Flavour Art

These Flavor Art flavors just arrived from Italy. It took forever, but I am rather excited. OK so we got oba oba because @Amy2 said so.Coffee Espresso so I can make @daath smooth morning kick. Fresh Cream because I needed it for one of @DarthVapor recipes. Last but not least Custard because…It’s custard.
Anywho, I have not had a Flavor Art flavor I did not like. Have any of you?


FYI. The custard isn’t the norm. Has a very prominent citrus/lemon hint to it. Works great in some recipes but not others.
I use oba oba like crazy too. Great as a booster or sweetener


Just curious what size bottles and how much for each one?

10 ml bottles $2.54 a piece

thanks for the heads up

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I hate FA Banana and I’m not a huge fan of their coconut if that helps. The banana tastes like a sour green banana and the coconut tastes like fresh, raw coconut meat. Not such a bad thing in the latter case, just not super useful in recipes. I love coconut, but typically in a recipe I’m looking for the sweet, shredded type.

I’m not in love with Soho, but it’s a tobacco and I bought it on a lark.

Meringue hasn’t worked like I want it too in any recipes yet, but I haven’t tested it standalone to verify whether it is the culprit, or if it’s something else.

I wasn’t too impressed with my first mix of Concord grape FA. But I need to give it another shot.

The custard
Be careful not for me the lemon too much
But I am sure others like it
The rest of their flavors are great

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Me either - found it too dry. I have another round with added sweetener (pyure stevia) in the steep box tho.

Yeah if you are searching for cap custard…well you gotta give custard FA time to fade one the lemon part. It will fade and become less noticeable after a week. I also like it paired more with dark things like an extra vanilla, cocoa FA, whiskey FA and so on.

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FA Pineapple, finished mix, tastes like onion rings… yuk

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I hope you like the Oba Oba it must be some kinda Italian candy sweet confection-ate like with
a cream soda like with citrus of some sort really hard to pin down but I like to use it in many forms as a sweetener, a cream , added body & as itself lol http://tjek.nu/r/JKy and then with a fruit it is awesome too

As far as a FA flavor that I don’t like it would be rare but I could not stand the smell of their Bell Peppers so I ditched it before ever trying it. A recent one would be their Pandoro it is weird with has a floral note in the ending and gives me a mad tummy ache and it’s diacetyl laden-ed.

Diacetyl laden flavors of note worthy however are condensed milk 1 drop per 10 mls does the trick

cream whipped- not as concentrated as condensed milk but 1% will do.

Chestnut- I have this one but have not gotten the guts up to vape it. smells terrific thou !

I love their Grapefruit, Fresh Cream and Cantgaloupd flavors. I’ve got LIquid amber but have not figured out where to use it as of yet. @Dan_the_Man if you like them and want more get it through Nicotine River. $6.50 for 60 ml.

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Yes, it does, even when you order from Europe they take their sweet time.

Eclipse, their description of it was pretty lyrical but they didn’t mention the mint. :unamused:[quote=“Amy2, post:13, topic:64478”]
Chestnut- I have this one but have not gotten the guts up to vape it. smells terrific thou !

I’ve ordered that yesterday, I love chestnut and l’m looking forward to vaping that :yum:

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Liquid amber is used a lot in fruits and I’ve seen it used with tobaccos as well. A lot of people describe it as kind of a fermented fruit taste. I think people have used it at low percents to give a kind of ‘cooked’ taste to fruits, also.

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Liquid Amber is amazing try it around 0.5 starting off has an acquired taste til your sure you like it, but try it with fruit , especially something w/ coconut in it wowee what it does for coconut is awesome! Here are a few recipes of mine that I found it delicious in.


Thanks so much, I do a fruit mix that reminds me of a shaved ice I used to get when my boys and I would go to the park. Well except the vape has bourbon in it.

these are the flavors involved, I’ll have to try the amber in a small amount of it and see what it does for it.

Sweet Watermelon
KY Bourbon
Cotton Candy


Oh great. Now I need to go flavor shopping. I dunno why I keep forgetting to buy amber FA


All the FA flavors I’ve tried to date have been great. I love Nonna’s cake, Vienna cream, Marshmallow, cookie and Joy