FlavorWest Peach/ Flavorah Mango

This has been something I have finally come to the conclusion on as of today, and I am looking for input.

A while back, I purchased Peach by Flavor West and did not like it.

I showed it to everyone around me and they seemed to like it but something in it was just HORRIBLE to my palate. Don’t know how to describe how the smell was to me but it was just unbearable and made my stomach upset.

Fast forward to today:

My Flavorah, Mango arrive in the mail and I was expecting out of it, what everyone was saying in the notes.

I shake it up and put a drop on my wrist, rub it around, and OH GOD! It is back; the horrible smell I remembered from FW Peach. Same exact disgusting smell.

I remembered what happened before…

When I showed everyone the FW Peach, they liked it and it was not off-putting, as it was to me.

So when my girlfriend arrived home, I had her smell it. It was my assumption that she was like it and have no problem with it.

Sure enough, it was fine to her.

Right away, I realized it must be one of the ingredients that the two flavors have in common. So I looked up the MSDS and SDS for both flavors but they were not shown (hidden).

Has anyone had this experience with either of these two flavors?

Not looking to change my palate, just curious if there is anyone else out there.

Yes, I get a hint of Mango in the FW peach. Truth be told you’re lucky you don’t have Delosi’s Mango. Smells like cat piss lol. Whether this will help you, don’t know but what I do is a mix of TPA Juicy Peach and FW Peach. Half and half to be exact. Hope this helps…

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Do you vape via smell or taste? I am sensing a pattern with you. Not a bad one, just a pattern. Some of the flavors I have I can’t stand the smell of, but when put in a liquid are divine. Have you tried it in a liquid yet?

Wait till he smells some of the chocolates out there when vaped. Taste great but the smell can be kinda nasty…

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Considering smell is upwards of 70% (up to 95% according to this biomed article :open_mouth: ) of taste, I wouldn’t completely rule out the scent of a flavor. Have you ever tried vaping with your nose held shut? Try it now. And then do the same with your eyes closed. :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, there is definitely a difference in smelling it in the bottle or straight up some way and vaping it when mixed with other flavors.

I’ve had flavors that ‘tasted’ okay but I really couldn’t stand the ‘smell’ (TPA Chocolate as a matter of fact @ringling was like bandaids to me) so I couldn’t vape them. It sucks, but it happens.


Actually, I have experienced Delosi Peach for myself haha ewwwwww. Kind of what I get from FLV Mango, tbh.

I did mix it up and tried it out a few hours later. Still tasting as it smells.
Will leave it for now, but not having much hope for it.

I always smell my flavors but wait until they have steeped a few weeks before putting it in my back box.

Perhaps this flavor will work is super low %'s (for me).

As for chocolates, ohhhh yes. Tastes great, smells awful, lol.