Geekvape Medusa Giveaway: A Simple yet Remarkable RDTA for All Builders

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medusa is an awesome rdt. i am currently using a geek vape rta, but my buddy has this rda and it worked awesome when i tried it.

This reminds me of the Pharaoh drip well and the limitless rdta build deck. The drip tip looks cool being low profile but might be too short for comfort.

I have lots of GeekVape stuff and really enjoy all of them. The Griffin 25 and 25 mini, Avocado 22 and 24, and i have a Tsunami. They all perform very well but the best? Hmmm, tough question but if I had to choose I’d go Avocado 24

All 3 of those things are a part of my decision when buying things but functionality is king. If it works really good…thats good

Mods, mods, and mods. They need to perfect their mods and make tanks that are matched to the mod. Like a Griffin 150 watt mod would be sweet. We all know they make awesome atomizers, now we need battery power!

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Check this out fellas looks like a good one! I think they can ship to you to Vol no problem

Good news!!!

Do you think 1 set is not so enough for you to fight for? Wanna more chance to win this Geekvape Medusa RDTA? Here you go.

Another giveaway is in full swing on our site–Win Geekvape Medusa RDTA, Enjoy Simple Building with Great Vapor and Flavor! 8 sets are waiting for you!

Please don’t hesitate to join us. Good luck!

Function - if it is good the other stuff doesnt matter

Tsunami (RDA). Yes i like it

I have no clue but i am sure i will find it when they release it

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Thanks for the heads up! :smile:

  1. Share your opinion on this Medusa RDTA.

Looks like a great RDTA

  1. Do you use any products from Geekvape? Which one do you think perform best so far?

Griffin 25 RTA & Ammit

The Griffin 25 is a solid RTA

  1. Which feature do you most care about when choose a tank, appearance, function, or price? Why?

Function mostly, I like tanks that work, good flavour, easy to use build decks and as little leaking as possible

  1. What product line do you expect Geekvape to come up with next?

Wearable vape tank and atomiser most probably…

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  1. Tag 2 of your friends here.

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I will get back to you after i have tried it.

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Got the Tsunami, Eagle and Griffin 25+. Of these 3 the Tsunami.