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Good Deals 2018!


Nude Nicotine


I have had good luck with a similar model I purchased for $9.99
Thinking about getting a couple of these for $15.90


@CosmicTruth Thanks for that. I missed their email LOL. Now that NR is switching up their NIC, I might re-revisit my friends at Nude again.

Price Reduction on ALL Nicotine Products!

Nude Nicotine is proud to be able to now offer a reduced cost on all of it’s nicotine products! From Nicotine Salts to Nicotine Bases, everything has been discounted a fair amount to reflect what we feel should be the true-value of a nicotine solution of such size and concentration :slight_smile: This pricing reduction affects:

Pure Nicotine
Wholesale Nicotine Bases (All Concentrations)
Retail Nicotine Bases (All Concentrations)
Wholesale Nicotine Salts (All Concentrations)
Retail Nicotine Salts (All Concentrations)
Wholesale Armor v3 Nicotine Base (Extended Shelf Life)
Retail Armor v3 Nicotine Base (Extended Shelf Life)
Armor v1 Nicotine Base (Extended Shelf Life)
Armor v2 Nicotine Base (Extended Shelf Life)
Casual Nudist Nicotine Bases (All Concentrations)

Here are a few reason how and why we are excited to be able to bring you lower prices on all of our nicotine products at Nude Nicotine:

  1. Lab efficiency:
    We’ve expanded and finished our 1100 sq ft ISO 6/7 clean room expansion. We are now closing in on 2,000 sq ft of production space, allowing us to implement larger reactor vessels and mixing equipment. This is such a great time to be a chemist at Nude Nicotine! Not only does this mean proper large-scale production capability of nicotine salts and bases, but also a model facility in which we have standardized our ISO 9001 and 17025 compliant quality systems, all without increased overhead cost. In addition, and also very important is the expansion of our freezer capacity to store 24 pallets of raw or finished nicotine. This is enough to accommodate a 2-3 month supply of raw products for our market as a whole. This is our biggest security blanket in the case of a market shortage, raw material fluctuation, or any event constituting force majeure - a true sigh of relief :slight_smile:

  2. Customer Value:
    You are #1 at Nude Nicotine - the customer experience means everything to our staff when purveying quality chemistry. We know our quality exceeds anyone on the market, even what is dictated by the US Pharmacopoeia (99.0%). However you shouldn’t need to pay top-prices for top-notch quality - Nude Nicotine can bring you this experience at a lower cost, in line or below that of the standard market value. Our goal is for our nicotine products, analytical services, and genuine support in your business or DIY to allow you, (our customer) to flourish!

3.Recent Acquisition Within- and the Influence of- our Supply Chain for Nicotine:
Making nicotine, let alone NUDE Nicotine is complicated!!! There are many steps to distilling pure and quality nicotine from tobacco leaves, which requires not only a (team of) world-class chemist(s) to undertake, but some of the best logistics managers and shippers. Over the past year, we at Nude Nicotine have made major strides in acquiring portions of, or heavily influencing and establishing supply contracts within the field of tobacco sourcing for nicotine distillation, and the implementation of new, efficient, and revolutionary new nicotine distillation protocols. Nude Nicotine controls its entire supply chain from soup-to-nuts, which means our customers experience consistent, reliable, expedient, quality products for the most important person in the world – you!! This means a lower overall cost for your nicotine products across the board at Nude Nicotine. Cheers to the expansion and growth!

