Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit Review

Hey all, been a while since my last review, life just gets in the way. I do still get requests for reviews from time to time and turn them down but when I saw this I was intrigued. Going to do things a bit differently this time around. To save you time I am just going to get to the point, final thoughts at the beginning and you can decide if you want to get to the pics and more info. The kit was provided free of charge but no other compensation directly from Geekvape for this review, more info here: Geekvape L200 | Aegis | Geekvape – Pursue a Healthy Vaping Experience.

Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2)

I have been a fan of the Geekvape Aegis series of mods, my favorite being the Aegis X with that HUGE screen. The second favorite being the original Aegis Legend due to the ability to hold 30mm tanks with no overhang. I still have all my Aegis mods and they all still work which I can’t say for every brand I have purchased over the years.

The new L200 I have been impressed with within the 30 days since I have received in power mode, TC is OK but not great. It is lighter and more comfortable to hold compared to the original Legend, it is one of the most comfortable mods to hold that I have. You do lose the ability to hold 30mm tanks compared to the original, in fact, the 24mm Geekvape Zeus Sub-ohm 2021 overhangs the top plate by maybe 0.5mm on either side but does overhang the overall mod.

In comparing to a DNA250C and SXmini T Class the power seems fairly accurate when both the DNA and Yihi chips are using the boost settings. TC is acceptable but not in the stock SS TC mode, I got better performance using the TCR setting and that varied between 115 to 120 in TCR mode. Overall I preferred using power mode with the L200 and I am a TC nut.

I have used the L200 every day for 30 days and will continue to use it, in fact, I do plan on buying the blue once I can get my hands on one, I like it that much.

Geekvape Zeus Sub-ohm 2021

Geekvape mentions “larger air inflow & better performance” over the previous version but in comparing the 2 I really couldn’t tell the difference. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I still enjoy the original and have 2 of them along with 6 packs of coils. I compared both with fresh coils and the same juice and yep, pretty much the same to me.

It is a flavorful tank and my favorite coil being the 0.2Ω single mesh but they also included a new 0.25Ω dual mesh coil which I decided to compare to the Freemax Mesh Pro dual mesh. Now the BIG difference is the airflow, the new Z series mesh coil is a tight draw compared to the 0.2Ω single mesh. It is also not as power-hungry, I run the 0.2Ω single mesh anywhere between 65 to 85 watts, the new 0.25Ω dual mesh coil is rated between 45 and 57 watts and that is a good range.

When comparing the new 0.25Ω dual mesh coil with the Freemax Mesh Pro dual it was easy to tell the difference. The 0.25Ω dual mesh coil highlighted the cream portion of a recipe more, the Freemax emphasized the fruits and the creams took a back seat. Depending on the juice I used I would flip on which I liked better, sometimes the Geekvape dual offered a more balanced flavor profile, and sometimes the Freemax dual gave the fruits more pop. Overall for my vaping style, I just need more airflow, if you like a tight draw the Geekvape 0.25Ω dual mesh coil does have very nice flavor.

I won’t be buying another Geekvape Zeus Sub-ohm 2021 as now I have 1 and 2 of the originals but it is a tank I would recommend unless you already have an original, this won’t be much of an improvement.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am pretty happy with the Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) Kit, it looked great in pics and even better in person. The one thing that really stands out to me is how comfortable the new L200 mod is to hold. I always carry 2 mods with me at the minimum, usually, a Lost Vape Thelema or Centaurus, and the L200 is more comfortable to hold than either of those. Both of the Lost Vape mods do much better TC so that is why they are along for the ride but that didn’t stop my enjoyment of using the L200 in just power mode. The L200 also got a lot of compliments, it is just a very nice looking mod.

Here is a link to pics of the Kit I took, I was going to embed them but looks like the process changed since my last review: Geekvape Legend 2 kit - Album on Imgur


  • Comfortable to hold, big pro
  • Buttons nice and clicky, better than the original Legend
  • Decent battery life, 240 puffs at 80 watts, 260 puffs at 75 watts
  • Good coil life with 0.2Ω single mesh at 900+ puffs
  • USB-C charging/upgrade port
  • The screen is easier to see than the original Legend
  • Switch on the side to lock the mod when going in your pocket
  • Very good flavor from both coils


  • The 0.25Ω dual mesh coil didn’t last as long as I had hoped, could have been the new juice
  • Overhang with 24mm tanks on the top plate that steps down to the overall width of 26.5mm, would have liked it more if it was 26.5mm all the way
  • TC is ok but not great, lacks some consistency and the TCR mode works better than the SS TC mode with TCR at 115 to 120

Thanks for making it this far and if you have any other questions feel free to ask away. Thanks as well to Allison over at Geekvape for sending this along, I really did enjoy my time using this kit and will be buying that blue L200 as soon as I can get my hands on one.


