Getting Started: Nicotine error when saving recipe

560mg/ml… WOW

“pure nicotine has 990 mg / ml”

Buy some normal nicotine, i wouldnt even handle that bottle without thick gloves…

100mg/ml MAX for home endeavours…

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As I’m sure you read in my post I’m in Korea. This is what they have.

Just dilute it further, if you add 2ml of PG to it you’ve got 186.6, say 187mg/ml. The calculator will work for you then. Success :grinning:


Hmm OK so If I mix it with 4.6ml of PG I should have 100mg/ml then and it’ll be safer to handle? mix with


Hmmm. 8 drops.

I would question the labeling on the bottle. I would reach out to the manufacturer of the nic to verify if it is even their own packaging and if they even sell that strength of nic.

But depending on the size of the dropper 8 drops would be way way too much nic. That being said, I would not recommend using your nic. But if you insist on using it. Use the 255 in the calculator then you will have to adjust. If it says to put 2ml of nic divided that number by more than half. At that concentration it wouldn’t mess up the end flavoring…however, do something wrong and it will be a trip to the hospital.

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Sounds right to me.
Can you order outside of Korea? is in China, they have nicotine in normal concentrations for sale.

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The problem as I understand it in Korea is your taxed by ml so having the higher concentration means less tax. That bottle cost about $9 us so I’d love to have a cheaper option just don’t want to pay through the nose. I’ll have to ask a Korean friend to be sure.

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As others have said, I would strongly recommend you dilute the nic you have down to a more workable level. Maybe get a 30 ml bottle and put enough nic/PG in to make it 100mg. I personally work with 24mg nic base regardless of how I buy it. I dilute it down so that what I’m working with isn’t as strong. It’s not worth the risk, in my opinion. Also, always make sure you use gloves and a mask when you’re handling that stuff. The nicotine can get into the air and you really don’t want nicotine poisoning.

All that being said, @daath is it intentional that the calculator only lets you put in max 255 mg/ml for strength?

Some forums wont even let you post about anything that strong, 100mg/ml max is understood to be the safest manageable base.

You can put 560 in and even see how much you’ve got to use, but when you try to save it, it’ll say it doesn’t make sense and won’t let you.

I noticed that, thus I made this post and realized the dangerous shit they sold me in Korea. no warnings except to keep it in the fridge so it won’t go bad.

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wow … good luck with that, and i’m not being sarcastic… as other said, wear golves/mask and keep your kids and cats away. can’t believe the company who makes that has the balls to sell it to the public. that stuff would be a lawyers dream if it was made in the US and sold to the general public.

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Getting a nicotine titration kit may sound expensive and be hard to source from Korea, but it would be most valuable to know what your actual nicotine% is even after dilution. Use strict procedures when diluting, as a microdot of 56% nic on your work surface could cause problems Search your supply sources for “Nicotine test kit”


I agree with @BoDarc , if that’s all you can get and there’s any way you can get a nicotine testing kit, get one. There’s also instructions on a vendor’s website (someone help me out with where that is…) for using stuff that you can buy at a pool supply store to test your nicotine strength if you can’t find a kit.
And then definitely dilute it. 56% nicotine isn’t something you want to have any kind of accident with. Yikes!


This is what I was thinking of. Here are the directions if you can find the ingredients individually.


Nicotine juice 559.9 mg (100% PG) 0.98ml 1.02g
PG dilutant 4.52ml 4.69g
Total base 5.5ml 5.71g
Totals 5.5ml 5.71g

Strength: 99.8 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 100/0
Flavor total: 0 ml (0%)


If I were you I would get a larger bottle and add 4.6 ml of either VG or PG and then dump this bottle in and shake to mix. then shake again and again. Make sure it is very well mixed. You now have 100 mg/ml nic juice. That is what most of us use to mix our stuff. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL HANDLING THE FULL STRENGTH IT IS VERY DANGEROUS.

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We also have the Korea clients and Korean site, This is the tax rate, <20ml nicotine ( any products contain nicotine), it’s 900won/ml ( almost USD 0.9), >20ml, it’s 1800won/ml ( $1.8).

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OK my Korean isn’t great but what I’m seeing is 4 options of 99.9% pure nicotine and one mixed option of 24% in 5ml for 5usd

From my new knowledge this is much safer than the 56% but still more dangerous than what is recommended online. Knowing that Korean tax at 900won up to 20ml why are you not offering a 20ml bottle at 100mg/ml?
Edit: Wow cheapest shipping option from China to Korea is $13.60 well that sealed the deal for me. No thanks

Also on your .com site there are safety warnings about pure-nicotine whereas on your Korean .net site the warnings are 2/3rds of the way down the page.

It’s also sad to see that talking about pure nicotine is banned because the lack of ability to find out how dangerous it is and what safety precautions are needed may lead over confident beginners to try it out. I like the idea of 99.9% pure and cutting it myself because then if there was a mistake on the manufacturers end I’m guaranteed only to have a solution weaker than what I want. Yes I know the flip side is that if I make a mistake cutting it then I could end up making myself sick or even killing myself but then I would have no-one to blame but myself. With the lack of knowledge out there I’ll stick to the weaker solutions but it would be nice to know more.