nothing really out there and a buddy likes the local shops gobstomper. not even sure where to begin except hard cany and random fruit flavors.

OK, so a gobstopper is basically sugar…

It is only the outer colored layer that has actual flavoring. The white part inside is just completely sugar flavored. Its a psychological thing that makes you think theyre flavored.

For your reference,

Red: Cherry
Purple: Grape
Yellow: Lemon
Green: Watermelon
Orange: Orange


so basically just throw all these flavors together and hope fore the best…lol

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Ive never made a candy flavour but maybe try:

Cotton Candy (10% EM) - The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice - 3%

Then pick any of the candy flavours:

Grape Candy - The Flavor/Perfumer’s Apprentice - 3% ???

Someone who has used these flavours might be more help…


i will try but not with grape dont have that one yet, but do have alot of flavors

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Try here - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors?q=candy&sort=num_recipes&direction=desc

Check the “Note” Section for percentages or check a recipe they are used in


I’m just about to order a gobstoper eliquid like in the hopes of making one too.
I don’t actually think it contains that many fruit flavours though, but I’ll let u know if I make any progress lol. Maybe at really low percentages?


yes please let me know!

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Read the whole thread, the information was there, you just didnt see it… :wink:

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http://www.diy-ejuice.com/Jawbreaker-Flavor-by-Flavor-West-p/fw-jawbreaker.htm saw this today

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FW makes a jawbreaker flavor

Jawbreaker Flavor - The core of a jawbreaker is Sugar, only the outer layer is flavoured…

What would a Jawbreaker Flavor be? Sugary fruits?

A FW flavor… Sounds interesting…

This could get interesting…lol

If gobstopper = jawbreaker, I think of a powdered sugar/meringue taste with a tiny bit of fruitiness. If that helps at all… :stuck_out_tongue:


@VapeyMama I likey. …just put all the sweet flavors together

Cotton Candy
Sweet and Tart
Stevia (ok maybe over the top)


I do need to get some tart sour flavors

No Stevia lol

Bowl of Sugar that is.


Colors of layers of Nestle Everlasting Gobstoppers
Outer Middle Inner
Orange Yellow (Lemon) Pink
Red (Cherry) Orange
Yellow (Lemon) Orange
Green (Watermelon) Purple (Grape)
Purple (Grape) Pink (Strawberry)

I say play around with these flavors and add some sweet & tart TFA but I’d stay lower or it’ll end up tasting like smarties instead.

Great candy like flavors
Orange FA
Grape Juice TFA
Watermelon LA or TFA Candy watermelon
Sweet Strawberry Caps or even better is Flavorah’s Strawberry
Cherry INW
Lemon - Lemon Sicily FA

FW’s makes a Hard candy but it more rancher like *


So far from this gobstopper flavour, by wizmix, all i can really taste is bubblegum. Its not really the same as i remembered but its mostly pg based. Last time i bought it was when i was using my pen ecig. So ill try find it and try it in there. There are other flavours but i cant tell what they are.

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BuMpPage~! I was kiiinda kidding above, but it stuck in my brain

Exactly what I’m looking for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I’m wondering how one could make a supersweet vape with high% of sweetener that didn’t offend. I bought some FW Bubblegum and plan some tests. Thanks for that tidbit @Lou3

Here’s a interesting (highly rated) recipe which seems nuts but represent what some commenters (and us!) believe is actually/secretly at the core of many commercial e-juice (high% of sucralose).

Hmm (brain-tasting) a simple adaptation would be way-lower the Forest Fruit and add some bubblegum …maybe mix up the sweetener like SuperSweet (CAP) which is 20% Sucralose and Citric Acid …but keeping it @ say 8% Anyone else interested? …this is a crazy easy recipe, so Imma make the Betty clone as-is first, and keep my coil cleaning supplies at the ready :wink: