Good shake n vape orange

I keep searching for a good, easy to make preferable shake n vape orange drink flavored vape. I prefer it easy on coils too…lol.

Just a background, I typically find something and stick to it. My current favorite is watermelon. I just use a simple recipe using only TFA watermelon. Looking for something similar to that in orange. Just good, simple and tasty. Kind of a sweet orange crush drink mix flavor but can’t seem to find one. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Here’s a pretty good list of highly rated Orange type recipes :grinning:


I have always enjoyed this one. This is how I vaped this recipe but I stopped buying flavorah years ago so I never had the chance to drop the percentages. @anon84779643 is the flavorah expert and may even have a better orange recipe. Good luck in your endeavor.


Dan… if it was me, you know I would drop the amounts used here… I know Blood orange after a month… month and a half… if left sitting will bring either a floral or mute to the juice. and I can blame a lot of butterscotch over the last few months… just too heavy for me… It does look good, but my pallet is always a bit too light and a few steps away from everyone else…

Just a simple Orange type juice… all flv

1.2% blood orange
.6% orange citrus
1% marshmallow vanilla
.4% sweetness

this will give you a sugared blood orange, with the marshmallow vanilla adding some mouth fluff for your tongue. I would sit this one down for 3 days… and then yeah… vape! :slight_smile:

Not sure why you stopped buying flv Dan… but you are more than welcome to join in on the contests, anytime :slight_smile:

off topic… thought since op is requesting orange… this might be a tempt too

Did you know… that “Sugared Nectarine” ejuice going around?

1.4% Nectarine FLV
.8% Peach FLV
.6% Sweetness FLV
.4% Cream

Give it 3 days to steep…


I always found this one refreshing and a little zippy! :wink: … and I’d consider it a SnV!


Tell me more, is this a clone?


It is… and one of my friends just made it and her son took off with the bottle :slight_smile:


@4x4ff … this one looks tasty as well!

…it’s a @daath creation. :smiley:


If it’s Coastal Clouds you sold me all those flavors SB !


Thanks @Kinnikinnick

That seems about my speed and style. I’ll give it a go


Get to mixing, @Rocky02852 :crazy_face: :tada:

it actually makes a decent base to lay down other “contrasting” flavors. Decent vapable, and the bottle will go fast! I like to add lime and lychee to it :wink:


Sparkling orange from reka is not bad for a single flavour. Maybe 1.6% to start with, add if needed.

Shisha orange inawera is close to an orangeade and is my favourite orange, probably needs sweetening for most people, maybe something like pear fa .6, shisha orange inw 1%.
Worth a try.
I want to try aurora fa + white grapefruit inw at some point soon but haven’t yet.


@Dan_the_Man I’ve not used the BO much, but I think @anon84779643 nailed this one. Don’t blow your face up bro !!!


The mix looks interesting.


You could teckie vape mine immediately… wont hurt and will taste alright… but it does need time to settle down. blood orange is one of my favs… and I know it very well… the lowest I have used it at is 3 drops in 30ml… up on to 3%… so I know what it does long term too.

It is one of the sweetest yet tangy tart oranges… the best I have had. Smooth but yet you can spike it with lychee or pineapple, even pink guava… :slight_smile:


SB you still didn’t tell me if this is Coastal Clouds clone, I love the Sugared Nectarine, not sure about the cream though :face_with_monocle:


Coastal clouds :white_check_mark: :crazy_face:

The cream is there to smooth everything out. You won’t detect it with the other flavors bouncing around :slight_smile:


I am going to have to try that, it’s usually the profile I’m looking for with orange. Shisha Orange has been my go to for awhile.


Blood Orange… is like everyone else’s cravings for strawberry to me… they are the go to for the holidays from Christmas to the 4th of July… best orange for punch styles, and even grilled. Excellent with pineapple, kiwi, strawberry or any other fruit you can toss with it… If you monkey around with the blood orange and tangerine… watch the tangerine, as it can become like bayer aspirin, those chewables… ugg… :slight_smile:

for more ideas


I do remember @DarthVapor getting rave reviews with this BO recipe. :smiley:

May not be SnV… but, if you have patience… it’s looks to be a knockout!


This is an ancient recipe, but it could be what the OP is looking for, if you drop the ylang ylang. The ylang adds an exotic tail to this, which is quite nice, but could also be great without it. Ahhh, the old days