From Baking to Vaping

That is what I do , if it is at least a four star recipe I will post it but what is the point in releasing a three star recipe when you who created it isn’t even that excited about it. I have probably a 1,000 recipes probably more but only about 200 ish I believe are public. I always try mine b4 I post.

And @authormichellehughes I love the thought of this thread. I use TFA sweet cream for buttermilk bc it is a buttermilk. I like meringue FA to add " fluff " as well as Marshmallow but at 1% or under .

Cookie FA and Biscuit INW taste better than TFA’s pie crust for a crust. Adding sweetness to a juice is easy w/ marshmallow or meringue stay under 1%.

Taking sweetness out of a juice if you don’t have or want to use an additive use real lemon juice stay in the 1-2 drop ratio, you could use DW ( distilled water ) but your taking a risk muting flavors.

Lemon for bitterness Lime for tartness.

I know there are more tricks they’re just not coming to me atm


Awesome on the Sweet Cream Amy… a friend suggested I use cream cheese icing as mascarpone because that’s what they taste when they vape it.

I tend to use Italian cream HS for mascarpone it is super rich and thick cream fitting for the cheese aspect But Sweet cream TFA is a buttermilk and has a certain " cheese " to it as well. FYI self life for sweet cream TFA is supposedly only 6 months but my current bottle is about 8 month old and holding out strong.


Hello, Amy, can you just clarify something for me? Your suggestion of FA Cookie and Inawera Biscuit in place of TFA Pie Crust, are saying the two together or either in place of the Pie Crust.

A while ago now, I bought a couple of bottles of TFA Pie Crust and was so disappointed with the bitterness and it being generally too powerful a flavour in even the lowest amounts, I decided it would ruin any recipe so I gave up with it.
I adore FA Cookie using it in a few juices but always have around 30mls of the single flavour on the go as I like it with a cup of tea. It may be worth revisiting the recipes I planned when buying the TFA Crust but substituting your replacement/s
I don’t recall what exactly I had in mind but something obviously struck a cord, I know I have them in my ‘Notebook’ somewhere.
And if you don’t mind, what sort of % were you thinking of. Thank you.


Hey Redbud wherever you’d need a crust effect you can sub out the pie crust ( which I agree it’s tough to work with ) w/ Cookie FA and /or Biscuit INW.

I have used in them in conjunction w/ one another as well, but you’ll need other flavors that can stand up to all of the AP ( Acetyl Pryazine ) that’s in them that gives them their " bite "

Pie crust - I’ll use Biscuit INW at 0.90-1.25% depending on what flavors I’m going w/

Cookie- I will use cookie FA at around 0.4 - 1% also if I’m using a " sugar cookie " I may still use a bit of FA and that’s where the smaller doses would come in handy.

A cupcake- This is a trickier one to nail down but you can use the two of them and try and keep the cookie a lil higher as it’s the sweeter of the two but a ratio of 30/ 70 would work but keep them under 1.5% collectively otherwise you’ll be combating way too much bite to tamp down and it may ruin it. Like I was say’n kinda tricky.

I love these two flavors because if you need any sort of bread you can plug them in a recipe and build around them and their usage is so low you have room to play in the recipe.

I hope this helps.

In this recipe of mine I am using the Biscuit as the croissant of the recipe


Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 1
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 1.5
Custard (FA) 0.5
Dulce de Leche (TPA) 1
Frosted Donut (TPA) 2
Glazed Doughnut (CAP) 2.5
Joy (FA) 0.4

Flavor total: 8.9%

Remember to rate it at!

Here I have put a cookie in w/ a cookie even thou my FA cookie is higher it’s bc of the Cap’s Sugar cookie V2 lacked the full note I wanted.

My sugar cookie

Ingredient %
Butter Cream (FW) 2.25
Cookie (FA) 1
Marshmallow (CAP) 2
Meringue (FA) 1
Sugar Cookie v2 (CAP) 3.75
Sweetener (ECX) 0.2

Flavor total: 10.2%

Remember to rate it at!

*** Lastly, don’t forget about the Toasted flavors for baked effects as well Toasted Almond TFA &/or Cap’s both great additives to place in a cookie recipe or bread that way it gives an additional savory characteristic of the profile. Then there’s toasted Marshmallow TFA which I tend to go straight to 2% when I’m using it don’t really know why that is but works for me, again needs to be w/ flavors that can hold up to the AP in it. I like to use Bavarian cream, meringue and toasted marshmallow as a trinity it is a really nice sweet creaminess with a " baked " toasted effect. I keep meringue and the Bavarian at 1% or under typically.


