FreeMaX Starre Pure reviews

First I want to mention that…
I was announced as a winner of the contest on Oct 27 for the Fremax Starre Tank from @Heaven_Gifts. Four days later (October 31) I ordered 10 flavors from a flavor vendor in Durham, NC. The One in China had to be packaged, shipped and clear customs. The other just had to be packaged and shipped. They both arrived the same day Friday November 4, 2016. That is pretty good considering after clearing customs the package had to travel from the opposite side of the earth to make it to my door. Actual DHL shipping time was 3 days from them picking it up in China, to dropping it here at my door in Arkansas.
I received it with a signature, and found the package was a bubble lined envelope with the odd shaped box in it, well wrapped with more bubble wrap and clear tape. It was unscathed without a dent or scratch from the long trip.

The box is not square; it is tapered and is somewhat difficult to open. It does not have, but needs a pull strap like in battery compartments to open the box and to remove the plastic tank holder inside the box. There’s an instruction book, 9 spare O-rings in 5 sizes, and a spare glass under the tank in the box, and a spare coil with the tank. The glass is actually “high quality Borosilicate” which is known for having very low coefficients of thermal expansion making them resistant to thermal shock; more so than any other common glass from this planet. The tank is 25mm or almost 1” diameter, and 64.3mm or 2.53” tall. In other words it’s a big-un! Size wise it’s large but the capacity is still just 4ml the same as Crown and ULTIMO.

This tank is top fill only; when you unscrew the bottom of the tank the holes you see are the vent holes so don’t add juice to the bottom. I experienced no spit-back and the heat is warm but bearable when you vape it. If it is too warm you can change the tip with a standard 510 size mouthpiece. The instruction book is in English, but the translation is not perfect, Freemax should hire an alien to proofread their instruction booklet! :slight_smile:

The device was clean, no oil residue and the threads are good, no burrs. I noticed the 510 pin on the bottom of the tank is a tiny bit too long, it had a bit of a wobble and I added a shim between the tank and the mod .014” (0.35mm) to fix it. That is probably the length of the tanks pin, but it is so close it may fit other mods better.
Something I noticed with this tank my batteries seem to last longer, It may be the tank is more efficient so I can turn it down some and still get great vapor. Or it may be that I’m running it in VW mode instead of TC or VT mode and that may be why the batteries do better.

The coil design is Unique, where most coils have metal around the coil, this one has ceramic. They call it Ceramic Cover Coil or CCC, and it does work to help keep the tank cool but it still provides a quick startup when you press the fire button. The coil is a dual vertical Kanthal coil. The coil that is pre-installed is 0.25ohms so the low ohm coil also keeps the ramp up time short. The vapor density seems to be a little better than the crown running a NI 0.15ohm coil, and better than the ULTIMO running their 0.5ohm ceramic. And yes the ramp up is shorter on the Starre Pure than both. The instructions suggest Inverting the tank for a minute after filling it the first time. After that it took only a couple of minutes to work the coil up to operating wattage and temperature and start producing vapor, so I think it’s fairly fast to break-in and startup a new coil. The flavor is awesome and stays good even after the tank is almost empty. Other tanks I own seem to cook the juice and they don’t taste as good toward the bottom of the tank.

The airflow comes from the top through a double wall to an air chamber below the coil, then up through the center of the coil, so the air space also helps insulate between the coil and the juice. Other tank designs let the juice come into direct contact with metal on the outside of the coil; in my opinion Starre Pure has a much better design for the prolonged flavor of the juice. Also the coil diameter and the bore of the draw tube are large enough to accept a Q-tip so if your coil gunk’s up you can clean it without disassembly, just run a Q-tip down the bore.
Here is a look at the bottom cap and the coil after 4 days of constant use, the coil and cotton is still pristine. I do expect the cotton to burn in time but for now there is no sign of it happening. In this photo you can also see the vent holes and the threaded bottom cap that collects any leakage and condensation.

So the bottom line, this tank is technologically superior, great taste, no leaking and better than Crown and ULTIMO as far as flavor and vapor production. It is obviously made with stolen Alien technology. I highly recommend anyone wanting a great tasting tank with ceramic coils give this one a go. They put a lot of thought into an efficient device that runs cool with the design of this tank.


