Good simple dripping atty for testing flavours?

I’m a 100% sub-ohm tank vaper right now, who’s just about to step into the world of DIY juice making. I’m thinking a dripping atty would be best for when I make up a few different flavours for testing. I haven’t really gotten into building personally, so I’ll want one ready set up to go.

What I need is something simple, with a 0.5 ohm, or thereabouts, coil, that is easy to re-wick. Any suggestions?

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I use a velocity with dragon skin coils. The atty is about 15 bux very easy to build on. YouTube dragon skin coils. This gives me an idea of how juice taztes

The velocity looks nice alright, but I see it’s dual coil only, I want something really simple, I’m not great with fiddly little bits of wire :smiley:

I just started DIY myself and did exactly what you are talking about for testing. I thought building coils would be a nightmare until I bought a Coilmaster. Makes it easy to make the coils. I would recommend it for any newbie to building.

I bought the full kit:

Never looked back.


You can do single coil.

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I watched a quick vid on someone making up coils for it and they said you could do either dual or quad. Maybe they presumed nobody would be looking to make single coils?

Just watched another quick one there, from Grim green, and the dual coil he shows actually looks simple enough.

The one he shows here turns out to be a 0.3 ohm, which would be fine, I’d prefer maybe 0.4 - 0.5, I prefer to vape in around 30 - 40w.

What wire would I be looking to? it’ll be kanthal to start at least, but what guage? and how many wraps would give 0.5 ohm? He did 7 wraps on each coil, which gave him 0.3 [they would be 0.6 each coil right?]

I have done single vertical coils before. One coil between the posts. I like a clapton or something that holds enough juice that I don’t have to wick it. That’s why I went with a dragon skin. One it’s done it’s almost like mesh. I can sit at my desk with a syringe and a cup of water and taste alot of differant juices without mixing the flavors up. A single strand 24 guage coil won’t hold much juice.

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If you are looking for ultra simple grab an Igo-W. First RDA i owned and the wife still uses them. I had to drill out the air holes on ours, which isnt all that easy as it is stainless steel.


I’ll have a look into all suggestions, thanks :slight_smile:

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I use a Magma with a single 1.4ohm pre-wrapped coil at 11- 13 watts…Stellar flavor & lovely thick vapor.
I’ve recently started making my own coils - I build for my velocity and Billow v2. They are both really good in their own ways, but ive gotta say for simplicity, the Magma wins hands down …& for 1.4ohm at 11 watts, what you get out of this setup is just amazing!

I’m way too used to lung inhaling now, that’s why I want something with good airflow. I do remember seeing pre-built coil packets somewhere though which I must look into [I’m very lazy, DIY juice mixing is one thing, but messing with tools and springs and coils etc … eurgh :smiley: ] If I can get a simple to use/maintain/change wick atty with in around 0.4 - 0.7 coil, I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

I will ask in my local iVape, I know they have a guy down there who sometimes teaches builds, he’ll make one up for you if requested too. I’ll jot the names of any suggested here down and take them to him, see what he says

Well, perhaps the Magma’s not for you… it’s a great lung hitter, but even fully open it is a pretty constricted draw …I just cant go past the flavor of this thing

There are heaps of pre-coiled options available… for example…

& heres a link to the rest…
Theres bound to be something there you can show a vape shop guy. And he can show you how to change a wick … its easy … doesn’t have to be fancy, just good. After youve done it a couple of times it becomes second nature. Believe me …I’m lazy too! Hope this helps.

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Thanks a mill. That is cheap as chips for those coils! :dizzy_face:

My Vape mail has just arrived here so time to get playing with tha. Once I get stuff bottled and steeping, then next step will deffo be looking to an atty. Once again, thanks for all suggestions, much appreciated.

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as far as I can tell there is no way to do it without building so I’m just doing it on my regular tank and waiting until I run out to try another flavor. Sucks and a really lacking thing in diy but shrugs the 510 long bridged atomizer? SUCKS

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Building coils is actually really easy. Hell even I can do it.

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Learning to build rda’s and diy might be a bit much. When you ready to build coils…look on utube for coil master and kuro coiler. Any rda will work with one coil just better with two. A few are made with one coil options. The way you described the way you vape… The velocity with 26 awg 8 wraps around 2.5mm bit …dual coils would be great for you. Kanthal wire. The tugboat rda has a single coil option with good air flow for testing.

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Coil building is actually easy enough. Twisted wires are extremely easy and have good flavor.
They also offer premade wires, Clapton, tiger, etc In various ga in addition to prebuilt coils
Once I got the Doge I never looked back ~
The airflow? The flavor?..

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The velocity [clone] is looking like the winner. I’ll pop into my local next week and have a look at one in person, maybe have them show me how best to rig it up :slight_smile:

Cisco or Bauway 306 atomisers are a good way to test flavours, can get them bridged or bridgeless (I prefer these)… I think they give a good flavour representation for what they are.

No recoiling needed, easy to clean after use and last quite a while when only used for flavour testing.

I tend to use the Atmistique Diver Grail basically a rebuildable 306 for testing my flavours, but you need the Diver bottom cap, ceramic cup and pin to be able to use the grail body. But it is my preferred method for testing out flavours.

Personally not a fan of the Velocity but a lot of people love them. They get a little to hot for my taste and take forever to cool down cause of the way they are built. For flavor testing I use either a Kennedy 22" or a Mad Hatter. Both provide great bottom airflow which is great for flavor. Also would recommend using Cotton Bacon for wicking. It’ll allow you to vape almost 100% of the juice out so you can go flavor to flavor. I’ve found with regular cotton I get serious dry hits trying to do that and still never reach the destination. There’s two cents.