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I just recently got into Flavorah and now I wonder what took me so long. I’m going to get more and want to know which ones everyone should have. This is what I have now:

Vanilla Custard
Cinnamon Crunch
Crunch Cereal
Blueberry Muffin

I’m really curious how the Bavarian Cream compares to the usual. I’ve really only used the top 3 above and damn it’s some next level stuff.


At least one of these are in 75% of my current favorite mixes

Banana (Flavorah)
Blueberry (Flavorah)
Boysenberry (Flavorah)
Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah)
Cinnamon Crunch (Flavorah)
Cream (Flavorah)
Cured Tobacco (Flavorah)
Greek Yogurt (Flavorah)
Lime (Flavorah)
Peach (Flavorah)
Peanut Butter (Flavorah)
Pink Guava (Flavorah)
Rich Cinnamon (Flavorah)
Strawberry (Flavorah)
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah)
Virginia Tobacco (Flavorah)
Wild Melon (Flavorah)


For me its Flavorah Milk and Honey, a strong naturally sweet honey with an almost vanilla/caramel cream edge. I don’t enjoy it as a stand alone but am obsessed with using it as a sweetener in other mixes anywhere from 0.2% - 1.5%. Im finding it adds a warmth and depth to bakery or custards, with just the right hint of stickyness. Slightly surprising as I don’t really like honey!


Interesting. It does sound very good. Today I’ve been mixing FA Honey with FLV Vanilla Custard among other things. “Sticky” was the word I was thinking while vaping it actually. The custard really gives it some body.

I haven’t been mixing with custards very long, but FLV’s is right up there with CAP in my experience so far.


Im enjoying FLV Vanilla Custard, find it slightly dry and less sweet in comparison to CAP V1 (which suits my tastes). Its fantastic at adding body and oomph to my mixes without overpowering anything else.

I really need to bite the bullet and invest in some FLV fruit concentrates and try a few of their other creams. At the moment I only have “Cream” which is lovely but has an initial antiseptic smell, needs a good breathe (48 hours really) to get it to settle and blend well. Again its not a stand alone or something Id really ever use above 2% but adds a real velvet mouth feel.


Would you ever recommend going above 1% with FLV’s custard? I’m thinking maybe 1.5 just to see what it’s like, but don’t want to waste any.

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Im a very very new mixer (only been at it a few months) so not necessarily the “correct” person to ask. I think the most Ive used FLVs Custard was at 5% with a little FW Yellow Cake 3% and a dash of FLV Cream 1%- was aiming for a super simple cake and custard base I could add fruit to when the mood took me… Its not pleasant! Found it far too dry. Think the custard needs a touch of stickiness, to really shine.

Looking through the collection of mixes Ive currently got on the go the highest percentage that works is (for me) is 3%. But I always add cream or milk & honey to it. Super basic mix I seem to vape daily at the minute is this one… Narcotic. Its a light custard/milk thing that I think most people would find a tad bland but I enjoy it for its simplicity.

Ok cool. I’ve been mixing for almost a year and it gets more fun as I learn more about it. You’re mixing with a scale or no? If not, do it asap and you’ll thank me later. I got my scale for $17 shipped.

Anyway, all day I think about different flavors and how to possibly make them. Sometimes I come up with a funny name for a recipe and then try to figure out what would be in it.

That Narcotic does look like it would be good… it better be with a name like that. Looks simple but delicious and something I would probably like. Not all juices have to be in your face. Sometimes subtlety is key.

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Check this out if you want:


It needs a little work. Thinking about upping the Cinn Crunch/Cinn Swirl/Custard by .5.

It’s the most interesting juice I’ve ever tasted tbh. It’s the FLV that’s doing it.


I am very pleased with every flavor that I have tried from Flavorah.I find them easy to work with ,IMO the flavors seem to compliment each other really well. I don’t have to worry about one flavor overriding another.The only acceptation that I have found so far is the Rich Cinnamon,it is a great flavor but you learn to respect it strength and start with low percentages.

Boysenberry ,Peanut Butter, Vanilla Custard,Rich Cinnamon,Blueberry , Wild Melon,Cinnamon Crunch, Milk and Honey , Cream,they are all very good IMO.
I have a few others already but I haven’t mixed with those just yet.


The only FLV flavor I am not really crazy about so far is Strawberry. It’s ok when used with other strawberry flavors. But I wouldn’t use it by itself.

One I see not mentioned here is Honey Bee. I have read some don’t like it. But I love it. I keep the percentage around .5% and use it with FA Honey at .75% and I love the combo.

FLV Vanilla Custard is awesome. I use it around 2.5% with Capella Vanilla Custard at 3.5%-5% and it is my favorite custard combo.


Um, all of them! :wink: I think @Pro_Vapes covered all of my favorites but I will reiterate. Peach, Banana, Peanut Butter, Rich Cinnamon, Chocolate Deutsch, Blueberry, Coffee, Cranberry, Creme de Menthe, Greek Yogurt, Lime, Milk and Honey, Orange Citrus, Boysenberry, Raspberry, and I actually like the Strawberry and am one of the ones that doesn’t really like the Honey Bee. The strawberry is more like a strawberry syrup than a fresh strawberry. It’s not even as strawberry as a strawberry candy, but I think it works really well in things like ice cream, milk shakes, etc. where you kinda want that fakey strawberry flavor. The honey bee is a very earthy, almost grassy and herbal kinda of honey. It would probably be good with teas or some fruits, but I’ve not done a lot of experimenting with it yet. It’s not a bad flavor per se, it’s just different and not what I was expecting.


Greek Yogurt sounds like it would be really good to start with as a base. Pretty cool we have a 20% off code too. Good to hear about the honey. Just started playing around with FA Honey and it’s awesome. Can’t wait to mix it with Honey Bee.

I’m not impressed with Blueberry Muffin though. Maybe I just haven’t used it properly, but it seems just like a sweet blueberry almost identical to BB Extra.

Yeah, Blueberry Muffin is said to be more of a candy blueberry flavor. It is yummy though :wink:

Just ordered the rest of the line. Mixed with inw im seeing some real good mixes.


INW has some killer flavors too. Sometimes I think they are a little underrated. Do you have Shisha Strawberry? If not, that one’s great to have.


I agree because there is no way to give INW a high enough rating. Their flavors are awesome. So far, everything I have had of FLV was awesome. If I could just press a button and buy the whole FLV line at, say 30ml, I would.

Pink Guava FLV is not my favorite though. Admittedly I don’t dig on Guava IRL. It’s well done, just not for me and I’d still buy it. . again.


I was in the grocery store one day and saw a can of guava juice. It was in the section with mexican food/glass bottle coke/etc… I figured it would be good because I like fruit juices… WRONG… It was disgusting. I took a few sips and threw it out.

Who here has tried INW Waffle? INW should win an award for thinking outside the box. It’s a very strong and hard to describe flavor. In the notes I said something about how it’s like tasting the heat from a homemade waffle.

Any idea why a 15ml bottle of Rich Cinnamon is $12.50?


EDIT - Nevermind. After reading the notes, this is apparently the opiate of flavorings.

Yeah frank. 15ml will last you 3 - 4 times longer than other flavors that size. It is a very concentrated flavoring. One drop too much in a 30ml and you will notice a drastic change in your recipe.