Gotta quit cigarettes SoS please advise help..etc

Hello again Group,
I need your help / suggestions.
I gotta quit smoking, it’s literally killing me and I have brain surgery coming in the near future & can’t get it done if I’m smoking still.

Here’s my problem:
If u Vape non stop all day I get a terrible soar mouth & throat,also I get a bit congested.
The congestion wouldn’t be a bid deal if it wasn’t for the fact that it makes me cough.

I have a brain herniation , if I speak normally,cough ,bend over ,move to quik ANYTHING really AMPS up my condition & it’s off to the er in many instances.
To avoid coughing while vaping I’ve learned warmer Vaper seems to not make me cough while vaping.
Cigarettes never made me cough like many people I know, that complain of coughing in the morning…etc

I’ve smoked for 25+ years and have reduced to under a pack from 3 a day.
Any reduction is good but I’ve gotta figure a way to totally stop.

I’ve thought about asking my doctor about a cough supressent thinking maybe that would reduce the coughing & maybe tons of water would flush the stuff from my chest out of my system.
Diying, eliquid gives me a chance to try stronger nicotine in the morning & less during mid day ,more at night to goto sleep.
Vaping makes me sleepy more than smoking ever did, but I want to totally quit cigarettes.
These are all 'idea’s I’ve had to try to totally quit.

In 2 hours I go I’m the hospital & get nerve blocks to the base of my skull in the general area where the extreme pain is that never stops.
Very sorry for the sad story but it is my reality & I need experienced people who have made the switch to please help if you would

Please help me please, thanks for reading…

I feel for ya. Ok… from my experience : I smoked for 40 yrs and tried everything else to quit, so some of what I went through might help. Not sure, but here it is…

I used ego-style for several years on and off with 18mg nic and 50pg/50vg ejuice. That didn’t get me off the cigarettes and I did cough quite a lot when I vaped non-stop. Finally bought a mech mod and a subtank, some 6mg ejuice at 20pg/80vg and that did the trick. I think the 20/80 ejuice is what helped a lot, as I quit smoking and didn’t cough as badly with the higher VG ejuice, but still got satisfaction from having more vapor, even with less nic. When I used higher PG ejuice, I would cough more and had to use cough drops at work. I make my own juice, so was able to experiment with what works best for me too. I now stick with at least 70VG ejuice and 3-4mg ejuice. I keep a non-subohm device around with 12mg ejuice for those times I’m really anxious or get a craving and I’ve been off the cigs since 1/10/15.

I do know that no matter how anyone quits smoking, as soon as they do, the scilia in your lungs start to soften up and let go of a bunch of junk that clung to them… (that’s how the doc explained it to me) That’s why we cough. Our lungs need to get used to the vapor instead of having the smoke. It’s supposed to be a good thing, just doesn’t feel that way.

Anyhow, I wish you the best. Hang in there. It will be worth it. :smile:


what are you vaping with??? device /tank or dripper /juice nic level? all of those are considered to maybe get some advice you could increase or decrease your nice levels and vapers tounge/throat is common…I’ll see if I can find the thread for you

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I’ll second what @Alisa said…if you haven’t already, try going Max VG. The thing that makes people cough and gives them problems 90% of the time is the PG. Get with @Amy2 who is doing a lot of VG based flavors and maybe you guys can come up with some killer no PG recipes. :wink: Also, some flavors can cause coughing. I had some pineapple juice and some cream soda juice once that made me cough so much I couldn’t vape them even doing mouth-to-lung.

Also, my experience was similar to what Alisa was describing. Every single time I quit smoking, I wound up getting sick. Like, bad sick. Strep, pneumonia, major cold or bronchitis. Could just be coincidence, but I think she’s on to something when she says that the cilia in the lungs start to heal. I think maybe they’re just more sensitive. Kinda like when you take a bandaid off that’s been on for awhile and all that skin underneath is super sensitive. Just hypothesizing so take it fwiw. LoL.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…find anything and everything you can that will keep you drinking as much water as possible. I live on liquid water enhancers (MiO, Dasani Drops, etc.) because I hate plain water. Since vaping exclusively, I’d say I drink 9-12 glasses of water a day. Cough drops or hard candy might help keep you from coughing, too.

After about 3 days of not smoking, I found I couldn’t smoke a cigarette even if I tried. It tasted horrible, it burned my throat, and it made me nauseated. Once your sense of smell and taste come back, you’ll probably wind up needing to change your juice up a little. What once tasted great might be too strong or taste gross.

