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FLV Virginia Tobacco Duplicated

Ok. So Virginia its the clear one… I must emphasize the flavor difference… no doubt they are completely different flavors.

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I would kick this to Nicotine River first for resolution. If you do not get a timely response, kick it to Flavorah. If indeed that bottle is mislabeled, I’m sure Flavorah would like to know what’s happening at the bottling location. :confused:


Yeah, may be a would, thing is, I’m in Uruguay, it is quit an adventure to get my stuff here, at least take a month traveling and dodging customs and so on and so forth,its not worth the hassle, besides Im not capable of returning the wrong one :man_shrugging:. At least I know which one is Virginia Tobacco, the other one taste almost exactly as Native and Red burley.

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Have you tasted the lighter color one? I typically get some green’ish leafy hay notes and a slightness. Which is also why I mix it with Fuji Apple fa and icecream.

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If anyone has doubts, please feel free to direct contact @Flavorah via a phone call or email.
The guys can sort it all out. I have not had any issues with mine… I hold a 60ml one from 4 yrs ago and it’s blacker than my coffee. (Found it as I was sorting flavors out today)
Not week or anything, I use it the same as a fresh one, lighter colored, glass bottle.


NO, not yet, I made a tobacco recipe with the dark one, so I have to do it again with the real Virgina, I tried (licked) it and yes, kind of greenish as you said, a bit floral as well, very nice by the way, the other one taste super earthy and complex, just as red burley


Well, the bad news is that maybe neither one is what the printed label says is the contents of the bottle… You should have no confidence whatsoever that one is labeled correctly and one is not. Since they are from a re=packer that obviously was not paying enough attention to allow for mislabeling in some fashion the two samples you have, there is no reason not to believe that perhaps they mixed up and mislabeled them entirely from the entire total number of possible bulk products that they drew from. In this case the possible roulette combinations from a random mix up of various labels from any one of the over 12 Flavorah tobacco syth products is a real possibility that you should be cautious about.

You are on the right track to ignore the suspect labels and to let your tastebuds be your guide. Do some careful SFT on them and compare your SFT results with notes of the flavor profile from known good samples. I once received a lot of known good samples packed by Flavorah and posted my SFT notes HERE.

For example here are my SFT notes from the two you might (but might NOT) have in your hands. Does this sound like what you have there?

Somewhat Dry , an almond like nutty smoky body with predominate overtones of sweet molasses. There are some vanilla top notes and an overall very smooth character.

Virginia Tobacco FLAVORAH
Slightly Dry with a mild flavor intensity. This is a very good synth imitation of a Light RYO Virginia. A light just barely sweet natural honey top note. it has subtle butterscotch natural tobacco undertones of a real Virginia. With a bit of nuttiness supporting the entire profile.

An original factory packed bottle should have this type of peel-away label:

Also FYI: Some other posters commented to you that color changes can occur with the synthetic chemistry of food flavorings. That is incorrect.

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Thank you for the input. this is not the first time something like that happened. I had an horrible experience with rainbowvapes co uk, the y mislabeled a couple of flavors and send half of my order wrong. So, took months to figure that out. I purchase FLV in original bottle if I can, luckly, one of the two is an original 15ml, as you pointed out, with the peel out label, that’s why I have two 15ml bottle instead on one 30ml, they sent the last original bottle and other generic re-packaged 15

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well, they both appears to be original FLV bottles… :thinking:
trust me , the taste absolutely different, the black one taste earthy as red Native or Burley, The clear one taste like nothing I have, its lighter and greenish, floral, (To my poor taste buds)

I also have
red Burley (original glass 15ml),
kentucky blend (original new plastic 15ml),
connecticut shade(original new plastic 15ml),
native tobacco (original new plastic 15ml),
cured tobacco (original new plastic 15ml)
all purchased in bullcityflavors


Well, it sounds like you are interested in tobacco !
I have a suggestion for you:
Why not just make your own extracts from real tobacco leaf?
You can obtain the cultivars of the ones you list above from HERE
They ship international.

If you insist on going the route of “industrial synthetic chemistry” I would suggest you try the products of INAWERA. They also ship internationally direct from a factory owned and controlled distributor (you will have no issues, they are very reliable). They supply tobacco absolute type extracts among many other tobacco products. They understand the tobacco world and, in my opinion, they are the best supplier of these types of synthetic and semi-synthetic tobacco flavorings.

yes, I see your picture that shows what appears to be genuine bottles and labels. As per a previous post here in this thread by @Kinnikinnick you must proceed to contact the supplier directly.

As i am sure you have already pondered you have to ask “what are my vaping goals working with tobacco?” . If you are looking for correct flavor taste experiences, then you will have to change your approach.

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Yes Sr. I am interested. I’m new to vaping, almost 3 years and 1 year on DIY, but it is incredible difficult to get my stuff into my country, where the government outright banned vaping since 2009, not even a 18650 batt is allowed, but you can sneak stuff from time to time with a lil help from friends…

I’m waiting for my firs NET (cuban black leaf cigar) to steep.

by the way… you are absolutely right about INAWERA … I can’t wait to try them all … so far I tried AM4 , and it is delicious, not much tobacco here, but I love it. Netx,i will “import” Dirty Neutral base , clack for pipe and tobacco absolute cuuban cigar.


not to de-rail the subject here, but I was curious about your location so went to Wikipedia to read what they say and found this:

Uruguay is regarded as one of the most socially advanced countries in Latin America. It ranks high on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues. The Economist named Uruguay “country of the year” in 2013, acknowledging the policy of legalizing the production, sale and consumption of cannabis.

