Good deals?

@daath I surf all day for deals and I’ll start posting them here if it’s ok???


I can’t speak for Daath but I’m all for it and appreciate your efforts and sharing.

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I’d really like @daath to approve first.


Sure - Go ahead :smile:


Perhaps posted here?

Yes @Jimk, thanks for noticing :smiley: I moved this one as well!

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Duhhhh sry didn’t even think to look around???

For temp control.

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Looks like a familiar brand of cigs… cigs… yuk!!

LOL! :smile: IT DOES!

Thanks for the links! I have bought both offers from the first link :smiley:

That VapeMail HYPE!!


50 watts 30 bucks!!!


Just cool IMO… I have the full size… post holes r huge!!!

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      Have a look at this site:

They have a lot of great stuff on sale ALL the time.
They also have a lot of the newest merchandise, at really good prices.
You can have a look at what they have “coming soon”

I really like the Scandinavian version of it:

They are really cool, and master the “art” of good customer service as well :smiley:


These r real nice I messed around w one a few days ago… around $110.00 @ the vape store here!!!

I loves me a deal! Not much to spend when you work for a non-profit so I appreciate any savings I can get. Thank you!

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These r awesome I have two… rock solid and a work horse!!! Plus a free silicone case!!!

An iStick 50W clone?

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I’d like to order one, but I’m leery about how good it would be. Guess I’ll wait and see if anyone orders it and reviews it.