Got my first order of flavors today, some advice?

HI, So I got my order of DIY stuff yesterday. My goal was to make a Irish Cream that tastes like Bailey’s, tried recipe on here but it was a fail. Here’s a list of stuff I got, If anyone has some suggestions on what to make with it. I’m trying not to waste anything if possible as I’ve tried a couple recipes on here that were no good which brings me here to weed out some of those crappy recipes people post without testing or giving any notes or feedback how it turned out.

Blackberry Flavor by Capella’s - 30 ML
Bubblegum by TFA / TPA - 30 ML
Ethyl Maltol by TFA / TPA - 30 ML
Fuzzy Navel Flavor by FlavorWest - 30ml
Irish Cream Flavor by TFA / TPA - 30ml
Marshmallow Flavor by TFA / TPA - 30ml
Peach (Juicy) Flavor by TFA / TPA - 30ml
Sweet Cream by TFA / TPA - 30 ML
Sweet Strawberry Flavor by Capella’s 30ml
Sweetener Flavor by TFA / TPA - 60 ML
Vanilla Custard V1 Flavor by Capella’s - 30ml
Vanilla Swirl Flavor by TFA / TPA - 30ml
Watermelon Flavor by TFA / TPA - 30ml

My goal is to make something like a Strawberries & Cream, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Basic Blackberry, Watermelon Bubblicious gum.
I’m curious, what cream do people use for Fruits+cream. I can see I’m going to have to order more creams to experiment with. But looking for some advice there as well.

So far, I made a really good Plain Strawberry, Fuzzy Navel, a awesome Strawberry Custard and a Watermelon Bubblegum(not what I was aiming for tho) this recipe reminds me of the gum you use to get in the package of baseball cards, spot on to that.

Thanks for your time and any help is appreciated. Feel free to PM me with any other sites out there that have recipes to try as I’m just getting into all this.

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Just taking a look at your recipe for gum, when you use the marshmallow use it to smooth out a harsh flavor @ 1-2%. Using it in conjunction with the sweetener is going to dull flavors and make it overly sweet. MM quickly drowns out flavors as does the sweetener, in high amounts they will make a juice taste completely different.

Your Strawberry Custard look yummy, with your next order grab some TFA Strawberry Ripe and use the two together to give it a more realistic flavor. Also, with the Sweet Strawberry i wouldnt bother with the sweetener, that flavoring is pretty darn sweet as is.

I dont see a request for a Peaches $ Cream, if you are interested i have one that my wife loves.

Just some suggestions, hope im not over stepping here.


You might try looking at the Competition and Give away categories from a while back. Most folks entered a diy mix and then gave some type of description of why they liked it so much and how it tasted. There are a lot of good looking recipes in those posts! Good luck with your future mixes.


Good call. Also check the DIY sub at Reddit. Some awesome recipes over there, the monthly recipe threads are full of top notch recipes.

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Your far from over stepping. I value any feedback as I am on a budget to buy flavorings and such. So def wanna make something good and vapable right off the bat if possible. Yes, Your right about the Sweet Strawberry as well. I just made that straight up @12% to test it alone for flavor. It’s really good alone I find. Thanks again Ken, I will take a look for your peaches and cream recipe for sure. Btw that custard is the bomb if you wanted to try it.


Thanks for the reply and Info Jimk

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I always test my flavoring by putting 1 drop in a shotglass of water. This gives me an idea of the flavor and how strong compared to other flavorings that each one will be.

I just realized my P&C recipe has flavorings you do not have, it is not a recipe i have posted anywhere. I dont post many recipes on the site, i think ive actually posted more on the forums than on the recipe site.

EDIT TO ADD: I actually have a recipe very close to it except it has the two strawberry mix and some banana thrown in, hehe.

I looked at your recipes you do have on here, that Strawnana Custard I will be trying as well as that Chocolate Donut once I get some more flavorings. When you test your flavors like that in a shot glass, how much water do you use? and you just swish it around in your mouth??

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I fill the shotglass, then swish it around in my mouth and do that weird wine tasting thing to incorporate air. Sometimes the flavor is very diluted which means ill require more in a mix and sometimes they are very strong which means ill need less. It isnt the most accurate way of doing things but it allows you to get to know the flavoring and gives you a starting point instead of starting from scratch, completely blind.

You can get the LA colorless Banana Cream from here:

4oz at a time tho. Also, if you signup for a vendor account at TFA you can buy 4oz flavorings for very cheap. Its free and some flavorings will be as low as 4.95 for 4oz.


