Flavours Bad ?!

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I have good VG , PG and nicotine , I test it all alone and it perfect ,
so all my flavours from FA , it was very good , I have make alot of ejuice without any problem .
now all my FA has bitter and bad taste , when I vape it is very good flavours taste and smell , but after 2 min I feel bad taste with FA , I have buy it before 3 months and keep it in fridge always if I want make ejuice I leave it until it be on room temp , then I shake and do it .

I dont use any sweetener on my recipes !! is it reason of that bitter taste !

should I use sweetener on my recipe ?
why my flavours make bad taste after 2 min vape ?
should I buy new one ?
what best way to keep flavours ?
what shelf date for flavours ?

Update : 20/09/2017

now I know what is my problem , I dont like to add Artificial sugar in my life , when I started on Vape before 8 month , always I try to avoid sweetener on ejuice like in my coffee , food and juice .
but now I know it is the reason , now I am using sweetener ( TPA ) on 0.75% or 1% , no any bitter taste .
thanks for all and sorry for disturb .

thanks …

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What kind of tank or coils are you using. This may seem a silly question but sometimes the simple, most obvious things are overlooked. Do you have clean coils? Can you disassemble your whole rig to clean it completely?


well… never had a problem with FA flavours… though i am not using them very very much… i am mostly a TPA and CAP guy :stuck_out_tongue: using like 5-6 flavors of FA in overall…

should I use sweetener on my recipe ?

most mixers avoid using sweeteners… keep in mind that there are many many times that flavors have sweetening ingredients on their own… in general i would say, if it’s already sweet, use of a sweetener is not really needed, but this is also a matter of taste…if you like your juice sweeter than it is… go ahead, if not don’t…

Why my flavours make bad taste after 2min vape?
well… this could be because of a bad recipe, overflavoring, bad mix, non steeped juice or whatever… but there are other things also like, dirty tank, expired flavors (check expiration date… FA has Expiration dates on the bottles)/not well stored flavors… but define what you mean “bad taste” better in general…

should i buy new one?
this is up to you m8… FA are good quality flavors! i would give them a shot again anyway…

what best way to keep flavors?
just away from sunlight and heat… i keep my stash inside boxes in my closet… i am dying for years now, never had the slightest problem. now for the fridge part i never did this… i am not a fan of the idea fridging, then leaving them for taking room temperature, then fridging again… this isn’t the best choice for food… so i don’t also choose this method for flavors too… just a dry dark place, in temp room imho works great without problems and in practice never had problems with this method… but that’s just my opinion…

what shelf date for flavours?
i can’t understand your question… if you ask when they expire… as far i know the average expiration date for flavors is like 2 years where they’re stored in a proper way… though i never had flavors for that long… i usually recycle the flavors i use mostly, when i want to try a new recipe i buy as much as i need and if i like the result i buy higher quantities but in any case i am trying always to find a good use for everything fast… so i don’t really have an answer here…

gl and hf :slight_smile:


I have never kept my flavors in a refrigerator, I just keep them in my “lab”, covered when not in use

Most of my flavors are years old. While I cannot speak to an actual shelf life, mine have been on these shelves for 2-4 years. My oldest flavors still hold the same quality as when I first bought them… 4 years ago.

I can’t say what is causing your issue, but if you are having the same result with more than 1 flavor, I would say they problem lies elsewhere. Could you have a flavor that’s bad, sure. Could all your flavors be bad, highly unlikely.

I can only speak for my flavors, for which I have well over 1000, all different companies, all different production dates, all stored in my room, in closed boxes (when not in use)

I also live(d) on the tropical island of Siesta Key, where humidity and temperatures are high. Still never had an issue or dip in quality.

Just my 2 pennies :slight_smile:


I was just about to ask where the rest of your concentrates where LOL.

@Adam89 I assume you have other flavors besides FA? This has happened only to your FA concentrates?
Ok, you say that you bought them 3 months ago and they just went bad all of a sudden? Could there be someone in your family that is playing a trick on you? I must say, this is very interesting, I hope you let us know, when you find out what is going on.


