Good deals?

40% off Signature Flavors at [ECX][1]

I’m way over vudget, but that’s a pretty good deal…I may have to grab a couple.


Nicotine sale:
1 liter 100mg $39.00 to 1 gal 100mg Nic $148.00
1 liter 250mg $98.00 to 1 gal 250mg Nic $369.00

Coupon code: 38DAYS

Never tried it so can’t vouch for it, but there you go.


Can’t. Stop. Clicking.

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Haha yeah, I had that problem, too. I wound up with $60 worth of flavors in my cart, even after the discount…had to whittle it down just a tad. :stuck_out_tongue:


Such a good deal. Too bad the kid has to have his senior pictures paid in advance. You know how much vape stuff I could buy? : :cry:

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Until 6/30 (Tomorrow) MFS has a Sig 50w Vr2 “bundle” for as low as (aka you have to buy a tank and the cheapest one, innokin isub tank, is ~$9) 59.98. The mod itself is 50.92 and even with the innokin, that’s pretty good.


Any ideas how long this will last? I couldn’t find an expy date.

Email I got said June 30.

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Twisted Messes RDA Clone

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My Freedom Smokes has Fourth of July Ego Bundles for $13 and $20 if you are so inclined or they’d make good gifts for those wanting to try vaping out. :wink: They all contain one VV or VV/VW battery and at least one clearo, most more than two and some have 6 clearos all color coordinated. LoL.

Also, Sig 50w Vr2 on sale for ~$45 and an iSub/CF bundle for $34ish.

Looks like the sale ends on 7/6/15.

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One Stop DIY Shop —Just used it to order some skinny tip bottles and some more flavor!!


Just picked up a silver one for my wife for her birthday. Hope she likes it!

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Me too! Let us know what she thinks. :smile: It was on my list of mods I was considering.

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Time to load up again at my favorite store :smile:

Damn, that was a quick fifty bucks … I thought this DIYing as suppose to save me money …lol.

The funny thing is I wouldn’t of thought twice about dropping that much down on a carton of smokes every week so I guess I am saving a little money with the DIY.


Figures, the damn thing went on sale for $38 a couple hours after I ordered it. I already got a shipping notification from them so it’s to late to cancel and reorder … Oh well, 45 bucks was still a good deal.

Use coupon code VAPORJOE13


Happy 4th of July from The Vapor Chef !

We are offering 20% off from 12:00 a.m. eastern time on
Thursday, 7/2 - 11:59 p.m. eastern standard time on Monday, 7/6. Use code “fourth” (no quotes) on your order at check out!

I keep saying I need to stop getting their newsletter. That happens to me ALL the time. I will order something and the next day get an email with a code that makes it cheaper. Their regular prices suck, but their sales are usually pretty good.


code vaporjoe13 brings it to 38.66

nevermind I didn’t see @Shaner posted this already!!!

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Nicotine Labs
@ringling here we go again … Another sale after a price jack up so I heard prices went up over the last few days since your order. Idk I didn’t look.

Our Top 8 Most Popular Flavors!


Fruity Pebbles

Sweet Cream



Cotton Candy



July 4th Savings!

5% OFF orders of $25 and up!**

Simply use coupon code JULY4 and you will get 5% OFF orders of $25 and up!

*When submitting your coupon code, be sure to apply the coupon by clicking the arrow icon in the coupon field or simply hitting the ‘return’ key on your keyboard. When properly applied, the savings will be displayed in your cart.
Codes that are not properly applied will not be honored.

**Offer expires Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Offers do not apply to 1 gallon sizes of flavor concentrate or any 1 gallon and 4 gallon sizes of our liquid nicotine; and cannot be combined with any other offers. International customers can take advantage of our coupons!

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