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Gone crazy for mangos

Unfortunately I can’t taste most fruits. I have given up on apples, blueberries, strawberry, and bananas. But I have had success with citrus and tropical fruits.

Recently, I have gone bananas for mangos…my flavor stash for mangos has gotten crazy. Currently have:
Mango Flv
Mango SC
Mango NF
Island Mango SC WF
Sweet Mango CAP

On the way:
Mango FE
Mango MF
Golden Eye NR
Yellow Mango EuroFlavo

I have lost my damn mind. The layering of mangos here is almost limitless. Gonna be busy…


Crazy! I was just about to share this thing I whipped up just now…


Despite what my stash says I can make this…and will tomorrow. Looks great! I have never used flv cream this low. Usually more like 1%. Are you using it to smooth all the flavors together. I really like the NF Mango. Glad to see you using it here!


Oh you gotta try Indian mango fa. It’s pretty damn good imo.


That’s what I’m hoping! Just a hidden blender. I’d be happy to read your thoughts after a steep. I’ve only knuckle tested this, and it seems pretty good!


adds yet another damn mango to a future shopping list


Man peach , orange and mango are so good together


This is not good news for those of us who are just beginning to go “Strawberry blind.” Does this mean that all of the other fruit flavours are lining up behind waiting to destroy our taste buds?! Please say it isn’t so.


Okay, did not hear this before… Maybe because I’m not a vape fruit lover at all. (never tried in around 9 years).
But crazy


I do the same thing lol. when i find what i’m looking for i trade the ones i didn’t care for.

I have been looking for a mango also and i am pretty sure i found it in INW Mango and Tango. It’s pretty fantastic and tastes exactly like a ripe mango w/ no candy element. if you get a chance you should give it a try


Think Pink fruit FLV for that :wink:

side note: @scifoc… I can not remember if you have had my shots or???

@Dan_the_Man… I dont get candy anything from flv’s mango, I really have to play with it to make candy… but I can candy it up… :wink: I do know I do not like it at 2% as it gets more syrupy than anything else.

Sorry for more edits… I am still not awake yet… but I know tfa’s mango and I’d trade it in a skinny minuet for a 4oz bottle of flv mango :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: in fact Cap had a mango, I never really got the sense, point etc… from 1% up to 15%… and fa’s mango did nothing to turn my taste buds…

@scifoc here is all my public mango recipes… have some fun!



@Dan_the_Man saw your vid on the Mango & Tango…what percentage did you use? Mango, a good mango, is one of my favorites and I like mine rather strong. I’'m gonna order this one up, Tnx!

Here is one of my favorites: Wreka (or Reka) Sexy Mango. Malaysian. I can only find it for sale at Chefs in the UK. This one, they say, is one of the main concentrates in the Cushman juices. I agree, I can taste the very faint spiciness and muskiness, this is a delicious concentrate. Had to import it from UK so i ordered a 100ml bottle…really glad I did. There is also a Wreka Sparkling Mango, which I haven’t tried but appears to have a carbonated feel. And there is a “Chewy Mint”, which I will order next time also. Some Malaysian mango juices have a touch of mint, which is a nice combo also.


I think you’ll be fine, assuming you weren’t joking. I’m severely strawberry challenged but have no issues with other fruits.


What orange would you recommend?


I was half joking, but not totally. Pleased to hear other flavours don’t destroy one’s taste buds too. It must be something in the strawberry concentrates then. I’ve bought so many different strawberries in order to try and beat this problem. All to no avail. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of telling me to move on. Thanks. Just out of interest, have you always been this way, or has it developed after vaping too many strawberries?


To go with Peach and Mango ??? Its hard to say …Personally i like FA Orange with a Touch of MF but to keep.things simple Sweet Tangerine osnt orange but gives you that Orange Citrus Note…Ive never tried any TPA oranges and do t know if they have any , but FLV blood orange is also tasty …


Another rarity that’s delicious is HiLiq’s Mango Sorbet.
(I’m guessing it’s actually their ‘plain’ Mango plus some WS-23 but I’ve never tasted it.)

I’ve still not found the concentrates available anywhere but their own website at a pricey $13.99 / 30ml but their nicotine gets good reviews so a combined order may justify the expensive shipping (fast UPS/DHL) from China.

(HiLiq have traditionally had outstanding offers during the second week of November to celebrate the company’s birthday so well worth adding a reminder to your calendar to check the website.)


yes it is. it was my first orange and i started to get some others and they were so much more difficult to work with. So, flv blood orange is my fave.

I used it at 3% for my single flavor test but I have yet to put it in a recipe.

cool, I’ll give it a go but at the moment I have been waiting on a package from chefs for over 6 weeks now and they told me it has to be missing for 8 weeks before they consider it lost in the post.


That’s a real drag Dan, sorry to hear about the delay. Thanks for the heads up about Chefs, I can sure wait a month or two before reordering then.


A little background…Before I started DIY I once bought a bottle of strawberry e-liquid called Orgasm. Don’t recall the manufacturer but the label had big red lips printed on it. The vendor was Giant Vapes, who are still around.

Anyway it was a stunningly good juice and worthy of it’s name! Well that manufacturer vanished and sadly I have never come even remotely close to finding something like it at the commercial level or with my feeble DIY attempts. The closest I’ve come was with my Pink Panther Milk, but even that pales in comparison.

But to answer your question I’m fairly certain my strawberry blindness is most likely due to those 100’s of hours mixing dozens of strawberry brands into every conceivable iteration I could conjure up.