Fw menthol

i was thinking about buying some FW MENTHOL tomorrow but wanted the word from others. i have done some reading on here and not much talk about the FW MENTHOL. mostly talked about TFA

A friend is driving me crazy about making him a strawberry watermelon menthol vape.

thanks for your time reading


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whenever a flavor is close from brand to brand you can sub very easy if they are commonly used and have a good % base in elr database this may help ya How I Sub A Flavor (or Flavour) Gl to ya!


Just curious but, the menthol for your friend has to be FW? Is he that astute where he can tell the difference from any other brand?


I’m able to get my hands on every flavor of FW. I don’t have to order online to get FW in other words. I was told that TFA was stronger than FW so I figured I would go this route and it’s my first time messing with menthol. I’m a dessert guy. I can’t stand menthol


Look at the sds sheets
FW is 20-30% menthol

TPA is 50-90% (I can’t imagine it would be 90 so work on the 50%)


and the mix median for fw being 1.5 where tpa is 1 so 50% would make more sense even tho fw mix notes look a tad screwy. Since @Bryan22 isnt really subbing anyhow and friend hasnt vaped either be safe to say testing in a mix starts at .75% Gl to u!


:slightly_smiling_face: TFA is 66% menthol.

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i mixed up fw strawberry. fw candy watermelon. fw hard candy and menthol at 1% and its very good