Glass bottles for Nic storage

So I have my nicotine on its way. I have always just ordered small amounts of nic so I use it as I need it and never had to store it long term. With this new mail ban coming I have ordered a stock pile for 3 years worth. I have researched and plan on storing in breaking down my 500 ml bottles to store into smaller 125 ml glass amber bottles with polycone caps.

My question is where is everyone buying their glass bottles at? I know a lot of people just order off amazon but I’m wondering about the quality of the bottlesfrom amazon. I found a place online called SKS bottle and packaging that looks pretty decent. Does anyone have any experience with them?

Also, once I get them I plan on using distilled water and boil them for 10 minutes after washing them. Then let them air dry in the dishwasher rack. Does this about cover the process prior to adding the nicotine?

And was planning on buying a small funnel or beaker to pour the nicotine into the rounds. Any better plan for transferring the contents?

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I just bought a dozen 250ml amber Boston round bottles with the polycone caps from Glass Bottle Outlet for a good price. Delivery was pretty fast, bought on the 8th and delivered on the 13th, pretty fast for these days considering it went ground all the way across the country. The packing was good, no breakage of any of the bottles. I normally bought them from Heartland when I got nic, but currently Heartland is out of bottles. Recommend this place for sure.


@Traxom, welcome to ELR, and I too had been using Amazon amber bottles (GBO), but started having issues with the caps breaking/splitting, and moved on to Wheaton’s.

Any size you want …

LOVE SKS, and I have purchased numerous cases of PET Cosmo bottles from them with twist tops, and they rock.

I typically just rinse with hot, maybe soapy water, rinse, air dry and load.

SMART man.

Funnels with a creased tip will allow air to pass by and prevent glug, glug, glugging.


The Wheaton’s with a NON-creased funnel, slow going …


Thanks for the replies. So for this vape apocalypse we are about to enter, would you go with:

Amazon Glass Bottle Outlet and order extra poly cone caps

SKS bottle with poly cone caps

Or order from one of the nic suppliers (although unknown where they get them from)

Or somewhere I have not listed ?

I’m probably over thinking it but with this being 1000ml of 100mg Nicotine that has to last a couple years, I just want to ensure I have the best reputable company with good lids.


I would use Wheaton’s for my critical storage needs.

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Looks like what I’m looking for. I see these wheaton bottles are made with the soda lime process vs borosilicate. Is there a difference between soda lime glass and borosilicate as far as possible leaching or is it strictly a thermal shock and hardness factor?

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Perfect. Going to order some. Since I ordered from Liquid Barn I am going to transfer the Nic from the plastic bottle using a spare squeeze tip nozzle from my VG bottle. Should be a lot less messy than a funnel.

Also, do you think it would be overkill to use my wife’s vacuum seal bag process to place each 120 ml bottle in prior to placing it in the freezer?


As far as the glass @Traxom, I didn’t really deep dive too far into the glass construction. I knew that I TOO, had used Amazon (GBO) bottles for years, and after I started experiencing numerous cap failures, I started looking around. Tested out the Wheatons and they WERE far superior. I know many people probably just get the shipping containers, and toss them in the fridge, or freezer, but I have to do more. I know Nude Nicotine ships in high quality bottles, BUT, they are still plastic. I don’t think any plastic can be better than any glass for 100mg NIC and up.

As far as the vacuum sealing, I think that’s a GREAT IDEA, and wish I had one. I (for whatever reason) like to tape the caps off, for peace of mind, but once you vacuum bag them, that should be DONE.


Never too late to protect your hoard investment I always say.

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I love this idea, thanks.