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Getting there...flavour adding!


Hey I just added in my newest batch of flavours & I just cracked the 60 mark. I know it’s not a competitive thing but I placed an order with Chef’s as a Christmas present for myself & was so happy looking over my haul that I just had to count. I think I’m glowing!


(joking of course)


Just be careful that you don’t get ahead of yourself hon… Especially if you plan to single flavor test (SFT)!

It’s SO EASY to get excited early on, that if you’re not careful, suddenly you find yourself behind. Then you realize that you may not have enough bottles to do both SFT’s and your daily mixes that are the ones to rely on to get you by!

It’s all a bit of a balancing act, but if you pace yourself, you’ll be far less likely to be overwhelmed. :wink:

Congrats on the growing stash though! I recall the excitement and anticipation well!!


Thanks for the advice. I do my SFT in little 10ml bottles & get flavours in 10mls when trying them 1st & get the ones I’m learning I can’t live without like Juicy Lemon(Cap) & Caramel v1 (Cap) in the 30ml size. Have also gotten deals by buying 3 of the 10ml size in the same flavour like Vanilla custard v1(Cap). Also find the elr shopping list is extremely helpful.


On top of what @Sprkslfly said you may realize, at some point down the road, that you have amassed all those flavors but really only use 20%-30% on a regular basis. There are quite a few of us that have done this. There’s a topic on that here if you search for it.


Guilty as charged!!! And even though I know better, I just ordered a sampler of every SC of Wonder Flavors, 102 one ounce bottles. I couldn’t help it with the offer they had.

It is a rabbit hole that I’ve yet to reach the end of, for sure.


Definitely a great deal, sometimes I wish that I still had my business license but then again it wouldn’t have been for this industry anyways.

Hope you enjoy them and happy testing :slight_smile: maybe even some recommendations of flavors I have not bought yet lol. I do have quite some wf flavors, just not everything.

Always open to hear other people’s thoughts.


It’s just so tempting to take up a good offer! I don’t just buy every flavour that I can. I’m on a strict budget which means I’ve got to make wise choices even when buying flavours! My last order was the biggest I’ve made yet, it was £70 plus shipping from the UK to Australia but it was my Xmas gift so I got 20 or so new flavours I’d not tried before but most of them I’d been seeing regularly in recipes I’ve been reading. Got so sick of always being 1 or 2 flavours short. I got what was on my elr shopping list but tried different brands just for a change. I think the oddest flavour I got was Banana nut bread (TPA) I’d never heard of it! After putting all of the order into my flavour stash with the pop-ups there are loads of recipes for nearly everything. So I take on board the advice as I don’t want to end up with a collection of flavours that I only use 20% of. I will keep on top of the elr shopping list as a guide & make purchases on researched flavours that I know I have good recipes for. Ps. I bought my 1st OOO flavour it’s Cream(milky undertone) 30mls I don’t have a milk in my stash & thought this might come in useful, well 30mls I hope so!


Same here, and I wouldn’t have done the WF thing otherwise. I am glad I am on a tight budget actually, because I would fall way over the deep end and have 1000 flavors by now. I really don’t need that frustration.

That, I am sorry to say, will never be remedied. You finally get all the flavors you need for a few recipes you’ve wanted to do. Then you find you really like one of those flavors and want to make more different recipes with it. So you search, and suddenly you find yourself one or two short yet again!!


I can see this starting to happen already!


It’s so rare that I search for new ideas and actually see a recipe I can literally already do, that I actually get a slight tingle when it happens. Just never does!!! Always adapt, adapt, add to wish list, etc…


When I first started, I tried to mix other peoples recipes “exactly” as they had created it, but my stash started growing too fast, so I stopped buying new flavors and now just substitute other “similar” flavors with a guestimated amount… stash stops growing real fast this way, until there’s some stupid sale that I just have to buy some new flavors I’ve never tried or have wanted (like OOO milky undertone).

I think @eStorm is the queen on flavor substitutions (from what I’ve read so far)… hit her up for substitution help - it’ll help tame your growing stash, and save you some $$ at the same time – unless it’s a flavor you just gotta have.


Getting good @ subbing & being creative for sure. Like no Vanilla Swirl so I used French Vanilla (TPA) & Sweet Cream(Cap)halved with Whipped cream(TPA) & I think it came out better than the original!


Past 60 days went from zero to over 230 flavors. Haven’t been to vape shop since then. Haven’t mixed anything soo bad had to dump “yet”…
Having Sh*t tons of fun mixing. All thanks to the mix community!
Thanks everyone!!!


I hate to break it to you, but that’s a “semi-permanent problem”. :flushed: chuckles
Even at almost 400 flavors. :roll_eyes: lol

Ooooh… There’s one I didn’t remember to mention. Especially where “more expensive” flavors are concerned!

In general, a good, no -make that great rule to try and stick to, is always buy as small as possible (when buying unknown flavors).
You never know if you are going to like what may be “wildly popular” among everyone else, but just doesn’t suit your preferences!

Now, that said, there are some that you just can not apply that practice, and just have to bite the bullet. Medicine Flower (MF) is one brand [$22/15ml is the smallest], and Hangsen is frequently another [$6-8/30ml at BCV] for certain flavors. Flavorah is frequently in this as well, as until recently, they can range from $6-$13/15ml. (Thankfully @BullCityFlavors has taken requests from the community to heart, and started selling FLV in smaller bottles!)

As @TorturedZen said above, it’s easy to end up with flavors you don’t use enough to justify, or worse, at all (because you bought on some crazy clearance sale, and figured “What’s the harm? It’s cheap…”) /facepalm
Those in particular can add up, and feel like a kick in the seat. chuckles

Anyways, sounds like you are off to a good start, and have your head about you. Just hoping to save you the pitfalls that are all too easy to fall into. :wink:


LMFAO! Right??

On the plus side, the better you know your single flavors, the easier it is to sub! Not to mention, once you’ve found your preferred flavors (after wading through 8 apples, 10 raspberries, 8 caramels, etc etc), your recipe is automatically going to be more to your liking, because you will be using flavors that you know you like!


Good advice as well!

Yeah, there are some flavors that just cannot be subbed. :wink:



I doubled my stash a couple years ago that way. I got wind of a vape shop that was closing and selling off inventory. While it wasn’t the most expensive order in the world, it was copious amounts of all sorts of flavors that I jumped on because, cheap. I have many of them still sitting there, unopened even. Not a smart move, but sometimes impulse grabs aren’t smart. At least it wasn’t painfully expensive.

With the WF SC order, though, I will be meticulously SF testing every one of them. Long and painful (that’s what she said) but well worth it (ha, that’s what she said too).


I think it happens to everyone …