Hi, Amy, please call me Phil, all my friends and loved ones do, and my family. :stuck_out_tongue: That goes for anyone here, I always register using Redbud as I have used it since I first joined forums. I digress

This a smashing post and It helps enormously, Amy. It is good to find others have had a little trouble with TFA Pie Crust, in the nicest way of course.
I too add FA Cookie to Sugar Cookie and I use it in a couple of Gingerbreads, Cap’s straight Gingerbread and TFA Gingerbread Cookie, TPA straight Gingerbread I find a little too spicy in a Black Jack way if you know Black Jacks or anything similar? It’s a distinct, sweet but powerful anise flavour.
TPA straight Gingerbread is another let-down, in a blind test you would swear it is Jamaican Ginger cake, it is truly spot on, but as I say it totally changes to a ginger anise blah when vaped.

Now we have Nonna’s Cake it might be just the job to fix the TFA Gingerbread? So much to do, so little time. :grinning:
I will get some Inawera Biscuit and then I’ll re-visit a few things as soon as I remember what exactly I’d planned.
That is a coincidence you have mentioned toasted flavours. I do have some Toasted Marshmallow, TFA if my memory is working, I hadn’t considered toasted almonds, but that might be the way I’ll manage to make ‘Toasted Teacakes’ sounds like bun of some sort but in fact, it is a coconut sweet/candy, they are delightful and I have only found one juice of this flavour on the planet and it is not in concentrate form sadly.
Thank you for all your suggestions and the recipes, I have a lot of spare time coming up and gallons of PG & VG, well ok a couple of litres but it just doesn’t fit somehow. Much appreciated. Toasted Teacakes.



Your welcome Phil as you can see talking about flavor profiles and flavors in general is a passion of mine.

Tea cakes mmhh sounds delicate yet delish.
If you combine meringue with some toasted almond and maybe a wee bit of marzipan and some cookie you may begin to work a recipe into a macaron style cookie and your necessary components that make up tea cakes sounds like a European treat ( I really am unsure what they are but look very good)

Have fun on your time off !

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Simply, a ‘tea’ cake is just a cake,or cookie…served with tea. Many are baked with fruit pieces in them. Depending on the region, even in England, they can vary greatly. In a few areas they are actually “manchets”…but [almost] usually round and flat breads [like an English muffin] that are split, toasted, and slathered with butter. In Mexico, they are bread balls that are dusted in powdered sugar…like they are in Russia, with the exception being fruit flavored like cherry[Russia]. In Australia, they are like a sponge cake. Most in the USA are simply favorite cookies, and in some regions they are macaroons. And so on, and on, and on…In some areas they are called ‘currant’ (raisin) teacakes to distinguish them from plain bread, yet in West Yorkshire they are usually 9"-10" diameter and used to make morning breakfast sandwiches. Sorry, like authormichellehughes , I am a baker/chef. Forgive me?


I loved your input ! Keep it coming. I wish we had an entire thread of cookies where they’re from and what’s in them ! You up for that ozo sounds like you’ve got a plethora of knowledge.

And then I’d want to eat them so we’d need real life recipes and then we all can chime in w/ juice recipes lol. You can see I want a cookie now.


Jeez Amy, at my age…I doubt I will be training for a triathlon !!! :smile_cat: There are almost as many different cookies as there are…snowflakes. From pizzelles, to pfeffernusse, khapse to hamantash, oreo to nutterbutter, or even macaron to macaroon…petit-beurre, piparkukes…to just name a few groups…that’s if you DON’T include anything made in a pan, like bar cookies [ rice bars, biscotti, lemon bars,etc.] and not to mention how many different brownies there are, which the first written recipe was in a cookbook from the Boston Cooking School, and didn’t even include chocolate, and later called a ‘blondie’. But sure, I’m up for that…and you can help :cookie: …I can do maybe a hundred…or two.
Then, we can start on ‘cakes’ !!!:cake: (just remember it was your idea, Darlin’)


Ha Ha I am pretty sure my skill set is well beneath your deserving title. I would try thou. I read about more cookies just then than I’d ever googled in my life in just one paragraph you da Man !

If you want to stick just to those on a cookie sheet lol then that is good too.

Your page says your a retired engineer what type ?

