Giveaway--VOOPOO NEW Caliber Kit



1️⃣With a built-in 3000mAh 23600 high-capacity Battery, 60 more puffs than others.
2️⃣110W output for the big cloud maker
3️⃣Gene. Fan Chip Inside for fast firing speed
4️⃣Minimalism Design & Simplified Sharping
5️⃣Matched with Flavor-oriented Uforce Tank

:fire:Wanna try it for Free? Comment with your answer!

  1. Which color do you love most for the Caliber Kit
  2. Which feature of Caliber Kit do you love most.

One Comment limited for per person.
1 random winners will be picked on Aug.7😏


One comment for two questions?

I like the green one and I like the gene chip

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110W output for the big cloud maker

I like rainbow and purple ones.
I love design most.

Both red and purple look really good.
I like the minimalistic design and plenty power.

Loving the Black and Gold version.

Fast firing Gene chip

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I like the blue one and the gene chip

Coffee color
I like a 3000 mAh built-in battery

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  1. Gold color
  2. Built in 3000mAh battery

That Red color is so HOT! The anti scald feature on the tank sounds real nice!! Impressive battery capacity to boot!!

  1. green
  2. 110w

Color- Hunter Green
I am a HUGE fan of the “Minimalism Design & Simplified Sharping”

  1. purple or rainbow. But I think a pink and a resin edition would look amazing too :wink:
  2. Gene chip, sleek design and the fact that it could be used with other tanks if needed.
  1. Gunmetal and gold

  2. I like the Gene chip and the sleek design.


Black or Gold
I like the built in bigger battery


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#1. I like the Rainbow or the blue. Tough choice.

#2. 3000mah built in battery

  1. Gold
  2. Gene chip
  1. Safety Orange
  2. big battery

Color: Blue

Feature: Gene Chip

  1. Which color do you love most for the Caliber Kit
    I love the teal color!