It is because of you that we’re here today to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! It was about this time in April/May 2013 when we took the first orders for our eLiquid and nicotine bases, and boy has it come a long way. And we are so thankful for all that you have done to allow our company to flourish and flower to the point at which we stand today - thank you so much from the bottom of all of our hearts :slight_smile:

Last, but not least, we’d like to present you with our updated Nude Nicotine Guarantee: a guarantee on our dedication to quality and service, each and every time you order with us:

Nude Nicotine’s Quality Guarantee:

Nude Nicotine guarantees the quality of nicotine bases and salts with a full money-back guarantee for wholesalers and DIYers - we are committed to the highest level of customer service for anyone purchasing our products! Nude Nicotine will guarantee the integrity of our formulation during shipping to ensure your optimal enjoyment of our nicotine bases and salts. While Nude Nicotine products contain nicotine, and are prone to oxidation if improperly stored, we will work tirelessly to ensure the appropriate transit is employed to get our products to you safely, quickly, and without delay. (If you have questions as how to best extend the shelf life of you Nude Nicotine products upon arrival, please don’t hesitate to get in touch).

Nude Nicotine will also guarantee the timely arrival of shipments within its control. Unless otherwise noted, our staff will manufacture/process your order for shipping in less than 3 business days, ship the product in tested & secure packaging with a guarantee against spillage/leakage, and will be available to assist in tracking or final-line issues if they ever arise. We are wholly committed to making your experience with our laboratory of the highest caliber - both enjoyable and informative! This guarantee is our promise to treat you with the utmost care and respect, regardless of whether you use these products personally, or formulate for others in a business environment.

You deserve a big thank you from all of us at the Nude Nicotine laboratory (not only for reading our quality guarantee, but for being the best part of the Nude Nicotine family - our customer and “field-chemist!” We appreciate you!

Warmest regards,
The Nude Nicotine team
(858) 216-2044


I checked the price of my normal order and NN is within $2$ of NR
$35.00 1L 48mg 50/50 NN + SurePost 1 lb or Greater (UPS): $10.50 so $45.50
$33.19 1L 48mg 50/50 NR + FedEx Ground Home Delivery (4 business days) $ 14.12 so $47.31?

Wow NN cheaper than NR




Why so many HealthCabin repeats? Going to have to remove some of them as there are 6 or 7 from the last couple days.

EDIT: Figured it out, no more links please as it is considered spam, sorry.




@Mark_Turner You know I can’t resist the French Toast !!!


Love the French Toast!

Excited to try Blue Razz, haven’t had that one before


Here’s a discount for anyone wanting to shop at VaporBeast


They had me at free…

Order 3 bottles of each…

Need another blue ras to try . Just have liquid barns

FRENCH TOAST sound tasty :yum:


I thought it was 3 total. I ordered 2 Blue Ras and 1 French Toast.


What is this black label? is it better stuff or something?


@Dan_the_Man Supposedly so, at least in these two’s cases, supposed to be made from all new ingredients.


@Mark_Turner’s post shows “using all new fancy ingredients”, and from the French Toast product page says Black Label Vanilla.

Product Description
Bottle size: 10ml

French toast is one of those things that everybody kind of knows how to make and it has become a beloved American breakfast dish. The perfect french toast should have a crispy, crunchy exterior, a rich, creamy interior, and the right balance of custardy sweetness every single time. The batter flavoring used in this blend contains a rich melted butter flavor, a true vanilla bean extract (Black Label Vanilla), milk, and yes… even egg.


Limit 3 per flavor per order.


For me, it was 6 freebies in total, and I got 2 Ras and 4 French Toast. Did it say otherwise on the web site ? Oops ! Hope they don’t substitute my order to 3 & 3.

They said free, I didn’t see anything about a limit per flavor, and since minimum shipping costs could handle [x] number of bottles, I wanted to see how many bottles I could add before the shipping went up. Hey, if I can get 20 free bottles for their minimum shipping cost, I’d do it.

If the Black Label Vanilla is so awesome, I figured the BL French Toast should be equally awesome… This is the hope, but in reality ? :thinking:


Limit 3 Bottles. Discount will show on the cart page. Additional bottles are normal price.

Shipping is not too expensive, unless your flat busted, ±$5.00


Nunchaku at $45. Lowest price I’ve seen. I know @fidalgo_vapes and @Jazzy_girl was interested before?


Thanks @MysticRose!! I picked me one up!