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Good Deals 2018!


Lubrisolve.com Coupon code
@Steampugs @Lolly @Jim22 @G-Fog @R113



Darkstarvapour.co.uk Coupon Code
@Steampugs @Lolly @Jim22 @G-Fog @R113 @bluenose63




Health Cabin is having their 9th Anniversary Celebration starting on May 14 to June 14. Take a look!

Additionally, Health Cabin has teamed with some brands to provide you with Brand Based Discount, Giveaways, and some Buy One Get One Free deals.

–>First round: 10pcs Vaporesso Nexus Starter Kit 1 Giveaway
–>Second round: SMOK Devilkin, Mag Baby Kit 1, Resa Stick Starter Kit, V-Fin 160W Kit Giveaway
–>Third round: Geekvape Aegis Legend kit, Blade Kit, Zeus Dual RTA Giveaway
–>Fourth round: Suorin Air Starter Kit and Suorin Drop Starter Kit Giveaway

Click for more Info! Health Cabin 9th Anniversary


This hase some really good brands on sale. It is free shipping and updated often


I still can’t afford it :frowning: but maybe others do. $115.99 if you apply code 250 plus free shipping I believe. Other color options are available as well, but the variety link wasn’t posting on the forum, hence I only clicked a random to link lol.

Fast tech apparently got a $118.95 deal as well on that mod, as usual code MAP

VaporDna for the US at $149.99 with code 5off its $144.99 but I would try the regular 10% off they always have per mail, it might work and maybe cheaper? Idk. Whoever buys one, I really hate you! Lol


$29.99 linking it due to popular demand, from a US store that has them stocked. Enjoyment for the impatient that don’t like pre orders or pre sales, or can’t wait for 2 weeks when shipped from China :wink:


Use code MOM10 and the price drops to $27.81 USD.


That’s a really good deal. I wish that box had an internal battery. I’d love to squonk, but when I travel, extra external batteries and the charger are a real pain to keep up with.


Yeah, I can see that. There may be newer models on the horizon though…


inaweraflavours.com Coupon Code - For a mystery % off your next order…




@Ken_O_Where BL is back - i think you were running short.

Thanks @Mark_Turner


from Walt Reynolds ~ Ps… I heard it starts around 4pm EST and there are only 500 bottles per flavor.


Cheers mate. I am flush for BL i bought up when it was last on offer. I am pretty sure Ken is out of the BL French Vanilla.


$30.00 for the Lock Ness I want this mod real BAD.


RealFlavors Summer Sale is live.
Don’t forget to checkout the BlackLabel Concentrates


Don’t know if its a good deal or not, but it sure is purty


me too, looks like a great deal, after work today, going to order one, thanks for info


Keeping a promise to Health Cabin… Join the celebration!!!