Ditto to all that you have said here! This is an awesome tank that has even more awesome flavor than I ever dreamed I would get from a coil that I didn’t build! I have had it since October 29th and I have been using it exclusively since then because I really want to see how long these coils last. The CCC coils are great. I am still on the first .25 ohm coil and it still tastes like the 1st day I had it! I vape a lot! I am a chain vaper! I have been using this tank with my RX200 (which I normally go through 1 and a 1/2 sets of batteries per day because I vape so much) and I normally fill the tank at least 6 to 8 times per day! I just looked at the coil and it still looks just as good as the 4 day old one you have in the picture above even with all the abuse it has suffered! No change to the coil, no gunk at all…the cotton is a tad bit darker, but I have also been using an Almond Joy recipe too, which is a rather dark juice that has been steeping since February! I love this tank! I highly recommend it!


great review sir, very informative and well put :wink: …kinda jealous I don’t have one now (sigh)

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Sweet review :thumbsup: Thanks for the info and the time.

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Mrs. Truth just had me order her one, it cost slightly less than $20.00 …but I think I got the last one at that price at


Looks like a great tank. Better reviewer. Nice job!


Here is a look at that coil after 12 days CONSTANT use

starting to discolor but no degradation of flavor yet

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Great review, thank you so much. I have heard nothing but good about this and wanted one…but it’s just way too big for me. I’m hoping they come out with an EU compliant 2ml so that I can get a smaller one. I’m not in EU, but I do prefer smaller, they aren’t as top heavy on a regular mod.

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This looks GREAT, Only problem for me is that I don’t think I can ever go back to buying coils


Like Cosmic Truth I won this tank as part of a competition done by @Heaven_Gifts on here and they asked me to post my thoughts on it, after testing it for a period of time. I hope Cosmic doesn’t mind me adding my review to his thread, but it saves clogging up the forum with reviews for the same product.

I would like to start by saying although I got this FOC my views are my own and not influenced by this…

The package was sent to me by DHL Express to here in the UK and arrived within 4 working days of being dispatched. I chose the Black Version to go with my Hcigar Nano Vt75. The tank comes in sturdy packaging which includes the tank, full set of spare o-rings, a replacement glass tube, instruction manual and 2 coils, a 0.25ohm installed and a spare 0.5ohm coil both in a ceramic casing (which means only suitable for VW vaping and not TC). The tank arrived very clean, with no obvious signs of machine oil or residue around the tank. After running it through the ultrasonic, I filled it for the first time and was really pleased to find the top with drip tip attached separates from the tank very easily and doesn’t loosen the other parts of the tank when you do so. It is a top fill design and has 2 big holes to enable you to do this. I have found closing the air hole off when doing this helps to prevent a small amount of liquid gathering under the coil connection and causing it to gurgle slightly, when vaping. This can prove problematic, if it happens, as there is no way of taking the bottom of that I have discovered, that won’t cause you to lose your remaining liquid in the tank, if you need to clean the bottom part of the tank, because of the gurgling. i.e. Once the bottom and the coil is removed, if you turn it upside down the remaining liquid will flood out of the drip tip.

The drip tip supplied is more than adequate and is made of Teflon it hasn’t got hot at all and have vaped both coils up to 70w. The flavour produced from the coils is excellent and although I have used both coils exclusively for the past 2 weeks, I have had no flavour drop off from either. But I have found the 0.5 ohm coils suits my style of vaping @ 50-55 Watts better. If you change flavour the new flavour comes through in 4-5 puffs and unless a really strong previous flavour, i.e. Peppermint or Anise, it leaves no aftertaste of the previous flavour.

The big boon for this tank though is, because of the top airflow design it is sold as leak proof and in my 2 weeks of using it, I haven’t had one leak, it has stayed dry on the outside all the time. No need for bits of tissue lying around because of liquid escaping from air holes or dodgy seals, this really is leak proof so far and that makes life so much easier. The only time I need to use tissue now is to clean the inside of the drip tip and just dry off the the top of the tank around the fill holes before replacing the top after each fill as a bit of moisture can gather round there when you have vaped a tank full.

I have 2 tanks I previously used in rotation for the past few months the Uwell Crown D1 and iJoy Tornado Nano and The Freemax Starre Pure beats the Uwell Crown D1 in all aspects imho. flavour reproduction, airflow, quantity of liquid held in tank, ease of filling and a better way of filling with less chance of liquid gathering underneath the coil whilst doing so.

