Good deals?

ipv3li 200 w with tc for 93 bucks


15% is 15%???

Joyetech eVic VT 60W Temperature Control VW Mod Kit - $124.90

code- vapedealsvt60 for a joytech evic for 60 bucks


I’m getting another one tomorrow… the black one.

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drip tips 25 cents

Anyone found any good Fathers Day sales going on for the eVic VT 60watt mods (US Sellers)? I would love to get one of these for Fathers Day

Joye eVic VT 60w $56
They’re advertising the white but they have all 3 colors.

From a vendor in our from

3FVvape Joye eVic VT 60w. China $56


Thanks NewDrip!

I found this one also, same price but a little closer to home and a little cheaper to ship.


Sweeet … Fathers day Sale at ecigExpress


Ask and you shall receive, I guess! That’s a great sale…too bad I’m over my vudget. I guess I could make an exception, just the once. :smirk:

Edited: Sorry, I forgot it is vudget…not budget. :stuck_out_tongue:

vudget new word …lol

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Yeah, don’t tell my wife, I’m a little over vudget too.

Bought me the eVic and then spent another 50 bucks on flavors at ECX, about the same amount on some Vapers Tek nic and some PG and VG, and then a few more bucks on some TI wire and cotton on Ebay :flushed:

Happy Fathers Day :smile:


VaporKings has a sale going on…

I don’t see the mini as a sale item though… the occ coils might be of interest and someone my be able to get them to start giving members a standard discount also.

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evic 55.99

Crown Subtank by Uwell
It’s a beast. They made it to the UK.
Crown Subtank by Uwell
They are in the US too.
And Here $3 coupon code “” for uwell crown sub ohm tank

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code SITE5OFF 69.34

One Stop DIY Shop - Use code “fireworks” for 16% off everything but clearance, special deals, and artisan kits.

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Sig 75w TC $58.49 Pre-Order US Retail (Register a new account for 10% discount and free shipping).


Best price so far. I couldn’t pass it up.

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