From Baking to Vaping

I’m a huge dessert baking enthusiast and always looking for ways to turn real recipes into ones to be vaped. Some of my ideas and others that I’ve picked up, realized and not below. Would love your input, there’s no doubt some of the wonderful mixers here can do it better.

Buttermilk flavor is made my using whipped cream and 1 butter cream or golden butter. This tip was from FA while saying it wasn’t safe to vape their flavors in it so I went with TFA Whipped cream at 3% and Butter Cream at 1% (cap)

Meringue (FA) for Egg whites

Pie Crust Apple pie (CAP) 3% with Cookie FA 1%

Condensed milk .5% Condensed milk with .25% custard 1% Marshmallow all FA

Malted Milk 2% MM TPA and 2% Sweet Cream TPA

Amaretto: Marzipan (FA)

Sugar: Sucralose

caramelized sugar: Brown Sugar

Butter Hic suggested Almond, Vienna Cream, and Jamaican Rum to give a buttery taste after steep. Tried it and it works


People say Liquid Amber (FA) provides a nice “baked” effect on fruit flavors. Never tried it myself though.

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I only like buttermilk in 3 things. Pancakes, biscuits, and corn bread.
Color me redneck? hehehe
Maybe come up with a corn bread vape using Whipped Cream, Butter Cream, Sweet corn and Cake (Yellow)? LOL


Toc’s Sweet Buttermilk and Cornbread :

2% Biscuit (INAWERA)
1% Cream Fresh (FA)
1% Custard (FA)
1.2% Golden Butter (CAP)
1% Sweet Corn (HC)
3% Whipped Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 9.2%

LOL I threw this together last month but haven’t actually made it yet Brad you be the guinea pig (snort)

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hey you forgot buttermilk pie… there’s not a Southerner worth his salt that doesn’t love a good old fashioned buttermilk pie hahahahhha

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Something is making me think of what I think is called gooey cake. Don’t think it has a milk flavor but a lot of butter

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No thank ya ma’am. I’ll hold out for the pecan pie. :wink:


Can’t be all bad, it does have some biscuit in it :wink:

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lololol probably too much biscuit. Got my dripping atomizers in from a friend today… i can finally test recipes faster hahahha

WOOHOO! Now you’re a drip!…wait…that came out wrong…


LOLOL um I’ll just shut up now :slight_smile:

LOL c’mon. You still havn’t hit your 10,000 word quota for today. You are a writer after all. HA!

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Actually, the ingredients in that Sweet Buttermilk and Cornbread looks pretty good. I don’t have any sweet corn though.

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LOLOL yeah romance… not vape stuff hahahah. The corn is great just need to figure out what to do with it all :slight_smile:

hey question for you… do you release recipes BEFORE you test them. Just curious because I have hundreds I haven’t tested yet LOL

I have only released a few, and they are pretty good…to my untrained palate anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I won’t release them until I think they are worth a dang.

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I personally haven’t posted any recipies yet, but I can say I would love to take a look at your future recipies. I’m always in need of future ideas.

In many ways I can admit lack of creativity so far on creating from scratch because there is just so much info available. I am though getting very good at adapting recipies to what I have available to me in my stash.

One day, maybe 6 more orders later I can try all the original recipies. But sadly, I am trying to limit my spending. It’s so bad I have to go back and audit my vaping invoices to see how much I have been spending monthly because it’s so darn easy to submit a 100 dollar order. Even ecx emails me saying they have missed me. Haha

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I agree with @bradslinux IMO that’s one thing setting recipes to private is for. I won’t share one of mine if I wouldn’t give it at least a 4 star rating.

Not that I’m suggesting anyone else should treat that as a rule. That’s just what I like to do. :slightly_smiling:


That’s what I’ve been doing waiting until I have time to test them…

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If there’s anything of mine marked private you’d like to try just let me know… but ya know it could be pure crap if it’s marked private LOL

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