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Flavour Master List


I am currently compiling a master list of flavours I have 73 Flavour Houses and all of their flavours (that are currently listed on their website) in text files.

If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated the brands I have are in the list attached to this post. If you have a brand that isn’t there a brand name and a website link would be great.

If anyone here is a native German speaker or native French speaker who has a little bit of time to spare to translate a list of flavour names to English it would help me out a fair bit (there is only so much google will help).

The flavour houses I have already

Apex Flavors(Silvercloud)
Baker Flavors
Bcf Sc
Chef’s Choice
Corsica Vape
Creme De Vape
Cupcake World
Decadent Vapours
Devils Kandi
Diy Flavor Shack
Euro Flavors
Faerie’s Finest
Flavor Concentrates
Flavor Pheonix
Flavor Revolution
Flavor West
Flavors Express
Frandy Flavours
German Flavors
Get Suckered
Great Lakes
Health Cabin
Jungle Flavors
Kandi Hed
Liquid Barn
Liquid Nicotine
Medicine Flower
Molinberry M
Mom And Pop Vapor Shop
My Freedom Smokes
Nature’s Flavors
Nicotine River
North West *** Not Done***
Nude Nicotine
One Drop Flavors
One On One
One Stop Diy
Real Flavors
Sterling Cloud
Stixx Mixx
Tasty Puff
The Broke Vaper
The Flavor Apprentice
Totally Wicked
Vampire Vapes
Vape Train
Vaping Zone
Wonder Flavours

List of MSDS sheets
The encouragement that beginners need, opposed to dictating what they do
Looking for Data for a project

If you drop me a list via pm or here as comment, I’ll be more than happy translating the German flavors/descriptions etc. while at work or during my lunch break tomorrow. Unless someone else would like to do it.


I will grab the full list for you and post it here - i am not confident in the translation I have since i am fairly sure that ‘Butter Speculum’ is a not a flavour lol


@eStorm @Silhouette helped me out with a translated page
If you could have a quick look at the text file for any obvious translation errors


There is also the Danish company Bolsjehuset.

I can translate the list of their flavours into English if you like.


That would be fantastic cheers



I don’t know if you also include the one-shots and such but if you do they also have;



I havent been adding one shots so far


Chefs Choice = Cupcake World (relabelled)


Yup have both ccw and chefs choice


You can find several not mentioned here

You have mentioned Molinberry twice (MB M-Line is just a label for their one shot concentrates)

Maybe an idea: It might be useful for a list if you would mention when flavors are sold under different name (example: LorAnn - Lauren’s, Medicine Flower - Botanic Elixir, etc)


I meant that all the Chefs Choice concentrates will already be listed under Cupcake World - there’s no need to duplicate them.


Yes I have kept them seperate since I am not sure that one shots should be listed as flavours yet.

I will work something out for chefs changed names and botanic elixir.


Yes I know what you mean but since chefs doesnt stock all the ccw range i would like to have what chefs has perhaps aliases can be worked out.


PG free aromas:
Kai’s Virgin Vapor https://www.kaisvirginvapor.com/
Vapor fi https://www.vaporfi.com/?A=8063


Do they do concentrates or just finished juice?


Kai’s says it’s concentrates, vaporfi I’m not sure
edit: our flavors are extracted direct from plants says their website


Could potentially help with the French if needed. What kind of timescales do you have in mind?


As far as I know…Kai’s is a finished juice…when i first started to vape i tried 2 flavors there…looking at the site now I see nothing but finished juice as they ask for your Nic level


Don’t have one atm but i will get a list of the SolubeArome flavours to you soon