You can do it and we’re here for you if you need encouragement. Try to stay busy and not think too much about “quitting” or you may just wind up wanting to smoke more. :wink:


this has some info

Thanks Alisa,
After this nerve block I hope coughing won’t be so bad & I can take advantage of that.
I use a ipv li , no sence I switching to a mechanism mod, do you think?

I’ve got my old I stick 50 & Will try to set it up above a ohm & use higher nicotine in it for 'those time’s I only have a sub tank mini that I’d have to use for this (I’ve thought about a profani) opinions?
I do use the highest vg I can in a mix to avoid any excess cough.

I’ve not figured out my issue with certain flavors that seem to hurt my mouth much like certain candies do if I ate them over & over.
The crunch berry clones seem to bite my tounge,I’m not sure why but that is vaping none stop same flavor all day.

It’s frustrating to me to Vape most of the day to be taken back to smoking because the flavor I’m using feels acidic when I Vape it.
The a cigarette REALLY TASTE BAD.
See if I enjoy vaping more why the difficulty?

1 not feeling satisfied nicotine wise.
2 raw acidic mouth feel from certain eliquid mix’s.
3 wheezing & coughing that cranks up this cranial pressure associated with the brain herniation.

Thanks for the help & please guys keep any ideas coming.


For heavy smokers it will take a higher dose of nicotine to relieve the urge to smoke. If you get a heavy enough dose nic maybe you will be strong enough to not smoke. Try using a higher nic dose than what you are using. Try increasing your dose in steps to see if the urges go away. I really hope this helps. You may also try tobacco flavors that mimics smoking more.


I use a IPV3 LI & CROWN tank mostly threw the day.
I’ve been using 6-10ml mg max by mix.
At about 40 joules .16

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Maybe like 12 mg? Or more? I’m no scared of nicotine,

Years ago I used a ego & 36mg it helped.
I don’t get nauseous from nicotine or dizzy…no anxiety from vaping…etc

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I get confused between higher nicotine & actual nicotine , in 2 ways if sub ohming versus above an ohm.
If I used a higher nicotine level & built higher ohm coils like 1 ohm, does anyone know a guestimated nicotine potency difference?

Vaping below 1 ohm delivers a lot more nic than vaping above 1 ohm. I can subohm 12mg nic max and I haven’t smoked in over two years. You may have a higher tolerance than me since you still smoke. I’d suggest subohming at 12mg nic and increase by 2mg until you don’t need cigs anymore. Once your of the cigs then step your nic level back down.

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Sorry to hear of your need for surgery! @Alisa had some good advice for you, you need to listen to her closely. Unfortunately, I’m gonna be the bad guy here. I’m gonna tell you the things you don’t want to hear.

First let me say that I smoked between 2-3 packs a day and smoked for a whopping 47 years. Nov 8 2013 is when I started (made the switch) vaping rather than smoking. My lungs were so bad at the time that I could not take a puff on a cigarette without coughing my ass off. Was it easy? Hell no, it was not but the hardest thing was that I could not take the vape out of my mouth for a couple of weeks. Believe me, that was the hardest thing! When I quit, a little over a 1 1/2 years ago there were no nice subohm tanks that give so much vapor as there are now. It is actually easier now for one to quit then it was when I first started due to the advancement of equipment…

Now for the stuff you do not want to hear… First off let me say that no one here on ELR can tell you a surefire way for you to quit smoking. All we can do for you is help you with juice blending, suggest equipment, and encourage you along the way to a smoke free life which we are all happy to do. The rest is up to you. You have made the first steps. You realize the need to quit smoking. You have learned that Vaping is a alternative that can work and you have already learned how to use one. All a plus…

Now, what you have not learned. The biggest lesson to learn, and most helpful lesson is this. You must at some point make the decision I WILL NOT BUY THE CIGARETTES ANYMORE. If you buy them, you WILL smoke them, simple as that. Also you must learn that it is only fear of quitting that keeps you smoking because vaping can easily give you all the nicotine you need. Sort of like using the crutch after the leg is healed if you Vape and smoke…There is absolutely nothing to fear as long as you are armed with your Vape. As I said above, the worst that can happen is you may not be able to take the Vape out of your mouth for a couple of weeks while you settle down to one nicotine level in your body…

You do have a problem with coughing, this makes it a little more complicated unfortunately. Cough drops are a good suggestion and hopefully will work. Clearing out your lungs will most likely require coughing a bit. I already have COPD and do some coughing even though my lungs are much, much better than before. I coughed a whole lot more when I was still smoking. You will cough a lot less once you clear out the congestion in your lungs from the smoking…

