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Going to Miami


I’ll be there (Doral) on Monday for about a week, does anybody know a decent place where I can go and buy some flavours or liquids? Or where the staff is nice, last time I went in a place where… well… never mind…

Thank you for your help!


If you’re going through Jacksonville in North FL to get there, I can point you to a few places. No idea south of St. Augustine, though.


Thanks, @Plunderdrum, but I won’t be able to move much, going there for work… probably will “have” to go to Dolphin Mall, there’s a shop there but… definitely not a specialist… and there’s a lady in Doral that’s got a small shop… I’ll go and see her again!


Right on, wasn’t sure if you would be driving through on the way. No need to drive 5 hours north for any reason! Haa! Have a nice trip. Maybe there will be a new place to find there.


I hope you have a lot of fun. The only advice I can give you is behave yourself or you will have Dexter on your trail :laughing:


Going 4 work… but thanks Josephine anyway :+1:


@Chrispdx It’ll be nice to know that for 15 days I’ll be in your hometown…
I won’t be able to get off the ship (It’s quite intensive) but still… nice to know!! :+1:


Very cool. Maybe I could throw a care package over the rail. I used to work at ups. Lol.

But you did pick a good time to be here. It’s supposed to be sunny and 45 for a few days.


I’ll be wating on the other side… catching whatever comes!! I’ll be at Vigor…:joy:
Weather…. Ain’t I lucky?? I’ll drop a picture here, when we arrive at the shipyard on Monday…


NYC now it’s nice with the snow and sunny, I’ll go outside the airport for a vape… and then off to SFO


Today snowing @Chrispdx town, looks like I’m in Oregon… :joy:
It’s nice to know I’m in the same fellow vaper hometown!


Yeah this weather is not the norm. But you’ll see everyone freaks out when they see a snow flake. Lol


Too true but I didn’t realize it!! There’s some Asian personnel that never saw the snow, they freaked out!

I saw them coming on the ship’s deck, taking pictures, looking at the snowflakes in the palm of their hands, just like children, at first I thought… why are they looking at the snow like that, then I realized that they might have never seen it!

It made me happy!


@Iv3shf…It sounds like you have a pretty cool job there! :passenger_ship:


Not moaning, not payed enough, but at my age can’t complain or argue… (60… it’s a dangerous zone) m employed and that’s a good thing!

BTW logistic and purchasing manager with a firm in the Cruise ship business (giant floating hotels practically)

In a couple of weeks time off to Victoria BC on Emerald Princess


Small city almost. Especially those that hold up to 5000 plus passengers. You have a heck of a job.


Just out of curiousity, Are there any vape shops on board?


No chance, it’s forbidden, only in designated areas…

I got told off a couple of days ago in the general ship’s management meeting……

“Smoking is not allowed on the ship and only in designated areas, that includes vaping and that includes you Frank even if you’re management, I throw you off the ship”
And that was the fleet superintendent…:joy:


@Chrispdx any suggestion for a vape shop in Portland?
Might have to go and find some stuff tomorrow so I’ll get some “free” time.


It’s been two years since I’ve stepped into a Portland shop. The vape spot off burnside is close to voodoo doubuts (hipster doughnut place) and there is rose city vapesters.