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Flavour Master List


That would be fantastic cheers



I don’t know if you also include the one-shots and such but if you do they also have;



I havent been adding one shots so far


Chefs Choice = Cupcake World (relabelled)


Yup have both ccw and chefs choice


You can find several not mentioned here

You have mentioned Molinberry twice (MB M-Line is just a label for their one shot concentrates)

Maybe an idea: It might be useful for a list if you would mention when flavors are sold under different name (example: LorAnn - Lauren’s, Medicine Flower - Botanic Elixir, etc)


I meant that all the Chefs Choice concentrates will already be listed under Cupcake World - there’s no need to duplicate them.

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Yes I have kept them seperate since I am not sure that one shots should be listed as flavours yet.

I will work something out for chefs changed names and botanic elixir.

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Yes I know what you mean but since chefs doesnt stock all the ccw range i would like to have what chefs has perhaps aliases can be worked out.

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PG free aromas:
Kai’s Virgin Vapor https://www.kaisvirginvapor.com/
Vapor fi https://www.vaporfi.com/?A=8063


Do they do concentrates or just finished juice?

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Kai’s says it’s concentrates, vaporfi I’m not sure
edit: our flavors are extracted direct from plants says their website

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Could potentially help with the French if needed. What kind of timescales do you have in mind?


As far as I know…Kai’s is a finished juice…when i first started to vape i tried 2 flavors there…looking at the site now I see nothing but finished juice as they ask for your Nic level


Don’t have one atm but i will get a list of the SolubeArome flavours to you soon

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Here you go - it is a big list.



here’s another one, mentioned by a new user:
https://ejuicy.store/ [ from ] Hello, N00b checking in

mix of TPA & CAP.
But do these / should these be considered ?


Thanks Dave - I will have to have a think on that one since they are in fact an alias - will add but will have to work out which is what


It actually is, but speculum is the Latin word and I’m not sure why it would give you that translation, if looking for English lol

Butter Spekulacius in Germany would translate to Speculoos. Trader Joe here in the US sells it, and what it is, its a spiced crunchy shortbread biscuit. Cinnamon, clove, anise and nutmeg are very present. The word in front indicates the actual kind of speculoos, in this case butter, meaning that its a lighter softer shortbread biscuit, with lots of butter and milder/less spice than the darker original version. So I would say you change it too:

  • Butter Specaloos (spiced buttery shortbread biscuit/cookie ( cookie for other countries, here in the US this would be probably mistaken for an actual cookie, therefore biscuit is more accurate)

Now to the Anise Flavor, that you called Anise Liquor. While its found in liquor this is not the only usage, and might indicate to some people that its alcoholic beverage, just like some people think bourbon vanilla is actually Bourbon lol. More accurate here would be

  • Anise Licorice

Anis is also not licorice but aniseed (the spice)

And then there’s lakritz , this is the black licorice everybody knows as such.

Salmiak is correct, but I doubt ppl will know what it is, so maybe you add/change it to

  • salty hard licorice

And then there’s violinchen, at least sold here in the US from German flavors, which I didn’t see listed on the master list. This flavor is actual a “floral” candy in Germany and its chewy licorice with a purple hard shell, that tastes like violets. So if you add it, might add it as

  • Violets infused licorice

Cough drop flavor while accurate, people might associate it with cherry or peppermint, might end up disappointed. Its eucalyptus dominant with herbs, like the ricola brand. Maybe you add it as

  • Cough Drop (Eucalyptus + Herbs)

Straciatella, while again accurate, not many people know it as such, so adding it as

  • Straciatella (vanilla ice cream with chocolate shavings)

might be more helpful.

Amaretto Flavor is the Italian cherry liquor, maybe you want to add that in brackets behind it as well, because of their similar flavor called Amaretto Cherry, which is a sweet dark black cherry infused with amaretto liquor. So people don’t confuse it with just cherry etc.

The cherries here are accurate you listed, however the main Cherry is actual a light red sour cherry and you might want too note that, so people not looking for a sweet cherry.

The yoghurts listed with fruits are fine, but the actual yoghurt should be added as

  • Yoghurt (quark)

Its important because its not a regular yoghurt people would associate it with/under.

Last but not least is zimt stern as a German flavor, boy this one is tricky lol. What it normally is, its a cinnamon star anise or/and a bakery item. Looking at the picture tho that’s listed next to the flavor, it shows exactly that. Cinnamon, star anise and nutmeg. Maybe we should list it as

  • Christmas Spice (Cinnamon Star Anise)

Blueberry Aroma should be listed as Huckleberry, so ppl don’t confuse it with the blueberry flavor, that’s offered as well and actually is a blueberry lol.

I’ll read that list one more time, but I think everything else is accurate and can’t be confused with other things. I’ll let you know, hope it helps.


Amaretto is a bitter almond liquor, I thought.