Beware I said all this not you rag you, put you down, or any other negative thing. I say these things first off because I care, and second, because it is what it takes for some us to quit smoking. Some find it easy, some of us do not…


If you’re having serious problems keeping off the stinkies, let me suggest a book called “EasyWay To Stop Smoking” by Allen Carr - that, coupled with vaping might help - The main thing the book tries to make you understand is that quitting smoking is not hard - the actual “withdrawal max” is after one hour without cigarettes, the rest is just psychological. I once quit smoking for two years with that book. from one day to the next (actually I quit at 10:30 am, and didn’t smoke for two years)…

But as @ringling says, decide to stop, decide to stop buying cigarettes, decide that vaping gives you what you need (and more)! :smile:


You & ringding on that tough love huh…j/k

You right in a few ways , the coughing part will have to be done unless there’s another was our bodies can filter out these toxins, like cough suppressant & gallons of water.
I appreciate everyone’s thoughts and opinions on this.

I’ve even though about the patch & using 0 Nov liquid until I could get down in .mg on the patchs,the switch from patch to nicotine eliquid, this has been a thought.

In my opinion, not necessarily a good thought. One of the biggest points I was trying to make is that you must settle your body to just one nicotine value. Adding more and more nicotine will not accomplish this. It will in fact make things worst. I know this sounds hard but I think you’ll find it is actually easier than it sounds. You MUST brave it with just your vape. I’m not even telling you to throw away your cigarettes. If you can handle a SUBOHM Tank mix you up some type of cream mix (easiest to avoid coughing) at 6mg nicotine. If you feel like you want a hit on a cigarette, instead pick up your vape and take a hit. Do this over and over. If you get desperate for a smoke, then, and only then, you smoke one. Eventually you will run out of cigarettes. It is time then to brave it just for a couple weeks. DO NOT BUY ANOTHER CIGARETTE EVER AGAIN. Use your Vape, it is all you will ever need from now on. If you can not take it out of your mouth for a couple of weeks, so be it. The alternative is smoking. and that is by far a piss poor alternative. You know this to be true…YOU CAN DO IT, Please believe me…

PS: By the way, once you settle your body to just one nicotine value you can actually drop that nicotine value little by little without hardly noticing the change. When you’re ready for that, type at me…

PS: I have helped a lot of people quit smoking successfully, I run a Vape Shop…


Cool & I understand

I’ll try 6 mg & a simple custard /cream mix.
. If the urge stricken to smoke I’ll smoke.
On days when I Vape the most I end up lighting cigarettes and putting them out after a couple drags because the more I Vape the worse smoking is taste wise…etc.

Any reason 6mg?
. I found I do Vape nonrstop when tying to beat the urge I Vape none stop

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Would a custard or cheesecake Vape be equal to what your referring to as a cream try Vape?

I’m gonna go with your opinion & mix a bottle as soon as you let me know thanks.
If there was a recipe I could find & have ingredients to I’d mix it.
Thanks everyone

I had the nerveblick on 3 level cervical spine as of now I’m soar as Hell nut I’m hoping it starts to help soom


6mg nicotine if in a subtank. Biggest reason is that a Subtank gives 5-10 time the vapor that normal tanks do.This means 5-10 times the nicotine intake compared to a normal tank. If you did indeed get 5 times the vapor, at 6 mg nic that would be like approximately 30mg nic. If you are using non subtank equipment you would probably want at least 18 to 24 mg nicotine. I believe you mentioned you were already doing 30 though. I hope to god not in a subtank!!! I feel you need a subtank to do this (IF YOU CAN HANDLE ONE). I was not able to use one to quit when I started. It would be helpful to know what equipment you plan on using and how capable you are of using it healthwise. I do know there are people who put higher nic values in a subtank and technically as addicted as you are you may have to up the nic a tiny bit. You will not get me to recommend this but if you stop smoking completely cause you vaped 9mg in a subtank, by all means,do it. If you felt any dizziness, nausea, ect you would not want to continue at that strength. I would try 6mg 1st and only if needed go higher, but only if absolutely necessary!

I feel like I’m rambling here and a big reason is because I don’t know what equipment you will be using…Let’s hear it!!!

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Yes, custard would be good. You could spice it up with some caramel, butterscotch if you like. Anything easy on the throat. Mainly just stay away from fruits, spices, koolada, and menthol. Also if in a subtank blend the maximum VG you can. PG makes for a harsher mix. Also keep in mind the more nicotine the harsher the blend…

In a normal tank blend 70 vg / 30 pg