Let's see what tomorrow brings! (CA, state wide flavor ban)

If you not making your own juice, or enjoy a specific commercial juice, might want to stock up on it today. I don’t have to be a medium or future teller, or paranormal abilities to know the outcome, even tho the vote is not till tomorrow :roll_eyes:

For ppl interested, source here:

For everyone not in CA, enjoy it while it lasts.


Sh!t time to stock up. I live in San Diego :frowning:


I know. I live in sac. and probably going to attend that bs tomorrow, if I don’t feel still sick.

It’s important, hence I thought sharing it will give you guys heads up.


“that would completely ban the sale of non-tobacco flavored vaping products.”

If passed, I wonder if NR will be holding a sale? :exploding_head:


Not just NR but LB and others , so many vape related businesses in Cali. You would think that a state with such a horrible reputation for the budget they would be a bit smartet than banning something that could potentially bring the state a nice chunk of tax dollars .


@River_Supply_Co how will this bill affect you and other businesses like you ? Is there a plan to move to a close state or is this just for " finished eliquid " …


I do think it time to act and have every person who vapes ( legal age ) march on their state capitals on the same day at the same time , wouldnt that be great …


Yeah, great idea but no one would able to see anything except a giant cloud moving down the street!


Unfortunately it is too soon to have a definite opinion of this situation. Of course, we’d prefer for it not to pass, but as of this moment we will have to see the outcome and will proceed with a stance on the topic from there.


I agree.

If passed, I believe It’s mostly on getting re-elected as a supporter of “Saving the children”


I heard no nicotine eliquid isn’t classified as a tobacco product there? No idea if true.
I’m in canada so far the government is playing wait and see but we are starting to see save the children studies propaganda.
I honestly didn’t expect this kind of pushback in the states
San Fran and now all of CA which is were so many liquid producers are located makes me worried.


It’ll get like the prohibition era… back to homebrew?


Isn’t that what this forum is all about? :smiley:


Not sure, but I doubt it. I mean even RTA’s, mods, cotton bacon all have the stupid nicotine warning even though they don’t have any. wtf


I can’t see the concentrate level of DIY being affected…They are used for more than vaping…food…dessert…drinks…ice creams…

the only thing we have to worry about is the sale of nicotine…the woman i know that owns a vape shop was telling me in a news letter she got…the FDA wants u to register with them an appl for a permit to buy nic…we will apply…send in a copy of photo i.d an what ever they ask for…
Now when u purchase nic …u will use the assigned number on the permit the FDA issued you…then send a pic of photo id also to vender…which will stay on file with them…

i also thot she said that there may be a cost to apply with FDA…like 25.00 …but did not say if there was an expiration date …

whats going on in Cali will have a snow ball effect…not just across the USA …but i bet other countries will follow…

this will put mot vapes shops out of buiness in cali…I think the vendors there will be able to sell e juce online…but not to any who resides in Cali…

Some vendors wont even ship to some states because of a hi tax they have…some are listed on vendors sites…

I dont think NR …LB an others will be hurt as they are in a flavor buisness…not e liquids…Nic may be thier only concern…

be ready for an upwards battle in the future…they wont stop here…


It’s actually funny they use studies that “prove” a youth vaping epidemic and blame flavors when there are studies showing most of that demographic are using JUULs
probably because it’s accessible which dosen’t have those candy-like labels.
I have seen studies showing only .5% of highschoolers who never smoked are actually vaping.
Also recently watched a good video by veritasium that shows some strategys
used to get a study publicly published because apparently it’s worse to not be published then
to have a failed study. So peer-reviews be damned


So did you go? Any news on what happened would be great. I’m about ready to break out the vape apocalypse calculator.


It seems the bill is moving forward to the next phase from what I read … Personally im not worried about getting flavors , vg , or PG in the future . Nicotine is going to be the product DIY mixers may have to worry about … I feel for Cali and the rest of the USA , what happened to freedom…


The Guberment bought it with “free shit”.


Sorry for the late response, but I was a bit upset last night. So let me just give you the short answer, and then elaborate a bit on why we should be worried. If anyone is interested, if not, just stop reading after the next sentence lol.

Yes the bill passed. (it’s california, did you expect something else?)

Now let me start here, to no time was flavoring by itself, pg, vg and nicotine a discussion point of this bill. Therefore irrelevant. The problem of this bill is and was the local businesses as well as online sales (in and going out of CA).

S38 the bill that just passed and is on it’s way to the governor (yes I know there is some steps in between, but it’s just paper trail) just need to be signed and again it’s california, we know that this will be done.

That means, every local store (not just vape stores) will have to remove all flavored products that falls under the tobacco categorie. This includes not only flavored juices but also cigars, cigarettes and so on. There will be nothing sold that tastes anything different than tobacco (pure tobacco that is).

This is a huge issue for the local stores but we didn’t stop there of course. The next bill which was also introduced right with it, is S39 and of course makes even less sense but here we go.

S39 does allow the online sale of these products (in and outside the state) BUT if you have it delivered to your door, you do need to check the option that states “Age certification and photo ID required, signature required”. In most cases a lot of vendors do offer that option, but it increase the shipping cost, hence if the day of “good” deals will be over because you will have to calculate at least a $10 extra shipping charge if not higher, depending on the vendor.

Now we all could say that this isn’t so bad, and I agree, it could have been worse because at the end of the day we can all still DIY and get our stuff online. Let me stop you here, because right after this hearing, San Francisco published their new agenda, it didn’t come to a surprise, because during our hearing here Sacramento not only once but twice has it been mentioned during the speech, that the end goal is the full ban of everything (vape related).

With that said, here is what SF then proposed. It’s prohibited to in/export any kind of vaping device (mods, tanks, rdas, and whatever else falls in that category), any kind of eliquid (doesn’t matter if flavored, unflavored, tobacco, with nicotine, without it) and the removal of the Juul headquarters down in SF. (Hearing will be in a couple of weeks I believe)

Now if you read this it does make you laugh, it did make me laugh too for one second, because this is so ridiculous that I thought they are joking. And of course, I could be like so many people and say it doesn’t effect me, because that’s just for the city itself.

That’s right, but since we know even that will pass, it’s the end goal. After SF will pass their “new city laws” it’s just a matter of time till this will get pushed for the whole state. Do they get away with it? Maybe, maybe not, but to be quite honest it shouldn’t even gotten as far as it has already. But having seen the bs that was discussed and the way it was discussed, why am I even surprised.

If that ever becomes a point, then we will have to worry about containing nicotine due to the “legal” channels/vendors but by that time, you will also have to find a way of obtaining mods unless you want to vaporize your juice with a lighter :wink:

I am not sitting here and predicting dooms day, but if people don’t start to wake up and just say things like “it doesn’t affect me, I don’t have to be worried” etc, this will one day back fire really badly. Till then, I guess we can enjoy the higher priced shipping costs on vaping products brought and shipped out of the state, because I guess at least that’s still an option for a couple of months.