Ken is spot on about getting some Strawberry (Ripe) from TFA. I started using strictly Sweet Strawberry from Capella…now I always try strawberry mixes with the TFA first…and add Capella’s in small amounts only. Different strokes but for my pallet it works best.

As for peach…I’ve yet to try a peaches/cream mix…don’t know why. Now that I’m typing this I realize I’ve probably been missing out. But again with my personal tastes. I have Juicy Peach by TFA and Capella. TFA is a candy flavor…I was disappointed. And while there may be flavors which would compliment this and make it come to life, I’ve yet to find it. As for Capella’s version, I nearly threw out my bottle until I finally concocted one that made the Peach flavor stand out in a good way (prior attempts it stood out, in a nasty, chemically way reminiscent of chemistry class in high school). I call it Sploosh and I do realize you don’t have Capellas yet, I tried it with TFA and it just didn’t do it for me but was still pretty good. Just some ideas to jump off of. I wish you great luck in your mixing ventures.


Thanks for your input.

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I use Juicy Peach TFA and a low %, .5%, of Nectarine TFA in combination to get a real nice peachy flavor. Nectarine is very strong, one of the stronger TFA flavorings ive used. My favorite is White Peach FA but i ran out of it long ago and keep forgetting to reorder it.

Try Peaches & Cream, its good :smile:

Could also try a ‘Black Strawberry’ Mix… Been meaning to try this one, but haven’t got around to it yet.
4% Blackberry
8% Strawberry
4% Sweet Cream


thanks will try the black strawberry tomorrow for sure

Guys i have been making recipes from here and other places. I did the taste test also with the shot glass on vanilla swirl and sweetener with 3 ml of water. it took 3 drops of vanilla swirl and 1 drop of sweetener. it tasted good. so i made 6 ml of juice 50/50 18 mg of nic. It has a funky taste. is it the nic, the pg or the vg or all? I havent had time to sit back down and find out but i will make it without the nic and try it. Just thought i would ask cause all of the juices i make end up with that funky taste. i cant vape it. Just want you guys input.


I would say its the Nicotine 18mg is pretty high. I’m curious, what level is your nic base mg/ml? If your using something like 48mg/ml or less you have more nicotine in there then flavor. So its probably going to taste very peppery like. I suggest using 100mg/ml but be very careful using it. Also, I never measure with drops since its too inaccurate. Each bottle of flavoring I buy, I also buy a 1ml syringe for it as well. Much easier to be accurate and the way I like doing it so far. Not sure where you get your PG/VG/NIC but maybe do some research on them or look for reviews etc. I’m just starting out as well and learning so much each and every day. Loving this hobby so far. Curious, Are you using any sort of ejuice calculator? How are you getting your nic measurements?

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So I’m vaping this “black strawberry” atm @65%VG 3mg/nic in my nautilus mini @12.7w. It’s not bad so far as a shake&vape. I find it kinda heavy on the cream so far. Will try it again in a few days. Think I’d go 2.5-3% cream next time for a quick shake&vape.

Yes i too believe my nic is too high. At the b and m thats what they say it is but dont think it is because when i vape my juice which is 18 mg per the calculator on here i feel like im getting too much. I need to cut that down to like 12mg. I am using 60mg vg based nic. I measure with syringes also. I get my vg, pg and nic from wizard labs. Im just getting really frustrated and ready to give up. I vape to keep from eating so many sweets and help control my weight. It has worked so far but getting expensive.

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If you vape just to keep your weight down. I’d lose the nicotine all together or go down to 3 or 6mg. 12 and 18mg is really more for someone trying to get off cigarettes. I started off buying juice at 21 and I’m down to 3mg now. Since I been making my own. I’ve made some bottles with no nic and don’t find myself craving a cigarrette or having a nic fit. I vape purely now to have something in my hands to keep them busy from picking up a real smoke. It’s been working so far, almost 3 months off the stinkies :slight_smile:

For my next nic order i believe ill be switching from pure VG to a PG/VG mix. Nic will separate from the carrier and it is a lot more difficult to get nic+VG to homogenize. While your nic level may be too high this is something to keep in mind. If there is any separation it is very difficult to mix to sufficiently without heat or a mixer.

I know some will disagree with me but i will not use Wiz Labs nic, i find it to have a peppery taste that takes away from the flavorings.