How I Sub A Flavor (or Flavour)

It seems to not matter if you have 4 or 400 flavors in your stash at some stage you will have to sub one for another. When you are subbing you may not get the full effect of the original recipe it may well be worse sometimes it can be better bit of a crap shoot really but in the interests of saving money it can be the best solution to try a recipe.

I sub flavors all the time as do most of us the hardest part of a sub is what percentage do I use to get something remotely vapable.

Knowing your flavors is the best way and it will come with time and testing the first thing i do when i get a new flavor is put a few drops in water and taste it for strength I then do a single flavor mix we dont all do this and I won’t go into it much because it is not what I wanted to cover in this post.

My Subbing Method

Here is how I get my start percentage (I am sure there are other ways)

I will be using Strawberry Ripe tpa and Real Flavors Strawberry (sc) as my example

First check the notes

Real Flavors

Strawberry Ripe Tpa

Now from this we can see that the Real Flavors SB is much stronger so we need to work out a value to multiply it by to get a good starting %

To sub Strawberry Ripe with Real Flavors I use the median values to work with

1.5/5 = 0.3

If a recipe calls for 4% Strawberry Ripe and I want to sub it with RF(sc) SB the maths would be

.3 x 4 = 1.2

So a sub with no safety net would be 1.2% Real Flavors SB SC would roughly give you the same strawbery % as 4% Strawberry Ripe. I like safety nets and alway put less flavor in as a first sub I can always add more later (you can also dilute but it is a lot more work) so with that in mind I drop the % by 10% so I would use 1.08% as my initial sub value (you can set your safety net anywhere you want).

Ok so you dont have Real Flavors SB SC and want to sub the other way around here is the maths for that

we use our value of .3 we got in the first bit of maths and rather than multiply we divide

Recipes wants 1.2 RF SC Strawberry

1.2/.3 = 4

So you would then use 4% Strawberry Ripe in your recipe if you want a saftey net then drop it to 3.6% and work up.

I am totally sure there are 100 different ways to do this and others will have other methods - this is how I do it and it works quite well (most of the time)

Please chime in if you have a better way.



Excellent post. I have just been using the @CosmicTruth calculator when converting something non-rf to an all rf sc recipe but this should come in handy when I am trying to convert a recipe that is mixed rf sc and non-rf.


brilliant @woftam this is great @Pro_Vapes to add this to the project would be a great idea dont you think ???


That’s precisely what I’m doing all day :laughing: It almost never happens that I have all flavours for a recipe…

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I should stress this is what works for me generally, it will give me the low flavor that I am looking for if I want a little bit of a boost (ie making juice for a recent quitter). I will use the average mixing values.

It is not exactly presise with some flavors that are either new or have only a few recipes made with them.

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Uhm, I just sub the brand without adjusting the %. Didn’t even think about that aspect. So far, so good, but something I will start taking a look at.

Holy crap, I was just wondering to myself if anyone else did the math on substitutions. Glad to hear I’m not the only one doing things the nerdy way! :sunglasses:


Perfect, now I just need an app that calculates this for me! :sweat_smile:
This will help in some recipes with less used flavors … :+1:

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Superb! Haven’t tried it yet but it all adds up. Numbers don’t change 1 + 1 = 2, that will never change.:grin:


Thank you a million times over, I read this last night. I thought I bookmarked the post.
Apparently I didn’t and I’ve been driving myself nuts trying to retrace my reading tracks, to no avail. Till now I finally found it.
Thank you so much very giving me a alternative to subjective subbing flavors. At least now I do have a starting point/safety net. :100:


One of the best Posts of 2017 !!
I refer people here a lot.
Thanks for your time in posting this one, @woftam !!


The app already exists, it’s called “calculator” :crazy_face:

How difficult is it to do
(recipe flavor %) / (median % flavor used) * (median % replacing flavor) ?
And if you want woftam’s safety net, you just *.9 to subtract another 10%


I added flavor conversion % tab to help

almost forgot this…
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Nice one @CosmicTruth well done.