Gardening and Hydroponics (food shortages)

Well as I’ve been preaching for months now, it is inevitable that we’re going to be facing food shortages and although this is a late start, you can still get some vegetables and fruits growing. If you’re in a place where you can grow year around, excellent.

For Hydroponics, from what I gather, is a fairly cheap operation and takes up less space and seems to grow relatively decent. Systems are cheap to build, using PVC or Buckets and some form of pond pump. There are other ways as well, information can be found on Kratky Method(s) here:

As far as ability to grow both outdoors and indoors, I’d suggest ordering some liquid nutrients now (but not from amazon, my luck could be bad but 3 of my shipments were undeliverable and I was refunded 2 weeks later)… But you can make your own by buying dry ingredients, here is some info:

Now onto the systems, Kratky covered some basics, but some instructional videos for the visual learner(s) are here:

Very basic design to get the idea of how easy it can be:

For the crafty types, more work, but space saving:

Time is short, we’re approaching a long weekend for the Canadian and U.S and Aians, so drop 50-100 on supplies and get yourselves some systems on the go…

Things I’d also get are PH kits or meters, digital at best but haven’t been able to order them. A larger resevoir container, like a rubbermaid tote…

Drills, teflon tape and a pond pump, which can be found at garden centers.

As for gardening with soil, I haven’t done much of that but if any folks want to touch on that topic with any bits of info, that’d be great!

As far as seeds go, try to opt for organic seeds from a local supplier, as conventient as it sounds Amazon may not be the best and if you have some vegetables you want specifically, roots and seeds from fruits and veggies you have around can be used as well… Not 100% certain but I think I read that seeds last a long while in the freezer.

Excellent plants for beginning hydroponics:

Forgot the lights:

IF you’re growing inside, lights will be optimal even if you have a window facing the sun a good portion of the day:

Here is a good guide and bit of rhyme and reason:


As a younger man, I grew weed this way. It was AWESOME!!


I have a small garden as we are in the process of moving so just green beans, green peas, radishes and carrots (Orange, yellow, red, purple and white). Im also TRYING to grow spinach but it all keeps dying after it reaches a certain point.

Everything is growing awesomely but that fucking spinach…


There is start up cost. Depends on what you are growing. You can grow lettuce at low prices because it grows fast. Tomatoes are expensive because of lighting (HVLP) Vs LeD for the lettuce. Fans for some crops to be vented. Expect your current electricity bill to almost double. Chemicals are consist for most crops. Acid’s and buffer’s to control PH.


Yes, as far as I’m aware indoor will be a bit of a cost, but if you have some decent LED lights you’ll be able to grow decently at not too crazy of a cost I guess, however I have not read about needing venting or fans, but heat makes sense.


This guy’s channel is great:


Great thread !
I’ve been growing my own food for years. I’m going to start canning this year. I have a bad feeling about the future of our food surplus. I’m currently stocking up on flours, beans , nuts and rice.


It’s inevitable at this point, 60 food distributions don’t just randomly catch fire in the same year for no reason.


Yes i know. Its scary.


Very smart @robin.


Great thread idea @Joel. Even though I live in the “Lucky Country” (Aust), I can see the possibility of the SHTF across the whole planet and that’s why I’ve been looking into this for the last 6 months or so. I currently live in an apartment so growing my own in soil isn’t an option just yet but I will hopefully be buying a place in a little country town next couple of years max and then I’ll be able to grow everything I need.

I’ve already saved some “staples” in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers (rice, beans, oats, powdered milk, instant potato flakes, coffee, herbs, spices, cous-cous and powdered seasonings). Done right, these should still be good in 15-20 years. If not, it hasn’t cost me a whole lot.

As I said, I’m currently living in an apartment so I’m researching growing shade tolerant vegetables and miniature fruit varieties in pots on my balcony. Just gotta figure out a way to keep the birds off of them :laughing:. Anyways, thanks for starting this thread brother and looking forward to some ideas. Cheers.


Don’t forget bottled water. A person can live 40 days and beyond, depending on weight, simply on water and stored body fat. If it ever comes to that.


Same. I grew in 2.5 gal buckets.


Glaucoma or Arthritus pain?


Stenosis L1 neck.


Have any new photos? That’s pretty cool, just getting into this hydroponics stuff and it’s pretty amazing to me


Sorry no. That pic was from a few years ago.


One of the main things to keep in mind with Hydro is using pure or distilled water and keeping an eye on the pH of your water. That, and hydroponic nutrients. You don’t want to cheap out on those either.

Although growing veggies may be a bit different in terms of how forgiving they are.