I don’t think the Freemax beats the Tornado Nano on flavour, but because the Freemax doesn’t leak, it means I don’t have to a piece tissue with me at all times like I have to when using the Tornado Nano, it is a more practical tank for out and about and the slight compromise on flavour reproduction is worth it overall.

I really rate this tank for Direct Lung higher wattage vaping and would happily buy a second one in the future.

I would like to finish on some slightly negative points for this tank I have listed in the review. They shouldn’t detract from what is an excellent tank, but I always think it is important to highlight these sort of things when considering a purchase than just seeing a positive review.

. Due to the Ceramic Casing these are only suitable for VW vaping and not TC

. Remembering to close the airflow off when filling to stop small drops of liquid forming under the coil connection at base of tank

. It is a big tank diameter wise at 25mm so it won’t suit all devices and may have some overhang.

. My tank was absolutely solid where the chimney connects to the top to secure the glass part of the tank and no matter how much pressure, I applied I couldn’t take it apart for cleaning. Only by putting it in the ultrasonic cleaner in warm water was I able to do that. Once that initial seal has been broken though it comes apart easy every time now. If you can’t separate them though, although you can still wash the tank out, but you will not be able to dry it out properly, due to the top and base airflow structure not letting you get into the middle to the tank to dry it.

If you have managed to read to the bottom of this review, sorry for the lack of pictures, my phone camera isn’t the best, thought about doing a video, them remembered I have a face for radio and my Brummie accent would have most people switching off straight away. But clicking on the Heavengifts link has some excellent pictures of the tank fully assembled and broken down.


Very informative @bluenose63 :wink: :+1::ok_hand:

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Another excellent review, thank you so much!

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On tanks that have 2 holes in the top cap for filling (like Starre Pure) you can use ceramic needle nose pliers, or ceramic tweezers as a spanner tool to unscrew the parts, take the top cap off and insert the pliers or tweezers into the two fill holes one on each side, hold the bottom of the tank and turn the top cap by turning the tool by applying pressure slowly and carefully. after you get it apart be sure to use e juice to lubricate the threads and the O rings. ,

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The Ceramic coil (0.25 ohm) that was pre-installed in the tank is showing signs of wearing out, But it almost lasted a month (3 weeks 5 days). Here is what it looked like after 25 days constant use:

At that point it still tasted great but today It is giving a few intermittent dry hits. Vaping it at about 45 Watts.
Just the top part of the cotton is showing a little discoloration from the hot air hitting it, I plan on dissecting the coil and looking at the re-wicking possibilities because the ceramic and the coil itself looks great.

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Upon dissection we find this coil to be easily rebuilt!

Easier than a crown

I’ll perfect this and may never buy another coil!

There is the newly rebuilt coil in the bottom right corner of this pic.
The old coil is 5 wraps single + 3 wraps dual kanthal.8 wraps total.


got one from fasttech.the coils last a long time and very tasty flavour too.and does not leak.i have no problems screwing it on my sigelei has to rate very high indeed in the sub ohm tank is certainly the best non rta tank out there imo.

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I agree that this tank has Great flavor. It has the best flavor of any tank that I have ever tried. The only problem is that it will not keep up at very high watts at all. I get burnt hits all the time. I was using a Smok TFV8, which I also like, but the flavor from the Starre pure is better. I had to switch back to my Smok because no matter what I do, I am getting burnt hits on the Starre Pure. I even tried poking small pin holes in the wick, and that helps to wick it quicker. Flavor is great, first hit even, but after a couple days…burnt cotton taste! no matter what. Anyone have any ideas for this or a similar experience?

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When you take a vape tilt it a little and watch the square hole till a bubble forms and enters the juice in the tank, it just takes about 15 seconds or so then it’s reprimed.
It is also really easy to recoil and rewick:

you can build something just right to not burn.

@CosmicTruth are you familiar with the Ceramikas from Vapeston? I know the two companies are somehow related. I’m trying to find out it the pure and ceramikas coils will fit and work in the Maganus and freemax tanks

I think those were compatible with the starre pro, not the pure. I’m old and cant find that thread that they were discussed in.