(Warning_Rant Follows:) It is just beyond understanding what the nerve is that “vaping” has touched around the world, it is beyond understanding what this odd gut reaction and repulsion is to tobacco harm reduction.

It seems to bear no relation to general population IQ, economic success of the population, or any other standard of measurement. It is just a blind fear reaction across many otherwise very advanced societies.

One of the contributers to this forum, @Raven-Knightly used the phrase “celebrations of collective weaponized ignorance” … see the thread Let's see what tomorrow brings! (CA, state wide flavor ban)

(Rant Over…)


:joy: I appreciate your warnings, very kind of you.

But seriously, I would say that Uruguay “WAS” 50% of what you read, and I’m very proud of many thing our society still to this day manage to keep in good shape, politically speaking. It is almost impossible to talk about this subject without get political, and I wouldn’t risk get banned so early from this forum. To summarize, to me that article is BS, but depends on who you ask.


Nobody knows why vaping is banned in Uruguay, the government via executive power, without any explanation whatsoever, almost secretly prohibited any commercial activity , imports, sales , advertising etc etc etc , and without any reason other than “it is fraudulent, no good for tobacco cessation”, and that’s it. . Nowadays , they say it is unknown risk involved, and we don’t want to undo all the progress we made against smoking etc etc in propaganda articles posted in the media … There’s no debate, no challenge, no media talking about it.nothing. it is an invisible topic despite thousands of people are starting vaping each month last couple of years (smugling)

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"Sanitary Police" of the State

Here is a Spanish to English translation of Uruguay’s 2009 e-cigarette system component regulation (translated from the original document in Spanish here).

This April 4, 2019 article in “The Sun” identifies the countries currently forbidding e-cigs, and states:

The main reason for most of these countries putting restrictions in place is a 2008 report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which highlighted their concerns about e-cigarette use.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/KH-COMPOSITE-MAP-TRAVEL-VAPE-BANNED-ARTICLE-2.jpg

Interesting to see Egypt (where tobacco-based Hookah smoke-ables are used extensively) perhaps influenced by a “Big Hookah” lobby protecting those markets ? Any posters who live in Egypt around ?

Here is a more in-depth BMJ study of public policies in existence at the time of its publishing (in 2016).


Ironically (given dangers associated with the high temperatures involved in combustion of plant materials), Cannabis use has been legal in Uruguay since 2013. It appears that - if no electronic heating element(s) are involved - combustion of Cannabis (or anything else, for that matter) treated in some way with Nicotine would appear to be fully allowed. Such legal loopholes might possibly spark the industrious imagination ! :sunglasses:

Likely “splitting hairs” regarding the difference between “smoking” and “vaping” would be futile ? However, note that Article 1 (of Uruguay’s regulation above) only forbids “electronic smoking devices”, and Article 2 only forbids “Any accessory or item intended for use in any electronic device for smoking is included in the prohibition”. A “reasonable person” might, upon reading this regulatory language, assume that it would be legal to (albeit more harmfully) “combust” away ! The wise, all-knowing “sanitary police” at work … :nerd_face:

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so … no logical explanation needed. Basically, Tobacco industry and Uruguayan government are partners, the share the revenue and protect their monopoly of the nicotine products market. That’s the reality. Despite the fact that here we were one of the first in the region on banning smoking on public spaces and close environments public or private, which by the way I applaud and support, being a smoker most of my life. So, nothing is black and white. The devil is in the details.
There’s no other product on the market banned without any research whatsoever only based on the premise that “it is not effective” … that’s completely ridiculous


It is understandable (but not as a result justifiable) that governments wish to place the “burden of proof” (that some particular product or substance is “safe” and/or “effective”) upon those who manufacture, distribute, and possess such things. So much easier to default to prohibition (placing the burden of proof on others) than to engage in analyses that (might, possibly) convincingly show any such “dangers” or “ineffectiveness”. As we know, there exists no dearth of data these days regarding dangers of inhalation of combusted plant material products. Thus, it may likely be monetary interests (and not health and safety) that “wins the day”.

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Hey @Trooper1 and @50YearsOfCigars,

It is possible that you have a miss labeled bottle of Virginia Tobacco. @Smokeyblue and others are correct that a flavor can turn darker with time (think of an apple after taking a bite), but FLV Virginia Tobacco will stay a dark green, versus brown. Also, the flavor profiles should be very distinct and different between FLV Red Burley and FLV Virginia, so if it smells different, then it is different.

We (Flavorah) have a distributor opening up in Uraguay that might be able to help you get a replacement. We are happy to facilitate that, so please send me a PM and I will connect you!

@50YearsOfCigars, I appreciate your objective reviews and advice. It is nice to get feedback from somebody like you who has a strong palett for NETs. As you know, all of our tobacco flavors are made without tobacco. This is an important distinction for a company that manufactures in the USA because the tobacco extracts are not considered “food grade” or GRAS, and those are standards that we must maintain. A couple US companies use Tobacco absolutes borrowed from the cologne scents, and that works albeit by essentially using a sub-par NET. Before the US FDA began trying to ban ejuice, we had some beautiful NETS in R&D. One early reviewers feedback was that they were dangerously good, and would probably lead him back to smoking analogs, so we pivoted to keep our entire line of flavoring tobacco free.


Yeah ya did! :wink: From first hand experience, I can say, it’s too bad FLV couldn’t have taken that NET to market; would have been real jewels in the crown of FLV’s tobacco offerings. :confused:


Thank you @Flavorah… for the good news of yet another distributor and for responding…

You are fab!! :smile:


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