Goblin Mini RTA by Youde/UD

Got this little tank in a few days ago and can say, it’s a winner! Able to handle dual or single coil set up and airflow options are from minuscule mouth to lung inhale or full bore lung hits. Definitely worth the wait from UD on this super low profile RTA.

I haven’t been able to pry it out of my wife’s hands since it hit the house (her first tank), thus, two more are on the way from the vendor.

On sale now:


I got mine in a week or so ago but haven’t had time to try it out yet because I got the velocity rda in the same day. Can’t wait to try it out though

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I was looking at 1 the other day. If the Goliath wasn’t on sale at the same time I would have gotten one. Glad to hear they are on point. On my to do list…


Waiting for that one (V2) to open up state side somewhere this week.


I just unwillingly gave my almost fav billow v1 to the wifey I haven’t had enough time to be away from it to miss it but it gives me the opp to get a new tank I’m just waiting for the Goliath v2. it will happen it will happen I keep telling myself… but cmon really

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I’m saying the same thing about the G V2 and the Sigelei 75 TC.


I personally find it a very flawed rta for what you got now for the same price maybe lower. But that’s just me.

I haven’t found any issues with my Goblin Mini so far. Did you have issues with yours?

I found one for $58 preorder. Now I’m playing the waiting game.


bottom fill, very tight space between the rebuildable base and the tank itself, leaky even when properly wicked. I don’t like it personally, have used the zephyrus and it’s definitely an improvement on the rta’s game.

Still I drip most of the time on my derringer clone, discrete and full of flavour.

This is a little, well, maybe a lot off subject, but I was wondering where you got your nickname for the Forum here? Reason I ask is locally to us in Montgomery and Conroe Texas are Vape Shops named Vaporizeit. Just wondering if you were associated in some way or the name just struck you as the one for you one day…

Meh, these two things don’t affront me or cause issues with the product working properly.

Have to disagree with you on this point. I’ve had mine up and running for a week with no leaking.

There is a trade section on this site if you want to sell yours to someone who would like to have it.

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Well @Jimk maybe you like it, i got it, but bottom fills for me are a no go. I sold it already, people definitely like it. I prefer the zaphyrus so much more.


I just made it up, I’m all the way in Europe. =)

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UDGM coupon for $20.99 here

I also found the spare color tanks with drip tips.

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I’m not waiting any longer, Vape drive brought in my Goblin Minis today and nickle wire 26 and 28 guage. Never did this type coil and needed to know # wraps on what guage I could do for say .9 ohms. The Eleaf 40w TC says it will work up to 1 ohm in TC mode. My lungs are destroyed from smoking so I wanted to try TC at as high a ohm coil as possible. Single coil is fine if need be. As you know it comes with all you need for that. Any help would be appreciated!

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A little while ago I finished a single coil build on my Goblin Mini with Nickle Wire and .07 ohm. Using it on the Eleaf 40w TC mod and seems to be working great. Need better cotton though. Not used to needing cotton at home but I better get used to it now…

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You’ll never get .9 with a dual and a contact coil shorts in TC mode. The most I been able to get is a 6 wrap standard coil with a 2.5 mm ID. The beauty of TC is you control the vape temp, so ohms shouldn’t be a problem. You just need to build the biggest standard wrap coil you squeeze into your GM. It’s such a low res wire I think it’s impossible to get .9 std wrap on that small deck.

Just got through breaking mine down for a recoil. I had the first go at dual coils at .5 ohms; a tad bit much for me. Bumping the setup to around .8 or 1 ohm; should be a bit better for me. This is using Nichrome 80; in a couple of days I’ll be going Ni200.

You can get about a life’s worth of Japanese cotton now on Amazon for around $8.