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@Jetz This thread is an appoved vendor thread for Flavrz Flavors out of Australia…


In recent times, there has been some confusion surrounding the concepts of Flavour Shots and One Shots in the vaping community. To address this confusion, we have prepared a guide to provide a clear understanding of these products and how they are used. This guide aims to explain the differences between Flavour Shots and One Shots, as well as offer recommendations on their usage to ensure optimal vaping experiences.

  1. Flavour Shots: Flavour Shots are reminiscent of Dark Star, a popular product from the UK. With Flavour Shots, you purchase a bottle containing concentrated flavoring. To prepare your e-liquid, simply add your desired nicotine strength and fill the rest of the bottle with vegetable glycerin (VG) up to the shoulder level. Flavour Shots are designed to work well with VG ratios ranging from 50% to maximum VG.

It is worth noting that some confusion arises due to variations in nicotine strengths used in different regions. In Australia, New Zealand, and even some parts of the USA, nicotine strengths of 100mg/ml or 200mg/ml are common. On the other hand, in the UK, nic shots at 20mg/ml are prevalent. While using higher nicotine strengths adds more propylene glycol (PG) to the mix, Flavour Shots are formulated to accommodate ratios ranging from 50% VG to maximum VG.

  1. One Shots: One Shots are similar to Flavour Shots, but with a key difference: they come in larger bottles containing 60ml or 120ml of concentrated flavoring. These bottles essentially represent a complete recipe of flavor concentrates. To mix your e-liquid using a One Shot, follow the same process as you would for a single flavor in a recipe. The recommended flavoring percentage for One Shots is typically around 15%, especially when using rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) or rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs). However, if you prefer a stronger flavor or wish to incorporate additional elements such as cooling agents or sweeteners, you have the flexibility to adjust the flavoring accordingly.

Considering that many vapers use One Shots as a substitute for creating their own recipes or in combination with commercial juices, we generally recommend a flavoring percentage of 25-30%. This range accounts for the preferences of the majority of users and ensures a satisfying vaping experience.

  1. Pod Systems: For pod systems, it is crucial to select appropriate VG/PG ratios to avoid coil burnout and extend the longevity of coils and pods. We recommend using e-liquids with a 50/50 or 60/40 VG/PG ratio for pod systems. We have observed that users transitioning from disposable devices often face issues with coil burnout, which can be mitigated by following our recommended ratios.

Conclusion: In summary, Flavour Shots and One Shots offer convenient ways to enjoy a variety of flavors in your vaping experience. Flavour Shots provide concentrated flavoring that can be mixed with nicotine and VG, while One Shots offer complete recipes in larger bottles. By understanding the recommended usage percentages and selecting appropriate VG/PG ratios for pod systems, you can enhance your vaping experience and maximize the longevity of your coils and pods.

We hope this guide has provided clarity on Flavour Shots and One Shots. Enjoy experimenting with flavors and finding your preferred vaping experience!

Addendum: Recommended Flavor Ripening or Steeping Time

In addition to understanding the differences between Flavour Shots and One Shots, it’s important to mention the recommended flavor ripening or steeping time. This process allows the flavors to blend and mature, resulting in a more pronounced and well-rounded taste. While some flavors may be enjoyable immediately after mixing, others benefit from a designated ripening period.

  1. Fruity Flavors: For e-liquids that contain primarily fruity flavors, it is generally recommended to allow a ripening time of 24 hours. This timeframe allows the flavors to meld together, resulting in a more vibrant and authentic fruit taste. However, it’s worth noting that individual preferences may vary, and some vapers may find the flavor satisfactory even without an extended steeping period.
  2. Creamy Flavors: When dealing with e-liquids that incorporate creamy flavors, it is advisable to allocate a longer ripening time. Creamy flavors often require a period of 48 to 72 hours to fully develop and attain their desired richness. During this time, the flavors harmonize, creating a smoother and more indulgent vaping experience. Patience is key when steeping creamy e-liquids to achieve the optimal flavor profile.

Remember, the recommended ripening or steeping times are guidelines to enhance the flavors, but they are not absolute rules. Some vapers may prefer a shorter or longer steeping time based on personal taste preferences. It is always recommended to try the e-liquid after the recommended ripening period and adjust accordingly to find the flavor profile that suits your palate best.

Please keep in mind that steeping time may vary depending on the specific e-liquid brand and flavor concentrate used. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations for steeping times provided with the Flavour Shots or One Shots.

We hope this additional information on recommended flavor ripening or steeping time assists you in achieving the most satisfying vaping experience possible. If you have any further questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


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The challenge I have with flavor shots is that my taste buds are easily bored, so I doubt I will be mixing up 200ml, especially something I’ve never tried before.

I assume the solution is to mix a smaller recipe without additional flavors and use just the flavor shot as the PG portion. Then adjust the PG/VG ratio for preference of flavor strength. (or use the flavor shot as an added flavor, but at a higher percentage)


Always appreciated for the time and effort, including @Gazza7 or anyone else that would like to share their views, agree Caramel Dough is one of those flavours great to make a recipe and being a single flavour concentrate, well ours they enable you to push them in different directions within a recipe. Though would point out Caramel Cream Flavour Flavrz - Flavour concentrates Australia NZ reivew from Pinkness who tests a lot of commercial flavours etc. Though not at the extent that @sessiondrummer does or to the ninth degree.


You’re welcome @Jetz.

Very agreed. @Gazza7 is putting up some GREAT tasting results.



Thanks a lot for sharing that @Jetz !!!


taste is subjective, i get that

but iv tried flavours from all sorts of brands, from one shots to long fills to concentrates from house brands to name brands and i only vape fruit, for the most part with fruit you can shake and vape 90% of them and they will taste better after a couple of days but they taste fine on mixing day as well

so i ordered 3 flavours from this company

1 x flavour shot - Strawberry bro
2 x one shots - Fuji apple, strawberry , nectarine and Mount Fuji - strawberry, fuiji apple, apples and peach i think

all three of them taste the same, heavily muted even when mixed at the vendor specified 30%, i used two different test devices, a pod style device with adjustable airflow running 30w-40w and a DL low sub ohm tank running about 60 watts

I’m not sure if he’s got a bunk batch or something but iv seen a similar review elsewhere, it basically tastes like nothing … tastes like base mix pg/vg / nicotine and the tiniest bit of flavouring to the point i can’t make out any of the fruits or what i am vaping

tastes fine off the hand, smells good but it doesn’t seem to translate through PG/VG and vaping reminds me of the old days of vaping in 2009-2012ish when they were still figuring flavours out and how they work with vaping

am i missing a trick here? also iv tried emailing this vendor to no success i had an error in my order as well they sent me one of my bottles as an ice version when i ordered normal i have adverse lung and throat reactions to most cooling so can’t really use it

if someone know a trick to make this stuff taste better i am all ears, if not this is my honest review and i can provide proof of purchase to the admins if needed