If you insist in keeping flavors in a fridge, keep them in a dedicated fridge for your flavors and/or other e-liquids. There are multiple microbial cultures living in fridges with food and contamination is a real thing. Also with food fridges, you get many temperature fluctuations which can cause condensation.
If you don’t have your separate fridge for your liquids, it’s probably better to keep your flavors in a cool and dark place. “Cool and dark” does not necessarily mean something needs to be refrigerated. It’s more important that it’s kept in a place that is dark, doesn’t exceed room temperature and has a fairly constant temperature.


I couldn’t agree more on this! This is why I don’t keep anything in a fridge, plus I haven’t noticed any benefits vs cool/dark.

@Dan_the_Man. That picture doesn’t do justice, but there’s 1100 flavors in that there setup :slight_smile:


Do you store eliquid in room temp too?

I also had problem with e-liquid going bad in fridge, after just a month in it (30 days outside/steeping – cool taste, 10 days in +5C - same, 20 days - same, 30 days – terrible)… turning SOUR (un-vapeable! goto: trash! :smiley: )…

so maybe room temp is as good for (steeped) liquids as it is for flavors.
Question is just - for how long… (long term storage)

ps. liquid was combo of fruit + tobacco.
Tobacco flavors are cool without anything/solo… but i like to experiment :slight_smile:


Yeah I do. I have this huge cabinet with a fold down door, where I keep all my liquids. I keep them all in amber/cobalt bottles and I have never had any issues. The only thing I keep in a freezer, is my nicotine. I just broke into a bottle that has been in the freezer for 3 years now. The nicotine is still clear, odorless and “fresh”.

As @anon28032772 mentioned, I never wanted to risk condensation, fridge odors or any of that. As long as the product is good when you buy it, you would be surprised how long it lasts sitting on a shelf. Just as long as that shelf isn’t in direct sunlight, you should be fine.

I’m actually shocked with some of the liquid and flavors I still have! I have a bottle of liquid that is years old, and outside of a dip in flavor, it hasn’t gone off at all. Same with my concentrates. I think simple is better. Too much moving in and out of coolers, freezers, and storage, will degrade them faster, in my opinion.

Again I’m not saying you can’t store them in a cooler, just that I don’t see the point, given my experience :slight_smile:


Cooling liquids, whether they’re flavors or e-liquids, isn’t a problem per se. You might get some separation of the ingredients and formation of crystals (usually maltol), but that’s nothing a good shake in room temperature can’t fix.
The problem is the condensation and contamination with other stuff in the fridge.

Just store everything in a cool dark place and you’ll have the least amount of worries with stuff going bad. There are plenty people who hear they should put stuff in the fridge and then things go bad.
If your place is often above 25C/77F, you should look for some kind of cooling method. I usually recommend to put stuff in the basement or a cooled wine storage (warmer than a fridge).


Is there a way to avoid that condensation and contamination?
Pretty much - no, other than dedicated fridge? :slight_smile:

(Of course that I cant afford dedicated fridge. And wherever I put it, something is near. No matter how sealed bottles are. Plus, yeah, I often pick it up and change of T occurs. I also use it, so more air comes into the bottle as eliquid levels drop. Unfortunatelly, basement isnt an option too, since its not there. Whats even worse, I live in a loft… inside T is 30’ now.)

Well… I have to say goodbye to fridge. And hope that both bases and liquds and flavors can survive at least 6 months (which would be enough time to spend 500ml - 1L of liquid) in a dark place @ 25 - 30’C.

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#airCondition :smiley:

…but it doesn’t work 24/7…

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Yeah, AC would do the trick… it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth keeping at least a single room cooled 24/7.

I’m not sure about what options you have in warmer climates. I know on discord (chat text/voice) there’s a guy in Thailand, Iumentum. Maybe ask him how he keeps his liquids good.