Freemax Mesh Pro review by Mjag...Sugar lips?

Thanks once again for taking the time to view my review of the Freemax Mesh Pro which was sent directly from


  • 25mm Diameter at the base, 28mm at the airflow ring
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity (Actually 8ml with the right coil and glass combo)
  • Optional 5mL & 4mL Juice Capacity - Slimmer Profile
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction with Resin
  • Mesh Pro Coil System
  • Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil - Rated for 40-70W
  • Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil - Rated for 60-90W
  • Kanthal Triple Mesh 0.15ohm Coil - Rated foor 80-110W
  • SS316L Single Mesh 0.12 Coil - Rated for 400°F - 550°F
  • Convenient Push-Slide Top Fill Design
  • Dual Bottom Adjustable Airflow Control
  • 18mm Widebore 810 Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection


  • Mesh Pro Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil
  • 1 Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil
  • 1 Replacement Pyrex Glass
  • Set of Replacement O-Rings
  • User Manual

Getting to know the Mesh Pro

The Mesh Pro comes on the heels of the popular Fireluke Mesh and original Fireluke, it is sort of a cross between the 2 with some improvements. It has more in common with the original Fireluke and the coils are compatible, not compatible with the smaller Fireluke Mesh.

Original Fireluke on the left with dual mesh coil and the Mesh Pro on the right with the originals RBA installed to show compatibility. The original also used a proprietary drip tip cover, the new Mesh Pro uses a 810 drip tip and has a inner o’ring so both friction fit and TFV style 810 all work.

The Mesh Pro also adds a new slide top refill design with a vent hole which helps in filling.

The BIG difference is with the coils, 4 all new mesh coils. As you can see the Mesh Coils are compatible with the Fireluke Tank, Mesh Pro and Fireluke Pro Tank.

Performance and coil differences

I was fortunate enough to get multiple Mesh Pro Tanks so I could test multiple coils at the same time. I used the same juice in each so I could compare the flavor.

The single coil kanthal was up first and the performance is what you would expect, good but needs a little time to break in. Compared to other single mesh coils like the Fireluke Mesh and Falcon mesh coil it was good but maybe a little less flavorful.

The single SS316L coil was much the same but I found it to really open up in TC mode where it thrived for me. Found it a little better than the Kanthal version in TC mode and closer to the other single coil mesh.

Double and Triple coil is where the fun began, talk about sugar lips after a short break in. The difference in performance was phenomenal for me between the single coils vs the double and triple. They don’t really open up until about 75 watts for the Double and 85 watts for the Triple but there conservatively rated, I could easily take the Double to 150 watts and the wicking really keeps up. The flavor is one of the best I have gotten from a sub ohm tank, maybe a touch better from the Triple than the Dual but it is close.

If you used the Original Fireluke you may have had the same experience as I did with the multi core coils, it was easy to get dry hits and the power specs where overstated. Well Freemax listened and redesigned the Dual and Triple to wick like a dream.

I of course had to compare the RBA section from the original Fireluke to the Double Mesh coil. I switched it up, put the RBA into the new Mesh Pro and put the Double Mesh coil into the original Fireluke. I have to say the RBA still has a performance edge for me but it is close and I can see some preferring the Dual or Triple coil.

I was interested in what the mesh looked like in the Triple coil so after 2 weeks of everyday use I pulled out one of the mesh cores.

A little gunked up but not bad for 2 weeks, really I could have went a little longer. The flavor did not fade that bad and I might have been able to squeeze a little more time from it.

Good looking tank

25mm at the metal base but the airflow control ring measures 28mm so keep that in mind.

Juice Capacity

Comes with 2 bubble glass, a 5ml and 6ml and there is an optional 4ml glass. The juice capacity depends on the coils though, with the regular glass and the dual coil I got 4.5ml but with the larger bubble glass and the single coil mesh I got 8ml in it. The larger the coil, the smaller the juice capacity.


  • Both friction fit and TFV style 810 drip tip compatible
  • Excellent flavor with the Dual and Triple Mesh coils
  • Coils compatible with the original Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks
  • Great juice capacity, from 4.5 to 8ml depending on coil and glass used
  • New slide top for refilling
  • Wicks like a champ and handles more power than rated


  • Single core mesh coils not as flavorful, still good but blown away by the Dual and Triple
  • Slide top is convenient but some wide twist top juice bottles can be a little messy

Final Thoughts

Freemax has been doing some excellent work, first with the Fireluke which I still use with the excellent RBA they include. Then they come out with the Fireluke Mesh which started the mesh coil revolution that has taken the industry by storm. With the Mesh Pro they have taken mesh coils to another level with the Dual and Triple, leading the industry at every step.

A little over half way through the year I think every other company is going to have a hard time topping the Freemax Mesh Pro, the best subohm tank I have tried so far. That is with the Dual and Triple mesh coils though, with the single coil it is good but falls into the pack of other fine mesh coil tanks. You really have to experience the flavor that comes out of the Dual and Triple Mesh coils, it is phenomenal and you will be licking your sugar lips.

The Freemax Mesh Pro is something that every vaper should experience, it is that good. It is really sensibly priced as well, I have seen it for $25 from a US dealer. The coils are also sensibly priced, have seen the mesh version for $12 in a 3 pack, I will be buying more Dual and Triples for sure. Keep in mind if you already own the original Fireluke or the Fireluke Pro you can use the new mesh coils in those tanks, no need to buy the whole tank.

Thanks to Freemax for sending me the Mesh Pro to review and for continuing to push the industry to another level. You can find more info here:

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


Who doesn’t love sugar lips!? Thanks for a good read sweets.


I know right…lol

Thank you sweetheart :hugs:

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Thanks for this review and the dissected view of the coil, very good information. it looks like they could design a little better wire configuration where the power goes through the wire and not have those wires sticking up. if the current is not passing through the wire won’t heat (much).
another fine review.


Thank you my friend.

I wondered about those wires sticking up as well. Not sure the reason but sure it works well.


I kinda think they need to be connected to another wire to complete a circuit, as they are I don’t think they do anything except hold the cotton I guess.


Yeah, that sounds about right, maybe to keep the coils cooler as well? It really isn’t that hot of a vape like you would expect at 85+ watts


I’d try something like this:



That looks good, wonder if that is what is in the dual, they may have had to decrease the size for the triple to meet the ohm they were looking for. I will take apart a double once the coil dies and will take apart one of the singles as well.

Edit: Just looked with a loop and the dual uses the same coil structure, the singles use more of a traditional mesh.


great review … keep them coming eventually ill start buying these products you keep MAKING me put in my To Buy list


Haha, thanks man. I haven’t seen too many written reviews on it yet, there are some YT reviews though but I tend to ignore those. I really expect this to be the subtank of the year thus far, hard to think another that will surpass it.