FOF Plus Disposable Review

I was so sure to never write a disposable review, but there are cases where they are the only fallback if you want to stay of the cigarettes. And here I am, writing about the FOF plus.

I bought the device by myself, so you can be sure, I am unbiased.

First let’s go a little bit into the specs:
Liquid capacity: 2.5 ml
Nicotine: 50 mg/ml
Coil resistance: 1.6 Ohm
Weight: 30 Gramm
Size: 82 mm x 14 mm diameter
Battery capacity: 400/500 mAh
Mostly advertised number of puffs: 600 (1 vendor 800)

These are all vendor specs from a short online research. I didn’t have the equipment to verify any of them.

The disposable comes in a Cellophane wrapped carton box with a band to tear it open.

Inside there’s the disposable sealed in plastic. Opening it you see a silicone plug on the drip tip and a silicone cover on the bottom as protection against accidentally activating the pull mechanism.

The body seams to be a stainless steel anodized pipe with a pom whistle style drip tip. The bottom is just a melted in plastic cover with a led in it and an airflow opening of approximately 1mm in it.

How does it perform?

The draw is a 3 out of 10, I would compare it to the draw (not the flavor) of an open Kayfun Lite. The resistance is quite nice, so not bad from that point of view.

As mentioned it is pull activated and the LED at the bottom lights up in white when you take a puff.

Vapor production matches what you can expect from a 1.6 Ohm MTL coil, so relatively stealthy.

When it comes to the number of puffs you can get out of it, there’s a negative surprise. I got with 2 second pulls only 193 puffs out of it. Thereof the last 40 puffs where missing flavor.

Theoretically with half a second puffs you could come somewhere to the advertised number…

If we speak about flavor, it was actually not bad given the device. I didn’t get the impression its liquid was overflavored nor with a lot of sweetener. But there’s a lot of cooling in it. If you can’t stand cooling stay away, this is quite icy.

The Iced Watermelon I used for the test matches quite well an 8-10% CAP Double Watermelon with 2% WS-23.

I think overall I could give it a 5 out of 10 for flavor, really good given the size and price.

The mentioned nicotine level seemed about right from my impression, since it was not harsh it’s for sure a nic salt at that level. So nothing bad to report on that part.

Small size
Pull activated
Good flavor

Overall number of puffs → Battery capacity small
Not rechargeable
Environmental impact as any disposable

It’s a stealthy solution for occasions where you just want to go with something small which keeps you going. Flavor wise I was positively surprised, not in a way that I would change any piece of my vape gear against it, but not as bad as I would have expected.

I hope you enjoyed this review.


Just a little update: I had a second disposable and the number of puffs was in the same range while the flavor was a little bit disappointing, maybe due to the fact I had the same flavor profile in another device.


enjoyed your review on the FOF Plus. I was actually using FUF puffs until last week, when I ran into a frustrating issue. The flavor just suddenly dropped off, almost like it got super diluted out of nowherem so it pissed me of, but I was buying it only for the banana ice flavor…

anyone know any similar disposables with such deep flavor?