Geekvape Medusa Giveaway: A Simple yet Remarkable RDTA for All Builders

Hey guys, here comes our new contest now. Are you exciting? Please wait & calm down :slight_smile: let’s get know this amazing prize firstly - Geekvape Medusa RDTA. Yep, we are giving away this cute boy this time. As an RDTA, Medusa really breaks from the tradition with no glass tank, which makes it short and sweet. It features a raised Velocity-style deck, 24mm in diameter, providing enough space for some large coils build. The juice well is deep, can hold 3ml e-liquid. So you can fill the well or drip directly through its wide bore ultem drip tip as needed. Adjustable side airflow makes the air travel to drip tip being shortened, delivering great vapor density and flavor with its short chamber. Simply put, it’s a simple yet remarkable RDTA for all builders.

Now it’s time to show us your passion. We’re gonna choose 1 friend to try this beauty for free. Come & grab your chance!!!

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Share your opinion on this Medusa RDTA.
  2. Do you use any products from Geekvape? Which one do you think perform best so far?
  3. Which feature do you most care about when choose a tank, appearance, function, or price? Why?
  4. What product line do you expect Geekvape to come up with next?
  5. Tag 2 of your friends here.


  1. We use to select winner on March 20, 2017.
  2. One answer per post, which means each participant can post 5 times at most.
  3. We require at least 30 participants.
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Just got mine, it’s OK, nothing more than that.
It’s not an RDTA, it’s an RDA with a deep juice well that’s not the easiest to fill. There are way better RDAs out there.
But if you win the giveaway fine. I wouldn’t rush out to but one though.
I’m saying that after I rushed out to buy one.:astonished:

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Due to the past units i expect geek vape to blow our socks off with a convertible tank that has twin top caps changing it from a RDA into RTA

I love the way it looks externally, Its very handsome!

I do not, Fingers crossed that will be rectified on March 20th though :slight_smile:

I would say reliable functionality, followed by price point & appearance is secondary to me.

Well, It is hard to tell, One would hope something really cool that no one has ever thought of or seen before.

@Farmer @Xboxmodder

Flavor is number 1, followed closely by flavor as number 2!:yum: Number 3 is 24mm so it sits nicely on my mech mods, number 4 is easy to build on, number 5 is does it have any chance of being better than the Goon, Apocalypse, or Skill RDAs at all or any of the above.

i have the Griffin 25 rta. i would say it is the best geekvape product i have had. i don’t buy new tanks a lot so i have not tried too many

function. a good rebuildable tank should last a long time, so any price is worth it, within reason. and i live on a farm, so considering that the cows couldn’t care less what it looks like, who am i trying to impress? …but function; a buck saved or a fancy design is not going to help me with the migraine i get from fiddling with a pos.

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i am hoping they come out with a topfill rta that hinges open for filling like the tfv8, but w/o such an annoyingly small fill hole that bubbles and spills out if you try to fill it on the go.

my opinion on the medusa? looks like its built solid and has a nice size and easy build deck…

what product do i use from geekvape?
i am waiting on the griffen now, ordered 1 two days ago. wish i have owned some before but to me everythings kinda pricey but i hear geekvape products are money well spent… maybe someday i will have extra spending money… (sorry wasnt trying to be a sob story, apologies)…

what features do i look for?

nice size build deck, quality made, looks nice,

  1. Geekvape makes some fine looking toppers, the really short drip tip worries me a bit though.
  2. I have the Avocado 24, Tsunami, and The Griffin 25,. The Griffin is by far my favorite of the bunch.
  3. All of the above. A well rounded topper is a beautiful thing!
  4. Dedicated high resistant, low wattage, MTL rebuildable
  5. Sadly I have no friends
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I like the looks, build deck, and airflow. Basically everything.

I have a griffen 25 and a handful of tsunamis. The geekvape tsunami is my favorite rda, especially for flavor. I’ve never had any issues dripping on a bottom airflow atomizer.

Function first always. If it doesn’t provide the vaping experience I am looking for, none of the rest matters.

I would like to see more atomizers tailored to bottom feeding, not just a squonk pin that you can put in, but specifically tailored to it. Along the lines of rdta’s that you can fill by squonking or a really nice single coil that you can.