Flavourart 24 new Flavors

Just received from Flavour Art the list of the 2021 24 new flavours that will be added to their catalogue.

The flavours are really interesting, some of them are absolutely brand new, some of them might cover some past downfalls and some of them might just be pure hits.
Quite a few brand new and classic tropicals , all of us will be eager to see how the ice cream and two new custards fare I bet, a cheesecake from Olympus?? Sounds it could be with greek cheese or yogurt we’ll see, the bakery with waffles and twp cookies, anyway, great flavours. As soon as I have them and test them I’ll post my SFT notes, in the meanwhile here’s the list:


Just 1 tobacco? I wonder if all these new flavours would have that dryness to them too.


Thank you for the heads up, @Iv3shf


They’re not really famous for their tobaccos, with probably two or three exceptions and quite a few good additives, but tobacco on itself it’s really hard.
But I’m looking forward to this one, you know I’ll have no mercy on tobaccos,


Some interesting flavors they have. Plum would be worth trying. I wonder if they’ll all be available in the US though. Two Custard Extras…extra what? The good stuff that makes Premium Custard so good? I’m sure FANA is hard at work right now deciding how to protect us stupid shits from ourselves.


So you won’t have the good stuff?? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:
The Elephants liqueur for sure…


You have la tabaccheria and stixx mixx.over there. We only have chemically made ones. :sweat_smile:


If I was you… I’d extract some tasty classy Indonesian cigars and tobaccos, which we can’t have over here…
We’ve made an homogenizer that can do cold extraction, (tolerances are crazy…) it beats ultrasonic professional machines anytime,I know coz we compared them 1:1… and you’ll forget about SM or LAT…


Thank you @Iv3shf for letting us know about this. I’m quite excited to try some of these new flavours once the reviews start rolling in especially the “naughty” bakery ones and those pineapples sound good too :pineapple: I just hope that Chef’s will stock them all especially for those on the other side of the pond that aren’t allowed to get them in their own country. If they don’t I consider myself lucky to be able to order from FlavourArt U.K. directly without paying stupid money on shipping.


I think 5 of these won’t be available over there.


Hardly waiting to hear about these custards, ice creams and bakeries (and that Green SB!).
FA is alive!!!

its party time


I’m a bit surprised by two things;
Why would they send you a few flavors clearly identified as “NOT SUITABLE FOR VAPING” So having read that, and seeing how they promote their clearstreamonward site (5 line marketing paragraph), I figured I’d go look at the cytotoxicity of those 3. Nope, not there. Actually I couldn’t find any of these new flavors at all. :upside_down_face:


Omg these new flavors must stop. My credit card is on fire this year. :joy:


I wondered about that as well. It’ll be interesting to see if they could top Premium Custard. It’s in the cookie as well so I’d love to try it.


Needed for legal reasons. Diacetyl (and other diketones in some places) are not permitted to be advertised for vaping (but they are not forbidden fruits within vaping community; actually many vapers are most excited precisely about those flavors).

Not on the market yet. But most new flavors lab reports are in this file already:
Custard Extra 1 Diacetyl 0-1%
Custard Extra 2 - Diacetyl 1-2% (VC Premium for example 2-2.5%)
Cookie Premium D: 0-1%
Vanilla Cookie D 0-1%
Amarula is South African Creamy Liqueur D: 0-1%

Most probably lab reports will be updated before they release these new flavors on the market.


Legal in Canada :canada:

I use some of their other flavors also not listed at their clearstreamonward site. THEY advertise clearstreamonward. They won’t be there :crazy_face:


New flavors (flavours) are in the database! Thank you @Iv3shf for taking the time to add them! :hugs:

Let’s see how many iterations start to appear now! lol


So, why would I want Extra 1 or 2 if VC Premium has more good naughty stuff? There’s got to be more to it than that.


Care to elaborate?

@Sprkslfly care to join in?


I think that too. I love Premium and it would be hard to replace in some recipes, but on the other hand it’s not the most versatile custard for me. My guess is that those two are not just less buttery, but different (or at least Extra 2 probably is); i just hope not lemony.

Btw, these will be quite weak flavors it seems, 5-8% :frowning_face:


Wow, that’s different (for FA). Where did you see that? Are they already for sale?