Good rhubarb and sugar crumbs effect


I am currently vaping a great premium Liquid which has 2 flavours/effects that make me ask you for recommendations:

  1. It uses rhubarb as an ingredient. Any recommendation on a good rhubarb flavour? (does not have to be tangy, it isn’t in this liquid)

  2. the Liquid has an aftertaste of little sugar crumbs on the tongue. How could they possibly have achieved this?



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Inawera Rhubarb is great. It’s potent though… so 0.5% - 1% is all that’s needed. Not sure about the sugar crumbs.


The only two rhubarbs I’ve tried are RF rhubarb sc, and Purilum strawberry rhubarb smash. The RF is sweeter and I don’t get much tang but I also don’t get that true rhubarb taste. The strawberry rhubarb smash is rhubarb heavy with slight sweetness from the sb, and much more tang, but very realistic imo.

For crumble I’ve been using Purilum cookie. I really love that flavor. It’s like a crispy crumbly dark sugar cookie.


INW Rhubarb is just awesome, it is a really tangy flavor that taste like fresh rhubarb.
RF SC Rhubarb is more like a cooked sweet rhubarb if anything.

For crumble FA Cookie and/or INW Biscuit.


Thanks folks, you are the best :smiley:


Another one here for the strawberry rhubarb pie from purilum! I’m really enjoying this flavor right now :smile:

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Only Problem is, how do I get Purilum Flavours in Germany XD

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Uuuuugh. Does @Nicotine_River ship to Germany…?


Sure they do but shipping is gonna be pricey.


Renamed strawberry rhubarb smash. :wink:


I suppose. Bummer. :-1:


Yes, sadly. In my mind the USA is the home country of good premium ejuice (like China is the home of hardware, still). But Inawera is a good tip, Inawera were my first flavours I ever mixed with, 6 years ago when mixing was still very, erm, experimental (I remember bacon Liquid. eeeeewwwww lol. Had to throw away my Ego Vaporizer XD)

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You can order directly from Inawera at
Unless you have a go to vendor that has Inawera.


Yes, Inawera is easy. And they do have a german vendor (who sells exclusively Inawera, if it isn’t Inawera themselves :slight_smile: )

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I live in Germany and order most of my Inawera flavors directly from Inawera in Poland.

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I still have 5 year old polish 38 mg Base here. Aaaah the good Eco Baza :smiley:

Speaking of rhubarb, this recipe is effing killer (pardon my language)… I tried it after a 5 day steep:


Looks yummy! Inawera Biscuit is on the shopping list anyways :D. The rest of stuff I should have here… The stuff I tasted today was like a rhubarb candy. Very sweet, slightly creamy, but extremely good. I have searched around this site but haven’t found anything that “could be close”. If any of you have an idea…

It’s Rhubarb It’s awsume. It’s not my granny’s super Tart Rhubarb.
Turned out sweet considering the contents.
Rhubarb (SC)(RF) is the key to this one as I tried Rhubarb (OOO) and it flops badly.


Ingredient %
Brown Sugar (OOO) 1.5
Liquid Stevia (365) 1
Pie Crust (OOO) 3
Rhubarb (SC) (Real Flavors) 4
Sour Cream (Amoretti) 4

Flavor total: 13.5%

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