FW- Natural Butterscotch or Butterscotch?

When it comes to FW I admit, my knowledge is limited. Now that’s not to say I don have some “must haves”, but the most of my flavor arsenal comes from FA, TFA, INW & CAP. My FLV, LA, & FW supply is starting to expand, though.

Looking to get into an FW Butterscotch & see that there are two. While I read how people rave about FW Butterscotch, I want to be sure I try the RIGHT one.

Has this been long-winded enough for everyone?!


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The raves received were for FW Butterscotch were for the original. The Butterscotch Natural is a somewhat new flavor for FW and I personally have not tried it. Perhaps someone else has and will chime in…


Agreed ! FW Butterscotch ( original one ! )

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I was told to mix Original and Natural but I still have to add some FA Custard and some Orange to get that true Butterscotch flavor for myself.

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Ahhh… the Butterscotch war.

Use the one that sells the most. On ECX the winner is:

Butterscotch by Flavor West

It has 19 5 Star Reviews :slight_smile:


Hey Howard!

Funny you should post this now. Just last night I ordered the “original” from Grant and crew at Nicotine River.

I’ve been using Butterscotch Natural for the last few months, and I love it. I have found that I prefer it at 8% in my mixes (where it’s the primary flavor).

I plan on comparing them (at least a taste test) before the Black Friday sales get in full swing so I can know which to reorder en masse.

Either way though, you really won’t be disappointed in this particular case. Natural is awesome with no “obviously negative” side notes.

I’ll be watching to see folks input here as well!


Sorry to be the prick that bursts the bubble, but I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about butterscotch at the moment … I listened to the rave reviews and went with the FW original. Maybe FW orig is the closest (IDK… its the only one I’ve tried), but it doesnt taste much like butterscotch to me …if at all!..Well, ok… its maybe… kinda… sorta… remotely butterscotch, but I’ve found its definitely one of those flavors that you’ve just gotta work with & ad other flavors to to get the profile you want… which i presume would be a deep, rich, authentic(ish) butterscotchy butterscotch. Out of the bottle, this just aint that!
Just yesterday I went through the butterscotch threads looking for an answer to the perfect butterscotch - perhaps I missed something but nothing really jumped out… except maybe the addition of butter Rum… or possibly the combination of every butterscotch flavor in existence… & a few other things.
All I can say is that if FW orig is the best, the rest must be complete & utter shite!
I’m sorry for the negativity, but too many times, I’ve acted on ‘rave reviews’ & bought flavors expecting good things, only to be disappointed. IMO, this is one of those disappointments. I really really wish taste wasnt subjective …mixing would be so much easier (& cheaper)!
Now, as I’ve been writing this, @Sprkslfly has chimed in with his experience of the natural …maybe thats the one!.. & maybe its my tastebuds that are complete shite - thats quite possible…who knows! But if someone claims to have definitively found the butterscotch holy grail,… that deep, rich, authentic butterscotchy butterscotch, I certainly wanna hear about it!


I totally agree. The original is not very good at all to me. I mixed it from 5-20% and could not get it right. 2 months steep and blech. I even tried it with creams. No good. So spot on.


Still trying to find the right butterscotch and butter rum.


I presume you’re using the BR with the BS to improve it? (…lol…BS… so far, an appropriate acronym eh). I’m very interested to hear how that goes. I read about that in the other thread- maybe I missed it but I didnt read about an outcome.
I dont have BR in my stash, but I was going to do some tests with caramels, brown sugar, butter, butter cream, marshmallow - toasted & reg… in various combos. If I hit paydirt, I’ll shout it out.

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I really want a stand alone. That is not going to happen my life time though. Tough flavor to nail down. You either have it or blech…


For me it us blech all arounds.

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Yep, me too… but, surely someone can pull it off… @Wayne_Walker???:pray:


Sorry @Beaufort_Batches… I missed this first time around …obviously too busy “bee keeping” [quote=“Beaufort_Batches, post:4, topic:94111”]
but I still have to add some FA Custard and some Orange to get that true Butterscotch flavor for myself.
Please let us know how it goes.


Never tried the Natural one. Once I learned to put LA butter rum in w/ the butterscotch I was quite happy w/ it. However you know how that goes you get happy then you start adding this and that LOL !

And what is this you have to put Orange in it?
BB you & your flavoring pairing extremes we will certainly be talking about this later on I’m sure :blush: always a surprise !


Me too!! Though I have read good things about Flavorah, and Medicine Flower (MF). FLV reports seemed a little more mixed though, so I’ll probably be pulling the trigger on the MF on BF for the first time, and it WILL be none other than Butterscotch!

So far though, I’ve tried FA which was miserable at 4%, and only bad at 3%. 2% was marginal but still a touch chemically, and 1% seems like it has the most promise, but still not dead on for use as a SA/SF.

TFA was so long ago that I don’t remember it, but it obviously didn’t make an impression, so I’m going to revisit it Friday when my FW Orig. BS comes in.

FW BS Natural you already know. So there’s really not many left to try IMO.

Personally, I think you’re on the right track here. It’s going to take a mix to get a ‘base flavor’ for butterscotch, as so far, my experience is quite similar to yours :confused: -left wanting to varying degrees.

LA’s Butter Rum will definitely be going into my next ‘mix’ though, as I just bought another bottle of the one that I was originally trying to clone (and LA’s BR is definitely in there) but it turns out that mine was better…I have to see now how the LA BR will affect that! :smiley:

Please do shout though if you stumble on something!


@Sprkslfly, These 4 FA flavors, Butterscotch 2%, Brandy 1%, Irish Cream 2.5% and Fresh Cream 2% tastes similar to a Butterfinger.


/*grabs the pencil and scribbles more to The List

incoherent muttering…

Thank you! :wink:


Oh, I think I did though, didnt I?? haha sorry 'bout that![quote=“Sprkslfly, post:16, topic:94111”]
All I was trying to say was ‘it’s awesome!’ (but I left out “by comparison”)

For your sake man, I truly hope it (the natural) is awesome by comparison to the original… because …well,. you know my thoughts on the orig!
To digress… just a little… I find it incredibly interesting with mixing flavors & ejuice, how we can each perceive flavor so differently - you think natural is awesome, & if I where to try it, I may well agree with you. But a host of highly esteemed mixers around here thinks the original is the go. When it comes to flavors, one persons pleasure turns out to be anothers poison …& yet, we ALL know how fantastic authentic butterscotch really tastes, &, it would seem the real thing tastes the same to all of us! But flavors dont ! Fascinating!

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Medicine Flower flavors - it wouldnt surprise me at all if their BS WAS none other than Butterscotch! …coz I cant get that over here :expressionless: For your sake I hope its excellent - for mine, I hope it’s crap.

@Amy2 seems to have had some luck with the butter rum thing. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on that too.
And I like @Beaufort_Batches custard & orange thing. I can see how they could work. At first, I thought the orange was a bit weird, but the more I think about it… yeah… just a touch of orange, right down the back of the mix. I can imagine that. (but I bet @Beaufort_Batches prob has other ideas…)

Which clone?

Stumble is the key word here. I stumble a lot… for various reasons. So maybe I might get lucky! In which case, I’ll shout!


Id like to know why orange too please for future reference.my first juice ive decided to try all by myself is butterscotch custard,now im thinkin its going to be a long road ahead…this rabbit hole you all warned me off is never ending.