FYI Capella Yellow Peach BE CAREFUL

i have been making a juice and it has yellow peach cap and juicy peach cap and i noticed the weight of these two flavora were a lot different so i tested them several times and they came out to be the same,%20guava%20,%20cream%20)#

look at the weight difference between these two and how different they are it made me very curious so i measured on the scale and i weighed drops the yellow peach is the same as juicy peach so be careful if you do use yellow peach and you are using the weight and yes i know in the recipe the pcts are different @daath @JoJo could this be changed to be accurate

Note: yellow peach should say 3 not 4.25


I could be way off, I’m not sure but it could be a setting in your stash. Check your “weight in grams per ml” for that flavour is blank. I once put the cost in that field for one of my flavours and picked the problem when a recipe was a bit weird.

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This field here

no its not i dont add anything there its the default weight , i checked that do you have yellow peach cap

Yellow Peach - Capella Flavors
You have this flavor

x 1 2 3 4 5
Your notes:

Bottle size:
ml Cost:
Weight in grams per ml:
Flavor carrier: PGVGOther
Preferred single flavor mix:
Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) document

Manufacturer specified gravity: 1.417 g/ml

1 2 3 4 5(23)
Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 4.4% (Median: 3.5%)
Minimum used quantity: 0%
Maximum used quantity: 33.3%

Single flavor recommendations: 11
Average quantity: 7.6% (Median: 7.0%)
Minimum used quantity: 1.0%
Maximum used quantity: 20.0%

this is copied off my stash

its the manufacturer specified gravity, which is completely wrong

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One of the reasons I stick to 1g = 1ml rather than manufacturer specified. I also believe that most recipes on the site are created using 1=1 as well. I’d rather taste what the creator intended than let my OCD get the best of me. I get what you’re saying though and hope they fix it for you. Good catch.

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ty it makes a huge difference in a recipe i think its supposed to say 1.0417 not 1.417 even if i set it in the notes section others may not catch it and be using a lot more peach than needed

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Thanks for the heads up @fidalgo_vapes the msds states 1.4 and every other site I found list JP and YP the same @ 1.4 but I can’t see it being right (if I need more YP i will just add a little). I have changed the value to 1.04 in my stash.

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@fidalgo_vapes - It has been changed :slight_smile: Thanks! I also contacted Capella.


awesome , ty , this site has been flawless great job


it looks like @daath is going to change it , it really had my mind boggled how the two peaches could be so different lol

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wow ty again that was quick if you want to you could close this thread , either way i appreciate your help

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Hmmm, this is interesting. Please keep me posted on what CAP says, Lars.
Being the Peach freak that I am (I can eat a peach for hours), I have always noticed the Yellow Peach to be a very heavy flavor. This was way before I started using the calculator here and before I bothered to check my MSDS sheets, as a matter of fact, it is the reason I got the sheet in the first place.

I was always taken back by the fact only a few drops would equal what many more drops came out to on my scale. Granted I have always used an SG of 1 on all my flavors, but since I make 10 ML testers, I noticed it immediately.

On average, 5 drops always came out to be .10 grams, but with the yellow, it was always 3 drops (not an exact here but close enough to see the difference)

This is interesting to me. Sadly I never used the juicy peach again, after my initial tasting years ago (I find it’s to “candy” for my tastes), but I am very curious now.

It has always been a flavor I take this in account for and only because I have seen the difference way before researching it. So I always mix, knowing it was like 1.5x heavier.

Hmmmmm, curious little monkey am I…curious indeed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have noticed this as well, it has caused MANY recipes to come out very harsh.

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just to add i also used a syringe drew up 1ml and the weight came to 1.05 on my scale as shown in pic i think i tested this weight thing more than ive tested anything in awhile , btw until i added the yellow peach to this recipe the peach was to sweet candy like

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this also weighed out at 1.03 as per notes and the yellow peach lowest weight was 1.03 this is why i say they must be the same

that’s what she said


…my point exactly :wink:


OK, it seems the MSDS was the wrong one (Nat. Peach). I was sent the MSDS for Yellow Peach and guess what. The specific gravity for Yellow Peach is 0.87 g/ml!!

I will update our entry shortly!