@fidalgo_vapes they must have heard you bro, they now have an all-black L200 just for you lol


Nice. Love the chrome/SS look on the skeleton. Don’t know how I feel about the narrower design though. I don’t really use 30mm toppers, but like having the extra room if I wanted to. Is it as solidly built as the original Legend? That’s a huge selling point as I like the feel of heavy mods that can take a beating if dropped (or run over).


The original is more rubber so yeah, it would probably take a beating better. They definitely could have made the top better, more flush as it is odd the tank it comes with overhangs that step, the step wasn’t necessary IMO. The new L200 is more comfortable to hold though, I was using both for the first week and now don’t want to go back to the original.


Didn’t notice the step at first glance. I see it now, and agree with you.


That looks bad ass


GREAT review @mjag. I think two things (and others) that often get over looked like …

are actually a HUGE deal, because no matter how nice something looks, or what features it has, it it doesn’t fit well in the hand, or the buttons aren’t up to snuff, it can really KILL a deal.

Everything I needed to know in a review, and nothing else. Perfect.

More please !!!


Great review, thanks
Does the new dual mesh coil fits on the old zeus subholm tank?
Edit : yes it does… Just checked :relaxed:


I should have mentioned that @Neatvape but yeah, all the new coils in the Z series are compatible with both Zeus subohm tanks.

The new Z Max subohm tank is another story, it uses the new M series coils. I actually just bought that during the Memorial day sale and it is arriving today. That tank has a single, dual, triple and quad mesh coils, should be interesting.

@SessionDrummer yeah, comfort is a big thing and what I kept noticing the most. It is also not too small if you have bigger hands. The Dovpo Riva is a very comfortable mod as well but so small my thumb overshoot the fire button a bit. Not something I noticed much until the L200 arrived, the L200 fits my larger than normal hands better but is still not too big.


Thanks @mjag very good review


Thank you Gus, appreciate it :pray:


Thanks for the review. I am surprised they made it narrow, restricting the atomizer choices. You didn’t mention what battery or batteries it uses?


The picture didn’t show, see the screenshot.


Yeah, looks like they wanted to have the rubber spot on the top, odd choice as if you drop it the tank would take the hit, not the top of the mod.

Sorry for not mentioning the battery, it uses dual 18650 and I used Molicell P-26A or Sony VTC5A for my testing. I am usually more thorough but am lucky to spend 4 or 5 days at home lately per week, main reason I stopped doing reviews.

As far as the pic it must me a Imgur issue, that is who I use to host pics. It still shows up for me but sometimes they have down time.

Thanks for checking it out Jim


The picture showed this time. Might have been my connection. Nice looking metal mod/tank


Really nice review, thank you. I have been looking at this one as I have quite a few of the Geekvape mods and I like them all. How is the fire button on this one. I know you had said clicky but is it like the other legend, what I mean, is it a stiff to push fire button. The Legend I have now is not bad but I wanted to check due to my having lost quite a bit of strength in my fingers and hands ( Thank you cervical stenosis ) lol I need grippy pads EVERYWHERE! We all do what we gotta do right? But I digress…

Anyway, it’s on the shopping list if the button is a fairly easy push and thanks for info!


Thanks Deb and yeah, I used the L200 along with the original Legend side by side for the first week and the fire button was the biggest difference I noticed. Never gave much thought to the originals button until I compared the 2 and the new L200 is much easier to press no matter were you press it. Overall ergonomically the L200 is an an improvement, it just lacks holding a bigger topper which is probably not an issue for most. If you have the Aegis X the button on the L200 is about the same.

Come to think of it the Aegis X is probably still my favorite Aegis due to holding up to a 27.5mm with no overhang and that huge screen. The L200 has replaced the original Legend for 2nd place but I plan on keeping the original around as it is still fun to use from time to time with 30mm tanks. Oh wait, I forgot about the Aegis squonk, use that everyday due to how well it works with mesh RDA’S in TC using VV SS 200 mesh, no idea why the other Aegis mods do not work as well in TC.


Best Mjag,

I am hesitating buying either the aegis X or the L200. One of the point is the readability of the screen. Is the L200 still clear enough in Day Light? Do you have any other recommendations into buying Which one?

Thanks in advance!


For readability the Aexis X everytime, the L200 in direct sunlight is nearly unreadable like most mods.

I think I mentioned it in my review but the Aegis X is probably my favorite Aegis mod (the Aegis Squonk gets the most use though with a Profile RDA) the L200 is my 2nd favorite but all Aegis Mods can’t touch the Aegis X screen.


I Will be going with the X then.
Thank you for your reply!