Fuchai 213 Plus

I own two of the originals and I bought them knowing about the TC issues. They were cheap, nice heavy feel and felt good in my hand.

Does anyone trust Segalei anymore? And what does this mean

Utilizing Sigelei’s unique chipset, this device can reach 213 watts of power, while supporting Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel builds respectively. In addition to the standard TCR mode, this model also has a TFR (Temperature Factor of Resistivity) mode that is able to support any configuration of hybrid coil builds.

Are they saying that it will do TC with kathal?

I bought the 213 for my wife (she is very careful with her devices) and I hate the battery door on it. There is times that she picks it up off the counter or something and the door pops open and out falls the batteries. I’m trying to talk her into scrapping it and getting a different mod. I had a sigelei 150tc and didn’t like a few things about it and it fried with in 30 days I will never buy a sigelei again. Just my 2¢

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Got the same problem… one time I was driving a fork lift sitting down
it was in my pocket and the door opened and both batteries fell out of the mod and in to my pocket along with some coins I had to wait until I could safely stop and stand up to get them out of my pocket before they touched the change in my pocket and before they shorted out and vented in my pocket it could have been a really bad situation really pissed me off I might send a really nasty letter to the Sigelei :rage:

I’ve thought about concting sigelei and expressing my opinion but wasn’t sure if it would do anything to solve the issue

I just got off their website of course they are in China no toll free number to call them I really would love to talk to a Tech support person and like you said it probably won’t solve anything just a waste of our time I too will never buy one of their mads ever again!

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It’s not just us

No, it will not do TC on Kanthal. What they are describing is just a more precise way of doing TC.

TCR uses a single value to represent the temperature of a specific type of wire on a linear resistance scale. The problem with that is the rise in resistance is not actually linear. TCR gets you pretty close.

TFR allows you to specify multiple values along the resistance scale. TFR is much more precsise.

This is all great but niether TFR nor TCR works on the 213 or the Fuchai 213 so it reaslly doesnt matter.

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I know TC doesn’t work on the 213, either model. This is supposed to be a new, new, new model, lol. The 213 Plus.

As for the battery doors I’ve never had any issues with either one of mine and really wish more companies used their battery door model.

That video about sums it up. I think the only solution to the door is to throw it away and buy a better engineered device. I’m trying to talk her into the wismec 2/3

I have the Sigelei Supremo and to me it works great in TCR … I use the curve and number Djl have on his site.

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Personally I wont trust Siegel anymore. I purchase the 213 and returned asap.

Lately I’ve been dissapointed in IPv product as well after watching the reviews.

Next mod will be a DNA250. Fingers crossed.


nice… I have a brand new still in the box Smok H-Priv I like that one I had one before the Segeli . I had to send it in for display problem and bought the segeli while waiting for it they sent me a brand new one I just put it away

I have the fuchai 213 me and my fiance. The battery door does suck but other than that seems pretty solid… So TC doesn’t work? Maybe that’s why i was having such a hard time experimenting with SS… I haven’t really tried temp control on any other mod so no good experience with it yet … I just keep my kanthal Claptons going and it works for both of us

other than the crappy door design I actually like it it’s been good to me

I bought it explicitly for the tc mode for ss316L and for firmware updates. Which it was a no go.

Sigelei for me has been POS Mods and customer support/care is non-existent.

I won’t buy another because I have two and want other stuff. But it does serve its purpose of giving me a a good vape. I have other mods that do TC when I want it. maybe I got lucky with the battery doors. Never had any issues with them.

I want to get a new mod too i just don’t know what to get

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What is your vape style like? TC or just wattage mode, high watts or under 80? Price range?

Wattage, over 80 clapton & Fused Clapton coils $60 -$100 price range a mod that displays same info as the Segeli

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