could make my own. These are usually marketed as candy/food flavorings after all, right? I’ll admit I haven’t tried doing it yet, so don’t shout at me if its as simple as “put some flavoring in water…duh!” Any tips or suggestions on this?


I use mostly Capella flavorings for this, 1 drop per ounce of water. You can use more if you prefer it stronger. When i first started making ejuice i bought sucralose, i quickly found it is awful in ejuice but it is awesome when making flavored water.

I have also use LA flavorings, they are much more candy like than natural tasting, they compliment the Capella flavors very well.

Thanks! I’m gonna give it a go. A new obsession, just what I needed. LOL. :wink:

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And a delicious one! hehe I used to drink appx 7 Mt Dew’s per day. It was difficult to quit but flavored water did it for me. I drink at least a gallon of water per day and after awhile water, on its own, sucks. I also bought some powdered caffeine and add it from time to time.

I see absolutely no reason you could not use these flavorings to make flavored water for yourself. Truth be told if you use filtered water and natural flavorings your brew would more than likely be more healthy than store bought since almost all of them use corn syrup for sweetener not to mention all the preservatives and other, who knows what they are, ingredients. I say go for it…

I’ve been meaning to try my flavorings in water - but I never get around to it :stuck_out_tongue:

We do a lot of baking and candy making at home. These flavorings are awesome for this use as well. In the beginning i bought every flavoring i could get my hands on and many i didnt like in ejuice. They make excellent hard candies tho.


Two drops of INA Banana makes my coffee amazing!


I hadn’t thought of putting it in coffee! That’s a good idea. Flavored water did it for me too. I was a diet coke/diet dr. pepper drinker for years. Now, I’ll get one every once in awhile and usually don’t finish it. I have a 2 liter in my fridge that has been there for almost two weeks…unheard of in the past.

I used to make hard candy with my grandmother around Christmas but we used oils…would these work just as well? Yay!! Legit excuses to buy more flavors!

Milk too! Banana and Sweet Strawberry from Capella are awesome in milk!

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Yes, you can make candy with our flavorings :smile:

How much flavoring? In say, a 300ml glass of milk?

For CAP flavors i use 1-2 drops per ml depending on the flavoring. CAP Double Chocolate i use 1 drop per 2ml. Thats for single flavors.

I like a light flavored milk - I took a small glass and added 6 drops, and it was plenty :slight_smile: Nice with flavored milk - I don’t drink milk that often. Maybe that will change :smiley:

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I used to love nesquik, havent bought it in so long i cant even remember.

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Guys, gals, just had a thought. I had met a guy who opened a shop in my area who was telling me he now is buying a juice that some woman produces, and get this, is nothing more than Distilled Water, VG, PG, and Nic. He went on to say it had to be aged approximately 6 months. Said it was a GREAT TASTING flavor. Has anyone heard of this type blend? Sounded a lot like cow pucky to me rather than the ultimate water recipe.

So just plain, non-flavored ejuice? Sounds, well, plain to me. Nothing wrong with that if its what a person likes. VG would provide a little sweet to an otherwise bland mix.

I certainly wouldnt purchase it as the plethora of flavorings are one of the reasons i still vape. Not sure why it would need to be cured so long.

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I’m with @Ken_o_Where on this one. That sounds…bland. I love my flavors so much I use high PG liquids. I’m not saying BS, but I’m not going to waste the stuff and time to try it.

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Sounds strange. Personally, however, I actually like the taste of unflavored e-juice! It’s not like it doesn’t have a flavor! :smile:

I like the flavour of pure VG in my Doge running at ultra-low ohms. but it dries out the mouth very fast…