Giving props where they're due!

I have a new buddy he’s not that active here but I encouraged him to take part; that’s up to him anyhow… I wanted to post one of his recipes he was shy about making public he has since posted it. This got me thinking who’s recipe have you tried that you’d like to give props to !!!

BY BLAX !!!1

Poptart v5

Ingredient %
Cookie (FA) 0.8
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 2.5
Custard (FA) 2.5
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) 0.8
Meringue (FA) 1.5
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 3
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3
Sweetener 2
Vienna Cream (FA) 1.5

Flavor total: 17.6%

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That sounds really good! I have every flavor besides Cream Cheese Icing! I will be ordering some on my next purchase.

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That one is pinnacle in this mix as well as in your kit !!!

Well yes, now that you mentioned it I do. One that’s not gotten a lot of attention. Mind you it still needs to steep but I snuck a taste in there. You must have some kind of flavor pairing charts or something - who woulda thunk this would be good?

Deep dark forest

Ingredient %
Cocoa (FA) 1
Forest Fruit (FA) 2
Oba Oba (FA) 6

Flavor total: 9%

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Well thank you ! dark chocolates go well with dark berries :wink:

And you know which juice I’d tout on your behalf !!!

My pairings are always those easy no-brainers. I’m thinking of getting a copy of that Flavor Bible. Do you own that?

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No I want that maybe for Christmas !!! hint hint wink wink !!!

@DarthVapor swears by it though. I believe there is a electronic version if your a kindle kinda guy !

( I hinted at my seceret santa ) lol just reread and thought oh boy I hope he doesn’t think I’m aiming that at him :smile:

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Well I had this really cool gift I wanted to send you but since your address is in limbo…what to do? In a few moments you’ll own The Flavor Bible, compliments of your Secret Santa ---- me! So, is there a version you would prefer? I can get PDF for you in a few seconds time.

HO HO HO! :slight_smile: Love getting people something they wanted! :slight_smile:


Are you freaking serious !!! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! ALL AROUND MUAH !!!

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Hhahaa… .that’s awesome, @SthrnMixer

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Uh kinda would like the kindle version But don’t know how that would go down ?

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Check your email. Kindle version is sent! You can download the free Kindle Player for basically any device. Merry Christmas Amy. I have 1 other thing for you once you get settled in. Love right back!


Holy Moly your fast !!! Well thank you ! Let me see how I can do this , this is awesome of you @SthrnMixer

thank you a million times ! And Merry Christmas :smiley:

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My pleasure for sure! Do you use PC? Get the free player directly from Amazon

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Wow your pretty tech savy ! would that take up space on my chrome book ? I love it, thank you so much.
This book is fantastic I love to cook as well !! yay So blessed to have great friends

I tried to download it but I think it doesn’t like my software. Chrome book is a pest about a lot of things. thats ok my kindle is never far from me .

Ahh, i was just about to ask if she wanted the PDF version. :smile:

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Oh no, you can’t view it?

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Could convert it:

Amazing it was small enough to send via email, the one i have is 103MB but its pdf.

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Try this Amy

KIndle Player - Cloud Reader


I didn’t send a file Ken. I purchased as a gift through Amazon. Cool thing is they make it possible you can view their files on basically any computer, tablet or phone.