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Not on Thomas the train…bwahahaha


HAhaha I kinda figured more like a civil or electrical type but now that I am looking at your picture I can see you seated behind the Thomas honking the horn! All aboard !

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That’s a [special] Muscle Shoals cap I have on. Sorta like toot-toot, but it is from FAME recording studios in Alabama.
The founder’s [Rick Hall] son gave it to me, who is also my insurance agent. FAME is a very magical place…lotsa tooting going on there…for decades, along with many other instruments, and some of the absolute finest musicians in the world. My ‘engineers cap’ was a suit and tie. My shingles are both Architectural Engineering and Structural Engineering. You should watch the movie “Muscle Shoals”…especially if you like music.


My Fiance’ likes to dabble with Bass Guitar short and large scale. He probably would like that I will check it out. I like independent Arts type of movies documentary type flicks. Thanks !

Now back to the topic I was just thinking I wish there was a " good " cookies n cream like flavoring out there one that depicted more of an oreo cookie with an ice cream cream.

I liked the trailer for it maybe I can get it on Netflix tonight ! Thanks again.


Most cookies begin at the same place, the base ingredients.
This is my rule of thumb:
2 cups (or 4 sticks) Sweet Cream Salted Butter
2 cups Sugar
2 Eggs
2 tbsp. Vanilla
4 tsp. Baking Powder
6 cups Flour
Then they get tweaked.
These ingredients (above), along with technique in combining, make the worlds greatest sugar cookie.
Not my opinion, but that of many wonderful pastry chefs and their sous. As I traveled, building around the world
[11 countries], I made time and attended 7 culinary institutes [certificates]. It is amazing how many foods,no matter the culture, have the same basic ingredients…or at least very similar. Then they get tweaked, usually by the aboriginals that were limited to available ingredients because they didn’t have a Safeway or Walmart on every corner :satellite: or internet service…1000’s of years ago. Adapting to surroundings, the food became culture.
I am no e-mixer by any stretch of the word, but I only vape what I make…and I have vaped every drop and never thrown any out. I have only vaped since Oct 2014 after smoking non-filter Camels for almost 60yrs…and smoked only 1.5 cigs since I began vaping…been making my juice for almost a year. I only have the flavors you see in my stash.
My approach is to make a good base…in my head…of flavors I like in food and drinks. My cooking has been a wonderful assistant in my process. I have researched and read 100’s of hours of others’ techniques, but mine usually comes from when I lay down to sleep and think of tastes, if that makes sense. [well, if I’m not thinking of a recipe to make in the kitchen to eat, or even a new ammo load for that matter.
Once I have a base, I make a few 50-100ml bottles, then tweak from there…so some are shake-n-vape, 1 day steep, 2 day steep, etc. I write some of it down, other times I just use it.
I know many of you take a much more scientific approach, and with my background, one might swear I would do the same…but nope, I make all kinds of recipes…food, herbal tinctures, beard oils, mineral solutions, colloidal metals, clay-based cleaners, ammo, etc. , and some NEED to be carefully and strictly designed, but for some reason…it doesn’t happen with my e-juice.
Of course, if someone thinks I’m weird…I have the perfect excuse…I can always claim age-related senility.:sunglasses:


So your opinion OZO when replacing the Flour and baking powder in vape form do you prefer Cookie FA or Biscuit INW?

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I just wanted to thank you as well for sharing your baker/chef knowledge ozo!
I am also a big fan of the Muscle Shoals documentary.I knew a little about FAME ,but I had no idea of all the legends that went through that studio before watching the movie.


I love it !!! Ozo you tell a fascinating story going around the world building and then expanding your mind further on culinary and of course getting to sample some of the richest delicacies of that particular culture. Sounds fun !

I too love to bake and your technique isn’t too far off from what I do as well. I literally have dreams of flavor pairings sometimes I swear I should stick a pad of paper next to my bed bc some of the best creations have come from a good nights sleep.

I do dabble in creams more salves I suppose but nothing fancy more paste like than anything.

I 2nd Michelle’s question?


Chelle, I don’t have either of those anymore…(to taste on my finger right now) BUT…IIRC the Biscuit INW was better for the flour because it was a drier taste [and I wanted to buy more, but was told it was no longer available], whereas the Cookie (FA) [SUPER flavor for so many things] was too sweet for a flour/baking powder substitute. If you have them, try a drop on your finger and see if you agree.